Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 5.11.54 PMHere’s a BIG lesson I learned the HARD way in the past 10 years:


In other words, the solution we think should work, is often what makes things worse.

Relationship problems are sensitive topics, making the wrong move can really hurt us.

Why? Because the solutions are often very counter-intuitive, and different from what we would think to do.

#1 For example, if your woman wants to leave you, you will probably try to convince her to give the relationship one more chance, when actually the best things to do is to:

Calmly agree with her, and tell her that it’s best to end the relationship, because you don’t want to be with a person who’s not in love with you, anyways.

If that’s how you react, chances are that she’ll be the one trying to convince you that maybe you should give it another chance. 🙂

 #2 Another example is if she’s not replying to your texts anymore like she used to… most guys either make the natural mistake of writing her too many texts, asking what is wrong, or trying to be even more loving in their texts, OR other guys make the mistake of IGNORING their woman, not writing her anything and secretly WAITING and HOPING that she’ll get back to them.

When the COUNTER-INTUITIVE solution that I learned about how to make her text you back FAST and regain her ATTRACTION instantly is to simply send one SPECIAL text, meant to get her attention and put you in a position of power and attraction.

I often share this text and the reasoning behind it during my consultations, when guys are dealing with this problem.

And I can tell you that ALL the problems that we face in a relationship have different and more effective solutions than we usually think to do.

Jealousy, preventing cheating, getting her attracted, having more fun conversations…

ALL of these can be solved quite easily, when we know the right angle to look at them.

That’s what I help you in my consultations.

When I proposed her to marry me. Crazy! After 7 beautiful years together.

Unfortunately these days I don’t have much time to do consultations, because I am busy with other projects.

However, recently I moved to live together with my girlfriend (well, newly my fiancé and soon to be wife)

She decided to leave her university where she studied architecture, and (inspired by me, of course) decided to follow her dream and passion to become a CHEF.

Like a the kind of people you see on the MasterChef TV shows.

I am so proud of her!

She found this amazing culinary school in Sofia, Bulgaria.

And because we wanted to live together, I came to live with her too. Like the sweet and loving husband to be, that I am. 🙂

And now that I am in this new country, I am not that busy for a few weeks, which is why I have some time to focus on helping some of my readers PERSONALLY.

I haven’t been coaching for a few months now, because I was too busy with my own life, and some other projects.

And to tell you the truth I really MISSED it!

I missed sitting down on Skype, usually without the camera, just voice and talking to people, kindly listening to their problems and guiding them on how to improve their situation.

And many of you wrote me, asking for help.

So for the next few weeks, I am ready to talk to 20 people (now there’s 14), listen to them, understand what they are going through, and share the advice they need to fix the problem they are facing.

Whether your problem is…
  • you’re being constantly worried and thinking of her
  • you’re afraid of losing your woman
  • you feel too jealous
  • she shows less interest all of a sudden
  • she’s having doubts about the relationship
  • she’s acting strange lately
  • being too busy for you
  • not replying to your texts like she used to
  • takes to long to reply
  • her texts are too short
  • you feel anxious and needy

I help guys in these situations all the time. And I know that you really DON’T NEED to struggle with these.

Regardless of the problem you are facing, I am willing to talk to you, hear you out and help you deal with what’s not giving you peace of mind these days.

And I will make this very easy for you, with an almost 60% discount from my normal first consultation fee. From 75$ that guys pay me normally, to just 35$, because I want to help more people, and wanna make it very EASY for you.

So if you’ve been struggling to face an issue with your relationship alone, and you don’t know what to do, you just want to AVOID making some mistakes that you might regret…

Then go ahead and book a call with me.

Apply for a consult here. ($75  $35)

Denis, Film Director says “I was hesitant about paying for a consultation, but this session increased my peace of mind and helped me realize that neediness is actually ‘not asking for what I want’ when I thought that it would be needy to ask for what I want. Very important shift that helped me relax and not worry so much about how I am coming off to her.

What we think is the best action, often is what makes things worse.

The good news is that I have some time these few weeks to show you these counter-intuitive solutions.

So my question to you is…

What is not giving YOU peace mind these days? 
Are you ready to put and END to that problem? 

If yes, then take advantage of this unique chance to talk to me these days.

I can promise you that we won’t leave the call unless you know exactly how to deal with your situation.

Let’s solve your problem together.


jJohn, Music Teacher says “Although I wasn’t sure what to expect, Livius helped me realize how much power I have in my relationship. He was very open and honest, and changed my perspective. I would recommend this to others, because his advice was very insightful!



Whatever you’re stressed out about right now in your relationship, I know that THERE IS a solution to it, because if you really understood how love works, you wouldn’t be experiencing these problems.

In my 1-on-1 Skype consultations, we take a look at what’s the cause of your stress and we find the right solution to it.

Most of the times the solutions are just under your nose, but you can’t see them, because they are different than what you may think.

And it’s my job to point them out to you. Sometimes I just share one idea about confidence or attraction, and the relationship can be instantly turned around. Other times it might take a few calls together to help you improve as a lover.

My experience shows that the majority of people can turn their relationship around for the better. However most people wait too long to get the support they need. And by the time they decide to seek advice it’s often too late.

But once you decide to improve yourself as a lover – your confidence, your attractiveness, your inner happiness and your relationship can’t help but improve.

Like many of the people I’ve worked with can attest (see their reviews below).

Talk soon,




What People Say After Our Work Together




Besski, remember we Skyped last night? Well today I did everything you said. And it was the first time I heard her saying “I miss you. I love you so much. Come to visit me now!” I WAS SHOCKED. This were the words I died to hear for so long. You gave me my girl back. I just love you man! I’m now telling my friends about you!

Jack, Canada, Student

Hi Besski, I have bought your magnificent Long Distance Loyalty course, and I’m reading it right now. It’s pure gold! Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

Dave, Spain

I was trying to find some advice online and found your blog. I’m a female, but I found the information you have posted very interesting and helpful even for us women!

Eliza, United States

I really enjoy what your sharing with us guys who are in a long distance relationship. What you have to say is the best out there right now on long distance relationships.

Simon, Germany

I want to thank you for your site, as it has helped me a lot so far on managing my long distance relationship.

Bob, United States

I swear, your site has saved my sanity and given this relationship life!

Ian, Belgium

My name is Lisa and your page is so accurate, at least for how I feel my man should treat me :)You understand women! If my boyfriend had 10% of the love and ambition to make this work that you show for your relationship, it would be good. Thanks for listening!

Lisa, United States, Accountant

OMG! This is the best resource for man in a long distance relationship there has ever existed after the invention of the internet! And I am not exaggerating! [Long Distance Loyalty Course]

Andrew, Denmark

Every men who is in a LDR should read your 3 Deadly Mistakes book. Full of advices to make our daily relationship easier!

Chiba, South Africa, Student

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