Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 5.11.54 PMYou’re a successful man, who’s good at what he does, but when it comes to your relationship, things are not so easy.

Even though everything worked perfectly for a while, now you’re experiencing some trouble. And as much you’re not too happy to admit, you’re not sure how to handle these problems. You just want some effective advice on how to approach things.

And to be honest with you, it’s great that you’re reading this, because you’re about to avoid making some huge relationship mistakes that you could regret for a long time.

Because here’s the biggest lesson I learned the hard way in the past 10 years: most relationship problems have counter-intuitive solutions.

In other words, the solution we think should work, is often what makes things worse. Why? Because we often think from a place of insecurity, and the solutions we come up with… only show more insecurity and aggravate the problem.

So what you need to do is to think about your problem and situation from a place of inner security. If you can bring yourself mentally to a place of feeling secure about yourself and your life… only then you can come up with mature and effective solutions.

But most of the times that’s not easy to do. Because we’re so involved into the problem, and so overwhelmed with the relationship, that it’s really hard to feel secure. Especially when your partner is acting distant lately and you’re worried that you could lose them.


Whether your problem is…
  • you’re being constantly worried and thinking of her
  • you’re afraid of losing your woman
  • you feel too jealous
  • she shows less interest all of a sudden
  • she’s having doubts about the relationship
  • she’s acting strange lately
  • being too busy for you
  • not replying to your texts like she used to
  • takes to long to reply
  • her texts are too short
  • you feel anxious and needy

I help guys in these situations all the time. And I know that you really DON’T NEED to struggle with these.

 So my question to you is…

What is it that you want to overcome? 
Are you ready to put and END to that problem? 

If yes, then take advantage of this unique chance to talk to me these days. I can promise you that we won’t leave the call unless you know exactly how to deal with your situation.



jJohn, Music Teacher says “Although I wasn’t sure what to expect, Livius helped me realize how much power I have in my relationship. He was very open and honest, and changed my perspective. I would recommend this to others, because his advice was very insightful!



Whatever you’re stressed out about right now in your relationship, I know that THERE IS a solution to it, because if you really understood how love works, you wouldn’t be experiencing these problems.

In my 1-on-1 Skype consultations, we take a look at what’s the cause of your stress and we find the right solution to it.

Most of the times the solutions are just under your nose, but you can’t see them, because they are different than what you may think.

And it’s my job to point them out to you. Sometimes I just share one idea about confidence or attraction, and the relationship can be instantly turned around. Other times it might take a few calls together to help you improve as a lover.

My experience shows that the majority of people can turn their relationship around for the better. However most people wait too long to get the support they need. And by the time they decide to seek advice it’s often too late.

My friendly advice to you is to not wait. I mean it’s your relationship we’re talking about. And you probably want to make things work.



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