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Bro, remember we Skyped last night? Well today I did everything you said. And it was the first time I heard her saying “I miss you. I love you so much. Come to visit me now!” I WAS SHOCKED. This were the words I died to hear for so long. You gave me my girl back. I just love you man! I’m now telling my friends about you!
Jack, Canada, Student
Jack, Canada, Student
I swear, your site has saved my sanity and given this relationship life!
My name is Lisa and your advice is so accurate, at least for how I feel my man should treat me  You understand women! If my boyfriend had 10% of the love and ambition to make this work that you show for your relationship, it would be good. Thanks for listening!
Lisa, U.S.
I really enjoy what your sharing with us guys who are in a long distance relationship. What you have to say is the best out there right now on long distance relationships.
Simon, Belgium
Simon, Belgium

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