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Do you feel like you cannot talk to your friends or family, and not even with your boyfriend, because they don’t understand your situation, and don’t believe that this relationship can work, or they judge you for being in one.

If you found my website, and all the great information on it, but you’re not sure if you can find the right information for your specific problem, or if your problem is urgent and you just don’t have the time to go through all the articles. Then I recommend a consultation.

Well, after 7 years of various long distance relationships, I can tell you that I have been through it all and I sure enough know how you feel, no matter what problem you might have.

And after 4 years of passionately studying the science of seduction, relationships, psychology and personal development, I believe I have the knowledge to help you solve your issues in a professional way.

But that’s not all. There is a reason why in the past 1 year, I have been giving free consultations and worked with over a hundred clients over email and Skype. And that’s because I wanted to learn and practice the way to help clients best.

And in this past year we didn’t just overcome together some of the most common problems, but I have also gotten into the habit of understanding people, empathizing with their problems and giving them the best solutions for their specific problems.

I am proud of my clients, and as you can see below, they are proud of me.


I don’t have a degree in psychology, but I do have a 7 years degree in long distance relationships, 4 years degree in seduction and romantic relationships, and a 1 year degree helping people have enjoyable relationships.

I don’t claim to be a know it all smart ass, a self proclaimed expert or a psychology graduate. I claim to be an experienced man, who’s been through it all, who understands relationships like a car mechanic understands a car, and who is passionate about helping people have outstanding relationships.


Email: helps you get an answer to a specific problem that you have. Without much understanding of your issue.

Skype Talk: helps me ask the right question to understand where your issue is coming from. While email is great to specific problems, I do recommend Skype talks for some overwhelming issues.

Skype Consultation Options


Can you approach me if you have Non-Long Distance relationship problems? And classic relationships? Of course you can. As I said, I am passionate about relationships in general, and fate made it so that I had been going from long distance relationship to long distance relationship in the last 8 years because I traveled a lot. But what I learned in these 7 years, is that the principles that work in making a long distance relationship work, are 10 times more effective and easy to implement in classic relationships. The thing is that the problems are very similar, and if the solutions work for couples who are miles apart, then they work so much easier and better for couples who are close. So, no problem long distance or classic relationship, we’ll make sure that you’ll solve your problems.

What if you are a woman/girl looking for advice??? While I never intended to work with women, in the past year of giving free consultations, I ended up working with a large number of women. And what I learned is that, we are all human beings, and while personalized we encounter very similar love problems and the solutions that work for men, work as effectively for women too. So, here I am happy to be working with women too.

Could your age be a problem? It might, that’s why I wouldn’t want to adventure myself into uncharted territories. Kids, marriage, family issues are not my subject of expertise. So unless, the problem is strictly related to your love life, and is not related to other areas, I would consider clients until the age of 35, with some exceptions over 35, depending on the issue.

Because in the end my ultimate mission is to help you. And I mean it with all my heart, my mission is to help you have a happy, pain-free relationship. I know how it feels to suffer from love, and I also know how it feel to be happy from love, and I prefer the last one much better, and your love life to be a source of happiness not one of frustration and depression.

I strongly believe that our life is one of the main determinant of our happiness in our lives, and with my passion and expertise on this topic I want to add my drop of contribution to creating more happiness in this world.

So, I feel like you can trust me. I mean in the past year I have created an outstanding course on creating loyalty and devotion in a long disaance relationship, another one on keeping attraction alive, written a short book on 5 of the most common mistakes guys make in relationships, written over 60 articles on solving LDR problems and I can tell you that I have crystallized my thinking and my knowglge, and dealt with virtually all the problems there are in LRDs. Moreover, I worked with over a dundred clients, read and researched all most of the books and materials there are or have ever been available on LDRs, so I can tell you that your problem will find it’s end in our consultation.

Your information will be completely private, unless we agree otherwise.

Of course, you can request a refund, if you’ll feel like our consultation didn’t make any difference in your love life.