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Hi there, we have prepared here some of our favorite books to help you make your LDR work. Here you'll learn what mistakes you should avoid in your relationship, how to overcome neediness, how to make you partner be crazy in love with you, how to prevent her from cheating on you and a lot more. 

We are so excited to give you access to all of these resources. We hope you enjoy them and make your relationship work!

3 Deadly Mistakes Most Men Make in LDRs

I wrote this book with great passion. I was so passionate that I wrote the whole 30 pages in one sitting. And that's because I was so pissed off with how MOST MEN make these naive and DEADLY mistakes in their LDRs and end up pushing their girlfriends away. 

And the worst part is that these mistakes seem like the RIGHT thing to do, when in reality you don't even realize that you're making your girlfriend love you LESS!

Love Made Simple - The Complete Guide

You see 'romantic love' is a lot more simple that you imagine. Most people think that it's super complicated to understand love and keep your girlfriend or wife INLOVE with you. But I found a formula that can help you do exactly that - get your girlfriend MADLY in love with you, and KEEP her in love with you for as long as you want. 

This is my favorite book that I wrote, because I explain you EXACTLY how love works, so that you can feel totally confident that you KNOW what you're doing in your relationship.​

The Texting Magnet - One Text For Attraction

Many people write me because their girlfriend is taking too long to reply to their texts, and they are tired of checking their phone every 5 minutes. So I wrote this guide to show you ONE TEXT that will get her INSTANTLY ATTRACTED and eager to text you more. 

4 Steps to Reduce Your Neediness

Neediness is probably the #1 relationship killer. Do you know those constant worries about your girlfriend, those fears that you could lose her, or that she may be losing interest in you... that jealousy you can't let go of, and those countless times looking at your phone waiting for a text from her? 

Well those are all signs of neediness. And in this guide I give you my favorite 4 ways to overcome that neediness and start feeling confident and relaxed inside, and show your girlfriend that you're a MATURE and ATTRACTIVE man for her.​

The Long Distance Lover Book

If you read this book, you'll become an expert on long distance relationships. You're going to learn everything about making your LDR work: from the most common problems people face and how to solve them, to learning how to keep love alive in your relationship, how to think in a confident and positive way, and even how to make your conversations more interesting and exciting.

This book is being sold on Amazon for 15$, and has a 5 STAR rating. But you get it get it for free here. 

Long Distance Loyalty: Lesson 14

If you're worried that your girlfriend could cheat on you, then this will SAVE you. I have built a whole course, where I teach 17 Ways to Keep Her Faithful in my Long Distance Loyalty Digital Course.

And right now you can download below and read Lesson 14 - Being Detached But Dedicated. This is one of THE BEST lessons in the course, and I am really excited for you to study it. 

What Else Do I Say?  Free Chapter

I wrote this book to give you 50 practical and creative ways to make your Skype and Phone conversations be FUN and EXCITING. This way your girlfriend will enjoy talking to you, and will always look forward to hearing your voice. 

Click the green button below to read the first chapter - where I share ONE KEY realization that made my Skype talks easier, plus 3 out of the 50 ideas. And if you want to learn all 50 ideas, you can click the orange button and buy the book.

Turn On The Sexual Play

In this one-of-a-kind guide I pull away the curtains and give you over 15 fun and creative ideas to help you keep the sexual spark alive, and have the fun and pleasurable experience that you want.

After you read this 25 pages guide, you'll have all the tips & tools you'll ever need to keep her and yourself sexually happy for the entire period of your long distance relationship.

What to Do When She's Treating You Badly?

Learn how to respond when your girlfriend starts to treat you in disrespectful ways. Sometimes even the most loving girlfriends could do or say something that could offend their boyfriends. 

And in this guide I'm going to share with you 6 ways to make sure this never happens to you again. 

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