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Let's see if we are on the same page...

If Any of These Sound Familiar, Then We Are Brothers in Pain!

I felt the same way

I perfectly understand how you feel because I felt the same way few years ago, when I couldn’t help but get jealous even from small things, and I would often make a jealousy scene and then I’d feel guilty and stupid for reacting like that.

I remember staying in my bed at night, not being able to sleep and waiting for a text or a call from my girlfriend when she went out.

I sure enough trusted her when she was sober, but I was worried that she might do something stupid when she would get drunk at a party. I was also worried that if some guy would persist with his courting, she might give up to temptation.

There were times when I wouldn’t be able to wait anymore and I would call her 3, 4 or even 5 times, or send her a few texts, hoping that she’d check her phone and see my calls or messages…and then I’d sit anxiously waiting for a sign from her.

My life was hell!

I was often so stressed and so anxious about my long distance relationship that I would take any little sign as a reason to feel worried and insecure that my girlfriend might be cheating on me.

I couldn’t focus on my studies, I couldn’t watch a movie without thinking about her, I just couldn’t relax and get those dreaded worries out of my head!

I mean, I did trust my girlfriend and I knew that she was a good girl who’d never do something like that to me, but nonetheless I felt insecure that she might get bored, or lose patience, or simply meet a guy more handsome than me and cheat.

I loved her so much, and I was worried that if I'd lose her, I'd never be happy again!

But all of this until one point!

And it was the point when I got sick of suffering like that and I decided to take responsibility for my love life! So, I started looking for answers – I got on the internet and researched, read and studied all the articles, books and training programs I could find on seduction, dating and relationships.

And that’s when 4 years ago I have FALLEN in love with the topic of seduction, relationships, psychology, NLP, and everything related to human dynamics and relationships.

Fast forward 4 years later, and I have RADICALLY changed my love life!

Founder of

What You Must Know About Preventing Cheating

And How Everyone Is Making You Think & Act Like A VICTIM!

Trust as we know it is a myth!

Yes, you heard me right, all those people telling you that you should just trust your girlfriend in a long distance relationship are wrong.

They mean to help you, but the reality is that they end up misleading you and convincing you that you should put all your faith and trust in your girlfriend and HOPE that everything will be fine, instead of taking responsibility for your love life.

And there are 4 SOLID reasons why “just trusting your girlfriend is a myth”:


1. ‘Just Trusting’ is Passive

What that means is that telling someone to ‘just trust’ his girlfriend, means that there is nothing that he can do about getting her to be loyal to him, and he should just rely on trust and keep HOPING that everything will be fine.

Well, here are the good news my friend, there are things that you can do to inspire your girlfriend to be faithful and loyal to you. And most people say that you need to “just trust” her simply because they don’t have anything better to say, so they well intentioned of course, give you the best advice they’ve got.

But this doesn’t mean that it’s the best advice there is.

Because just trusting your girlfriend will not make her faithful, but doing the rights things that will inspire her and make her WANT to be faithful is the solution here.

Would you plant a seed in a pot and just trust that it will grow? Or would you take responsibility and give it great soil, water it and give it enough light?

And THEN trusting that it will grow?

Think about that! If you wanted that plant to grow, hoping that it will grow without creating the right conditions will not make it grow.

So the idea of ‘just trusting’ your girlfriend is passive and encourages you to think like a VICTIM, it simply tells you that you are at the mercy of the circumstances and you cannot do anything to change that, while there are so many simple and effective actions you can take to prevent cheating.

2. 'Just Trusting' is Frustrating

You see, when I tell you to just trust your girlfriend, am I helping you overcome your worries? Am I helping you eliminate your fear of losing her?

I AM NOT! I am simply giving you an extremely vague piece of advice because I have nothing better to tell you.

So, does this help you? No, it doesn’t.

You see, just trusting, or in other words HOPING that your partner will be faithful when your mind is boiling with worries, doubts and insecurities…does not solve the issue, it actually suggests that you should REPRESS those negative emotions, ‘and stop worrying for God’s sake!

And what it does is to create even more frustration and stress in your life. You’re all boiled up, because you’re supposed to trust her, but you still feel restless.

So, this idea of trusting your girlfriend in spite of the doubts ENCOURAGES you to live in fear and it makes you feel extremely frustrated.

It doesn’t help you eliminate or even reduce fear - it actually AMPLIFIES it!

3. ‘Just Trust’ is too Idealistic!

You see trust is a flexible notion in the presence of temptation. And EVEN more flexible in the presence of REPEATED temptation.

We are not robots and have the code of trust programed in our minds, we are human beings...driven by our physical needs before emotions, and by our emotions before logic.

So when you girlfriend finds herself in a position where she is very tempted to flirt, kiss, date, sleep with someone becomes very flexible, especially when the first excuse that comes to her mind is that “I’ll do it just this once, and he won’t find out anyways!”

But besides temptation, there are 3 other factors that make trust so much more flexible: naivety, negative emotions and wrong circumstances.

Because women love to receive attention from men, they tend to be naïve and think that “accepting a drink” from a guy in a club is fine, or giving their number away is fine, or chatting for days on Facebook with a guy is fine, and it won’t lead to anything more than that. While the reality is that taking more and more steps in the face of temptation - inevitably leads to more and more intimacy, until one day she wakes up in that guy’s bed asking herself “OMG, what the hell did I do!?”

But that’s not all, what makes trust even more weak and flexible is negative emotions. You see, if you have a fight and she’s angry at you, or if she’s unhappy in the relationship and holds some resentment toward you, then chances are that those negative emotions will make her even more vulnerable to temptation. And the reason is that negative emotions will affect her will power and her discipline to stay faithful.

And here’s the cherry on the pie, if on top of everything else, she puts herself very often in circumstances where temptation is high, then cheating simply becomes inevitable.

4. 'Just Trusting' is Not Enough

And lastly rely on trust means trusting blindly, because you haven’t got much to base your trust on, other than well, the fact that she loves you and the fact that she’s a good girl and may have never cheated on you before.

And here’s the problem - these two reasons are great reasons to trust her, but they are NOT enough! They are better than nothing, of course, but they are not enough to give you a complete peace of mind.

The fact that she loves you only means that she wants the best for you, and she would do her best to resist temptation when she faces it, but as you’ve seen, the greater the temptation the harder it is to resist it, especially when being a little naive or even worse - pissed at you.

And the fact that she has never cheated on you before, does not mean that she will not do it from now on. I mean it can give you a sense of trust, but is it enough for you to remove all the doubts and worries and all the jealousy?

It’s not. Just trusting, is not enough to help you kill the green eyed jealousy monster. There needs to be something better than that.

So Here's The Big Idea

Just Trusting Your Partner In a Long Distance Relationship is a Myth.

But it’s a myth NOT because it’s totally evil, but because it’s NOT ENOUGH to guarantee your girlfriend’s faithfulness and to give you a complete peace of mind.

It sure enough is better than NO TRUST, and much better than straight DISTRUST, because it discourages you to be excessively jealous and controlling, but it’s not enough to give you a sense of peace and security, and not enough to inspire your girlfriend to WANT to be devoted.

So what is ENOUGH? What is the solution here?

The RIGHT Way To Trust - Trusting Proactively

The 4 Levels of Trust

The SOLUTION is something that I’ve done for years at first unconsciously, and then consciously, and something that most people that I’ve interviewed for this project have done in one form or another - we practiced the next level of trust - Proactive Trust.

What proactive trust means is putting together all the right conditions that will inspire your girlfriend to be devoted to you. Is nothing else but making her WANT to be loyal to you and only you.

Now the way I see it, proactive trust is the next level of trust. If we talked about “just trust” being not enough, then proactive trust is what makes it be enough.

You see there are 4 levels of trust in a relationship.

Level 4: Distrust

This is where you KNOW that she will NOT be loyal to you. And you know that based on her sexual history and her attitude towards sex and sexuality. If she’s been with many guys before you and if she's got a relaxed attitude toward sex, then it doesn’t take much experience to realize that she won’t be loyal to you, especially in a long distance relationship.

Level 3: No Trust

This is the case when you don’t really trust your partner. You’re always DOUBTING her and being suspicious about her behavior. If you are on this level, then you get easily jealous and you have a tendency to behave in controlling ways.

In this case you have no trust in your girlfriend because others have broken your trust in the past. So you’ve got some baggage from past relationships. Or it might be that you don't trust her because SHE has broken your trust before, by lying to you, not keeping her promises and so on.

Level 2: Blind Trust (Just Trust)

Now, this is the level of trust that everybody is recommending everywhere one the internet or not matter who you talk to. This is what we’ve been talking about so far, and what we agreed that it simply is NOT ENOUGH because it’s passive, frustrating, idealistic and naive.

This is the part where you just HOPE that she’ll stay faithful to you, and you do nothing to prevent it because you simply don’t know what to do. And therefore you still feel those fears, worries and frustrations; you’re still stressed because you want to trust her but actually can’t.

And this is where the 4-th level of trust comes into the game.

Level 1: Proactive Trust

This is the level where you KNOW for a fact that she will be loyal to you, and you KNOW that because you’ve created the right conditions and you’ve inspired her to be loyal to you. So now you can relax, calm down and finally be able to RELY on trust, and stop being afraid of her cheating on you.

This type of trust also takes the relationship to a whole new level because it doesn’t just secure her faithfulness to you allowing you to finally relax, but it also strengthens your relationship and your girlfriend’s love for you as a side effect.

Therefore, the best way to trust in a long distance relationship is to trust proactively, and take the matter in your own hands (as you'll see below) instead of thinking and acting like a victim who is staying at the mercy of the circumstances, and suffering as a result.

Now, no matter at what level you are right now, you can easily get to level 4, and become proactive about inspiring your girlfriend to be loyal to you.

Most people of course will alternate between level 2 and 3 and therefore be on a constant roller coaster of negative emotions, sometimes followed by jealousy scenes and controlling behavior and other times repressing those emotions because they “are supposed to just trust”.

How To Trust Proactively?

proactive trust comes down to approaching the issue
of preventing cheating from 3 important angles

  • Overcoming Your Own Demons

    Because it’s your fears and insecurities that AMPLIFY your jealousy and your stress, the first and most important thing is having the right tools to overcome them, and therefore becoming a more confident, relaxed and attractive man as a result. A man who your girlfriend cannot afford to lose.

  • Creating The Right Conditions

    After you’ve addressed your fears, the second thing is to INSPIRE your girlfriend to want to be in this relationship. And you do that by creating the right conditions for her to be happy and satisfied, and therefore making your relationship a place where there is simply no room for cheating.

  • Reducing Her Temptation

    And lastly, after you’ve addressed your fears and insecurities, and created the right conditions in the relationship, now you can use a few sincere and effective techniques meant to reduce your girlfriend’s temptation to cheat. This is all about getting her emotionally attached to you, and repulsed by the idea of cheating.

Therefore, as you can see - preventing cheating is not about trying to "fix" your girlfriend's behavior by being manipulative and controlling. It's about INSPIRING your partner to be loyal and devoted to you by overcoming your own fears, by strengthening the relationship as a whole, and then by authentically reducing temptation.

That's why this is the most complete method of approaching the issue of infidelity.

The 17 Faithfulness Secrets


  • 7 Years of Experience With Long Distance Relationships

    For the past 7 years I have been involved in a few different long distance relationships. Some that have lasted a few months and others that have lasted over a year or more. And what these 7 years have taught me, are many priceless lessons that I wish I knew when I had my first long distance relationship.

  • 4 Years of Education About Seduction and Relationships

    You see, I am fascinated by the topic of romantic relationships. That’s why I have dedicated the past 4 years of my life studying this topic from inside out – reading dozens of books, and studying hundreds of hours of audio and video trainings. And the lessons I learned have literally changed my love life!

  • 1 Year of Research About Women's Infidelity

    Because the fear of being cheated on is the biggest fear in long distance relationships, for the past one year I’ve dedicated myself to researching the topic of female sexuality and cheating. I’ve interviewed over 25 people who had insights on this topic and read dozens of books, articles and papers on this topic.

Based on my Experience, Education and Research, I realized that I was sitting on a GOLDMINE of  17 key secrets that me and other successful long distance lovers were using to have STRONG and  STRESS FREE long distance relationships. And I have put these secrets into 17 clear and concise lessons and created a REVOLUTIONARY digital course.


I Am Happy To Present You

Long Distance Loyalty

"A Man's Secret Guide To Keeping A Woman Faithful And In Love In A Long Distance Relationship!"

OMG! This is the best resource for man in a long distance relationship there has ever existed after the invention of the internet! And I am not exaggerating! - Andrew, Denmark

How Is The Course Structured?

The course comes in a versatile PDF format

That you can download on your computer, tablet or phone and read it at your own pace.

The content consists of 17 Lessons and is divided in 4 main parts amounting a total of around 250 pages, packed with wisdom, relationships tips and practical ideas that you’ll be able to implement in your relationship as you’re reading, and see results instantly.

  • 1

    PART 1: Introduction to Infidelity

    All you need to know about female cheating in a long distance relationship: the types of cheating, the reasons why girls cheat, the difference between 'prelude to cheating' and cheating itself, where is the fear of being cheated on coming from, the difference between men and women cheating, and and how can all of these help you INSPIRE your girlfriend to be faithful to you.

  • 2

    PART 2: Loyalty Techniques

    In part two we are going to jump straight to techniques. Yes, we’re going to talk straight about 7 different techniques that will help you prevent infidelity.
    This part consists of 7 PRACTICAL LESSONS that show you how to reduce your girlfriend's temptation to cheat and inspire her to be faithful - lessons that you can use right away, after you finish reading. Starting with how to destroy her reasons to cheat, what Facebook adjustments to make, the right compliments to give her and ending with what kind of gifts to give her to inspire her to be faithful, and much more!

  • 3

    PART 3: Loyalty Fundamentals

    Part three is all about setting the foundation for faithfulness. And consists of 6 FUNDAMENTAL LESSONS that teach you how to create the right conditions in your relationship so that your girlfriend WANTS to be faithful and devoted to you. How often you should talk, how often to visit her, how to satisfy her sexually online, how to keep her madly in love with you, how to encourage honesty and sincerity, and much more!

  • 4

    PART 4: Loyalty Mindsets

    In part four we are going to talk about 4 COMPREHENSIVE LESSONS that teach you the four anti-cheating mindsets that you need to develop to become a man who does not deserve, and your girlfriend cannot afford to cheat on! Here you'll learn ALL about overcoming your fears and insecurities, dealing with jealousy, behaving like a real man - and never worrying about losing your girlfriend again.

The 17 Lessons Revealed:

Loyalty Techniques

  • Lesson 1: Destroying Her Reasons

    Learn the 4 main reasons why girls would chose to cheat in a long distance relationship, and PRACTICAL solutions to destroy and eliminate each one of those reasons forever, and find your well deserved peace of mind.

  • Lesson 2: The Power of Love Symbols

    One of the simplest and most unknown and underestimated “weapons” of faithfulness that a man could have, and how to use this weapon the right way to make a girl feel “reserved” for him and have no eyes for anybody else.

  • Lesson 3: Building Her Reputation

    Discover one sentence of just 10 words that will inspire your girlfriend to be mind, body and hearth loyal to you and only you. A sentence based on a proven phycological law that taps into your girlfriend’s mind and makes her feel like the most unique and faithful woman on this planet.

  • Lesson 4: The Love Lighthouse

    The ONLY thing that can keep a long distance relationship alive (and it’s not LOVE, TRUST or COMMUNICATION) and also one of the TOP conditions for inspiring her to be loyal to you. This is where most guys fail, but also where they could EASILY thrive if they just knew this one simple difference…

  • Lesson 5: Facebook Adjustments

    There a just 7 things you should adjust on Facebook, to turn it from the NUMBER ONE factor that leads to cheating, to your best loyalty inspiring tool and you’ll learn what all of them are and how to implement them fast in your relationship.

  • Lesson 6: Freedom of Choice

    My all time favorite technique to inspire faithfulness in a woman, which is not manipulative, is not controlling, but actually very mature and effective. And it only takes a few words to use it, but it gives you a loyal girlfriend for life.

  • Lesson 7: The Cheating Trap

    The biggest and most tempting trap that most girls fall into and end up cheating, even if they didn’t intend to or even if they love you like crazy, and how YOU can help her avoid this dangerous trap.

Loyalty Fundamentals

  • Lesson 8: Your Communication Strategy

    How often should you keep in touch so that she doesn’t even think of cheating? It’s not every day nor every other day, it’s a very specific answer that only you have, and you’ll quickly discover it when I explain you how in this lesson.

  • Lesson 9: The Two Pillars of Faithfulness

    Ignore these two elements and you’re doomed to a ruined relationship. But take them into consideration and you’re bound to have an AMAZING long distance relationship. By amazing I mean loving, cheat-proof, stress free and HAPPY overall.

  • Lesson 10: The Love Diet

    How often you should meet so that she doesn’t feel like cheating and loves you even more? And no it’s not “as often as possible”, it’s something much more effective than that. If you don’t get this right – guess what…you’ll harm the relationship and possibly even push her to cheat.

  • Lesson 11: The Priceless Memories Collection

    The number one reason why humans have romantic relationships and how to make use of this one fact to take your long distance relationship to the next level. When you implement this lesson in your relationship you simply leave no room for cheating. Period.

  • Lesson 12: Online Sexual Satisfaction

    All you ever wanted to know about sex and sexuality in a long distance relationship! How to get her naughty the fastest and easiest way, what to do when you get her naughty, how often should you bring up sexuality, how to really SATISFY her online and much more. This one goes wayyy beyond Skype sex, or dirty texts…way beyond that.

  • Lesson 13: The Power of Relationship Investment

    How do you make your girlfriend addicted to you, so addicted that SHE chases you and is scared of losing you instead of the other way around? Million dollar question right! Well, in this lesson you’ll find the answer and the exact steps of achieving it. And by the way – it’s so much simpler than you can imagine.

Loyalty Mindsets

  • Lesson 14: Detached but Dedicated

    What if I would teach you one principle that will not only inspire your girlfriend to be faithful, but also keep her madly attracted to you, and on top of that a principle that will save you countless worries and turn you into a mature man? Sounds good? Then look for Lesson 14. (after this lesson you’ll look at relationships in a whole new way!)

  • Lesson 15: Healthy Jealousy

    This might be the most comprehensive lesson, and what you’ll learn in this lesson you won’t learn ANYWHERE else. It’s going to be everything you’ll ever need to know about jealousy, how to reduce it, how to eliminate it, how to express it RIGHT, and how to make it your ally instead of your ruthless enemy. This lesson alone is worth the price of the entire course.

  • Lesson 16: The Power of Integrity

    There is one special method that Governments, Religion and Educational institutions use to motivate a certain behavior in people, and that’s because it works and it has worked for thousands of years ever since the beginnings of humanity. What if you could EASILY use the same method to motivate your girlfriend to be loyal to you?

  • Lesson 17: Your Recovery Plan

    In this lesson I have a GIFT for you. I am going to share with you my RECOVERY PLAN, and that is the plan that I have used to stop being afraid of being cheated on, and a plan that dozens of people have used so far to get over any bad break up in DAYS not weeks or months.  And even though I am 99% certain that after using the lessons from this course you won’t need this recovery plan…having this plan in the back of your mind WILL GIVE YOU all the peace that you’ll ever need to have a fearless and joyful long distance relationship.

See What Are People Saying

Sven Erlandson

“It has been said that one of the marks of wisdom is the ability to take that which is simple and show its complexity, and take that which is complex and make it simple. Mr. Besski displays this wisdom on this sensitive topic, toggling between simple “how to” steps for every guy in an LDR to follow to keep his girlfriend both committed and excited and the deeper theoretical wisdom about LDR’s and the underlying mindset shifts necessary to sustain them.

Mr. Besski shows an intelligence beyond his years, which can only be won from significant experience with the problem, both because he has lived it and mined the experiences of others for their underlying truths.

I strongly recommend this book, but NOT just for those in LDR’s. I believe this is a highly informative read for men in relationships of all types. It will have you dog-earing pages and underlining many of his fresh ideas.”

Sven Erlandson Author of an excellent book on women's cheating: 'I Steal Wives'

A few years ago I was in a very happy relationship with a wonderful girl. After being together more than a year and a half I got the opportunity to study abroad for a semester.

At the moment I thought that my lovely girlfriend will understand me and we will just be away from each other for a short time. I was wrong. With time passing she become more distant and cold I was trying my best to understand why. She started hanging out with some new friends, answering my calls less and generally being less interested in our relationship. In the end we broke up.

For a long period I didn’t understood why se behaved like this. I thought it was her fault.

But after I recently got the chance to read the “Long Distance Loyalty Course” all the answer where in front of me, I was wrong the whole time. I understood perfectly what I was doing wrong in that relationship, and what lead it to end. If I had the chance to study this course at that time, I could have easily saved my long distance relationship…but now it’s too late.

Alexander From Iasi, Romania

I got this course in a moment when I felt hopeless about the relationship already. My girlfriend went to college in Boston, and was going out often, meeting a lot of new people and then when she was telling me about how guys were hitting on her, I felt like the sky was crashing over my head, I couldn’t focus on my work and it’s been eating me from the inside and making my life hell.

She means the world to me, and now that I learned these lessons, I have no doubt about us being together for as long as it takes to close this dreaded distance and be happy together.

Michael From Los Angeles, U.S.

30 Important Tips You'll Learn

  • 1

    The 10 Magic Words.

    The most effective PSYCHOLOGICAL TOOL to keep a woman faithful, that consists of a sentence of 10 words that you tell her once, but has an ever lasting effect over her loyalty to you.

  • 2

    Freedom of Choice

    How to effectively inspire your girlfriend to stay faithful to you, by actually giving her the freedom to cheat! (I must admit, this is my all times favorite one!)

  • 3

    Clubbing Cheat-Proof

    3 crazy simple but sneaky tips to lower her temptation and keep guys away when she goes out CLUBBING!

  • 4

    No More Sexual Curiosity

    The 3 right ARGUMENTS to bring up, in order to destroy her sexual curiosity. Arguments based on SCIENCE and realistic facts, that will get her to think 5 times before even considering to have sex with someone else than you.

  • 5

    Loyalty Gifts

    The right gifts to give your girlfriend that won’t just make her happy, but also INSPIRE her to be faithful as a result. And not necessarily expensive gifts!

  • 6

    Her Sexual Curriculum Vitae

    A few STRATEGIC QUESTIONS to ask her and SECRETLY find out if she’s prone to cheating on you or not! (I must warn you that it gives you an incredibly accurate result!)

  • 7

    Destroy Her Reasons

    The 4 main reasons that turn long distance girlfriend into cheaters, and how to completely destroy them.

  • 8

    Dalai Lama's Story

    The most wise and IMPACTFUL story that you could tell your girlfriend, which will truly open her eyes about how UNWORTHY a cheating woman is, making her feel repulsed by idea of ever cheating.

  • 9

    The Attraction Formula

    The Simplified version of how to keep attraction on FIRE in a long distance relationship. (hint: by using the 8 attraction techniques that you'll learn in lesson 13!)

  • 10

    The Cheating Trap

    The most DANGEROUS Cheating Trap that determines innocent girls to cheat even though they love their boyfriends and never intended to cheat in the first place!

  • 11

    Online Sexual Satisfaction

    How to take your sexual life from distance to a whole NEW LEVEL by using one special technique that WOMEN CRAVE – they read it in romantic and erotic books, see it in movies, but hardly ever experience it in real life! And you will be the one to give her what she craves in REAL life!

  • 12

    Emotional Sex Technique

    The MOST IMPORTANT kind of sex that you MUST give your girlfriend online to fully satisfy her sexually! (and it’s not physical sex! Hint – it’s emotional!)

  • 13

    The Naughtiness Button

    The number one best way to make a girl overcome her SEXUAL SHYNESS and feel comfortable doing even the dirtiest things with you online & over 15 FUN and creative ideas to SPICE up your sexual life from distance!

  • 14

    The Golden Secret

    The hidden secret of successful romantic relationships! This is hands down the MOST IMPORTANT LESSON that you’ll learn in your life about making a relationship work!

  • 15

    The Fear Destroyer Mindset

    A 4 STEP METHOD that will show you how to successfully let go of ANY FEAR, anxiety or stress about your girlfriend ever cheating on you.

  • 16

    Make Jealousy Your Ally

    The 3 KEY angles from which you MUST approach jealousy so that you can overcome it in a complete and PERMANENT way.

  • 17

    Overnight Jealousy Mastery

    8 PRACTICAL ways to become a MASTER of your jealousy almost overnight & a proven method to express jealousy in a way that will NOT annoy your partner, will NOT turn into huge fight and it will NOT affect your relationship negatively!

  • 18

    The Power of Integrity

    An OBVIOUS yet almost always IGNORED technique that Governments, Religion and Educational Institutions use to motivate a certain behavior in people, and that’s because this technique has worked for thousands of years, ever since the beginning of humanity. And now you’ll be able to use it to inspire your girlfriend to be faithful to you.

  • 19

    Indestructible Love

    8 special ways to CEMENT your love for each other, and make it so strong that no amount of time or distance would separate you!

  • 20

    The Sincerity & Honesty Policy

    Two vital elements that shouldn’t be missing from your long distance relationship, or it will be doomed to constant fights and inevitably drive her to cheat!

  • 21

    Your Communication Strategy

    How often and through what means you should communicate with your girlfriend so that she’s MIND and BODY in this relationship.

  • 22

    7 Facebook Adjustments

    7 simple adjustments that will turn Facebook from the biggest and easiest cheating tool into a cheating PREVENTION tool and 2 great and innocent ways to keep potential Facebook admirers away.

  • 23

    The Love Lighthouse

    How to give MEANING to your long distance relationship and motivate your girlfriend to fight for this relationship and believe in it, and thus eliminate any possibility of infidelity.

  • 24

    Loyalty Gifts

    The RIGHT GIFTS to give your girlfriend that won’t just make her happy, but also INSPIRE her to be faithful as a result. And not necessarily expensive gifts!

  • 25

    A Special Love Symbol

    One special symbol of love that will make your girlfriend feel like she BELONGS to you an only you, having no eyes for any other man. She’ll literally feel “RESERVED for you”!

  • 26

    No More Lying Technique

    My “No More Lying Technique” for the first time revealed, that will turn your girlfriend into the most honest woman ever!

  • 27

    The LDR Killer

    The number one long distance relationship KILLER that may easily lead to cheating as well, and how to turn it all around and make it the pillar of your successful long distance relationship!

  • 28

    The Love Diet

    How often you should meet so that your girlfriend misses you enough but also doesn’t lose patience and hope.

  • 29

    Make Her Chase You

    How to FLIP THE SCRIPT and motivate your girlfriend to chase you, instead of you being the one to chase her all the time. Once you use these principles you'll never want to get back to "chasing" her!

  • 30

    Your Breakup Recovery Plan

    A proven 4 step method of how to get over any break up, no matter how bad and painful it was - in DAYS not weeks or months.

"Hi Besski, I have bought your magnificent course, and I'm reading it right now. It's pure gold!
Thank you for sharing your experience with the aim to help others who are living
a long distance relationship."
- Dave

Plus 3 Award Winning Bonuses

Eliminate Lying From Your Relationship! (Value 25$)

The most practical guide that you will ever read about eliminating lying in just 4 simple steps: Preventing, Spotting, Dealing With and Eliminating lying from your relationship. Once you're 100% sure that she'll never lie to you, you are one step closed to complete peace of mind.

The Practical Guide To Teasing (Value 19$)

Learn the top 10 teasing techniques that you can easily use in your long distance relationship while talking on Skype, phone or text conversations to Keep Your Girlfriend Madly Attracted. Each technique comes with at least 3-4 examples of how to use it and the actual things to say.

Stop Fighting and Start Loving! (Value 29$)

A proven guide that will show you 14 proven tips on how to stop fighting all the time, and turn your fights into opportunities to actually improve your relationship.

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7 Reasons Why These Materials Will CHANGE Your LOVE Life

  • 1

    Your STRESS and WORRIES about cheating will vanish away!

  • 2

    Constant FIGHTS and JEALOUSY will be a thing of the past!

  • 3

    Your girlfriend will be HAPPIER and more IN LOVE with you, like never before!

  • 4

    Your Long Distance Relationship Will Gain PURPOSE and MEANING!

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    Your girlfriend will be FIRED UP and MOTIVATED to make this relationship WORK!

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    And you'll finally REALIZE how EASY long distance dating can be, when you know HOW!

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    Plus - You'll use the VALUABLE LESSONS you learned for the REST of YOUR LIFE!



3 awesome promises for your peace of mind

  • Guarantee #1

    Top-Notch Course Quality

    The Long Distance Loyalty Course was designed with your needs in mind, that’s why I made it clear, practical and quick to produce results. You’ll feel like having a conversation with me, and you’ll love the short summaries at the end of each lesson.

    But if for any reason you don’t like the quality of the course, then simply send us an email within 60 days and you’ll get all your money back.

    We guarantee that you’ll love the clarity, the simplicity and the ease of implementation of the 17 lessons that you’ll learn.

  • Guarantee #2

    Her Passionate Loyalty

    The techniques, strategies and mindsets that you’ll learn in this course have been proven to work wonders over and over again by me and my clients.

    And here’s my promise – if I can’t help you, I don’t want your money. So if after you study the Long Distance Loyalty course – you don’t think that the lessons you learned will help you keep your girlfriend faithful, you can always contact us within the 60 days period and ask for a refund.

    We guarantee that this course will teach everything you’ll ever need to know to keep a woman faithful.

  • Guarantee #3

    Impact On Your Love Life

    The Long Distance Loyalty course  is simply revolutionary, it took me 7 years to learn these lessons, and now I have the most amazing relationship of my life.  Now it’s your time to take your love life to the next level of joy and happiness.

    The priceless lessons that you’ll learn will be there for you to use your whole life – in long distance or even classic relationships; you’ll be able to share them with your friends and help them too have amazing relationships.

    We guarantee that these 17 lessons will change your love life forever. 

If for any reason the Long Distance Loyalty Course doesn’t live up to any of these three points above,
just drop us an email at within 60 days of your date of purchase,
and we’ll give you a full, no-questions-asked refund.

For Only 67$

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • q-icon1. Will this course work for me?

    If you are a guy in a long distance relationship who wants to make sure that his girlfriend stays faithful and has no eyes for nobody else other than him, then it will definitely work for you, just like the same ideas successfully worked for over a 100 guys who I’ve worked with in the past 1 year, through my coaching service.

  • q-icon2. Is this course worth it?

    Based on the feedback that I got from the guys who bought it so far, and from the feedback that the guys who reviewed the course told me long time ago, this course is “the best resource for a man in a long distance relationship, after the invention of the internet”…and well, I’d would say that it’s more than worth it. But again, if you don’t find it useful, you can get your money back within 30 days and get a refund. As easy as that!

  • q-icon3. Are the lessons and tips easy to apply?

    The course is all about simple and powerful ways to get RESULTS fast and easy! I mean, all the techniques, fundamentals and mindsets from the course are practical and you can implement them as soon as you’re reading, and see results instantly.

  • q-icon4. What if something is not clear to me?

    Well, you can always send me an email and ask a question or three. 🙂 No problem, I will be here to answer any question that you’ll have. And I’ll even welcome any question, as your questions will allow me to improve the course further. So, if something is not clear enough you can always contact me and get an answer within 72 hours.

  • q-icon5. How is this course different from all the free advice on the internet?

    Glad you asked! This course is nothing like the free advice on the net or the other books available out there about long distance relationships! Here’s the thing, in this course you learn tips, ideas, technique and principles learned the hard way in the past 7 years of my personal LDR experience, 4 years of passionately studying the science of seduction and the topic of romantic relationships, and one year of over 25 interviews, research on this topic, and coaching with over 100 guys like you helping them deal with their long distance relationship issues.

    So it’s a very unique and original body of valuable knowledge about how to prevent cheating and strengthen your long distance relationship as a result. I would dare to say that this course is simply a “game changer” for long distance relationships!

  • q-icon6. Do I really need this course?

    It’s up to you to decide. But the better question to ask is, do I really want my girlfriend to stay faithful? Do I really want to get rid of all these worries that stress me out every time she goes out, or tells me of some guy giving her attention? Do I really want to make this long distance relationship work? If yes, then I’d say that you need this course.

    Also keep in mind that you buy this course once, but the priceless lessons that you’ll learn will be there to use your whole life in long distance, or even classic relationships; you’ll be able to share them with your friends and help them too have better relationships. They will take your love life to the next level overall.

What Is Long Distance Loyalty NOT About!


    Even though the main promise of this course is to show you how to keep a woman faithful, by giving you all the techniques, ideas and strategies to do just that…the side effect of you using those ideas will not just make her totally loyal to you, but they will also strengthen your long distance relationship and keep your girlfriend madly in love with you.

  • This course is NOT about looking for RED FLAGS

    This is not a course on looking for red flags that she might be cheating on you; this is a course on making those red flags never show up, and never even worrying about them showing up.

  • This course is NOT about being CONTROLLING!

    This is not about being a controlling maniac who questions his partner, deprives her of liberties and forces her to stay faithful. Far from it. This is about inspiring your woman to be faithful, thus making her WANT and DESIRE to be faithful to you and only you.

  • It is Not about being MANIPULATIVE!

    As I said, this is about INSPIRING faithfulness, and doing that by using the principles and ideas from the course in a sincere and authentic way to help your girlfriend avoid temptation and CHOSE to be faithful to you and only you.

  • This is NOT about COMMON tips and tricks.

    My goal with this course is to give you all you’ll ever need to know about keeping a woman faithful. It’s not common tips and tricks that you’ll hear from your friends or find in other books, it’s simple and effective ideas and techniques that come from the science of seducing women, keeping them attracted and in love, and getting them devoted to you.

  • It is NOT about CLASSIC relationship advice!

    You see, most of my serious long term relationships happened to be long distance relationships. And what I have learned about relationships in these 7 years came from my long distance relationship experience mostly. In this course, I am not going to teach you classic relationship advice tried to be applied somehow to LDRs. In this course I am going to give you, specific long distance relationship advice…which fortunately happens to apply perfectly when you will close the distance as well.

More Love From Clients:

"Hi Besski,

I have bought your magnificent course, and I'm reading it right now. It's pure gold!
Thank you for sharing your experience with the aim to help others who are living
a long distance relationship."
I got this course in a moment when I felt hopeless about the relationship already.

My girlfriend went to college in Boston, and was going out often, meeting a lot of new people and then when she was telling me about how guys were hitting on her, I felt like the sky was crashing over my head, I couldn’t focus on my work and it’s been eating me from the inside and making my life hell.

She means the world to me, and now that I learned these lessons, I have no doubt about us being together for as long as it takes to close this dreaded distance and be happy together.
Michael, Los Angeles
Mr. Besski,

I am very happy I found your site, and so far I am very satisfied with the value I got from buying your course. And this is just after the first few lessons that I've gone through.Can't wait to free some time and dive into it again.

Thank you!
Jon, Belgium
Thanks for this collection of really powerful ideas Livius.

I've read nearly half the course already. I love the way you write by the way, very nice and flowing, it feels so easy to read if we really have a conversation like you said at the beginning. 

I can see myself using these ideas and actually making my girlfriend more faithful. You're a very smart guy.

Thank you!
Leonard, Trenton

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