The Intense Emotion of Long Distance Love

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Let me start this off by saying the following:

“If you view your long distance relationship as a source of pain and frustration – it IS nothing else but a source of pain and frustration! If you view it however as a blessing, a joy and a unique chance to have an INTENSE relationship, then – that’s what your relationship will look and feel like!”

I’ve had my portion of long distance dating, 6 long distance relationships in 7 years. And now we closed the distance after 2.5 years of dating long distance with my current girlfriend.

As you can see not all my relationships have worked out, the first 5 of them, worked fine until one point when I lost my attraction for the girls I was dating, and so I had to let those lovely girls go.

My last girlfriend however found a way to keep me madly in love with her, and she succeeded – now we’re living in a cozy apartment in a small and quiet city of Denmark.

So why am I telling you this? I want you to see that I have what it takes to talk about long distance dating.

And after all these years, of pains and frustrations, success and mistakes, moments of passionate love and moments of crazy missing, I have the most positive opinion about Long Distance Relationships:

“They work, and not just work but they are PRICELESS!”

The reason long distance relationships are priceless is because they are so much more intense than classic relationships!

I’ve been in both types of relationships, and what I have noticed is that classic relationships get dull, and monotone at some point, nothing truly exciting is happening other than you seeing each other, spending some time together, making love and so on.

The intensity of love is linear, without much variation – you always have the same level of emotion.

Now, if you think about long distance relationships… how is the emotion of love in such a relationship? Is it also linear? Or is it sooo much more INTENSE!

Even if for a while it may be linear during all those months that you stay far from each other, the intensity of your missing of each other and desiring each other and wanting to hold each other is just unbelievable, it’s not even comparable with the missing that you have in a classic relationship.

Intensity of Love

And if you don’t believe me, pay attention to the people who are waiting at the arrivals gate at your airport, and see how much emotion there is, how much affection and anticipation there is.

Long distance relationships are a gift to us, one that makes us REALLY feel the emotion of love, and feel it intensely, feel it from the bottom of our hearts – just the way it should be felt!

That crazy missing of each other when being afar makes us desire and long for our partner so much more, and those days or weeks spent together when you finally visit each other – they feel like a paradise on earth, they feel like little honeymoons!

Just think about it: Normal couples have ONE honeymoon when they get married! While long distance couples get to have MANY honeymoons, every time they visit each other, without even having to get married for it. Isn’t that unbelievably amazing?!

You will never have the same intensity of emotion in a classic relationship. That’s why celebrating your long distance relationship now that you have one is a MUST!

Feel and enjoy that intensity of missing your partner, really notice how great it feels to desire someone so much, and how amazing it is to know that that other person desires you as much as you do.

There is nothing more inspiring and more energizing than looking forward to see the person you love most. Nothing!

Then also feel and enjoy that emotion of anticipation that you have on your way to visit her, those hours spent in the plane/bus/train/car are also priceless!

What other events or things in your live could give you such an powerful emotional high as these visits? Few other events, and none as amazing and unique as this one. So FEEL the intensity of the emotion and ENJOY it while you have it.

And it’s not just the good emotions that you should feel, but also the painful ones: There is nothing more intense and more romantic than those moments at the airport (or bus/train station) when you hug each other closely, and you don’t want to let go…your eyes are watery, your hearth is beating twice as fast, you just don’t want to leave her… it feels as if half of you is torn apart…and you’re watching her standing there…you are crying, she is crying…and your both watching each other with loving eyes.

My eyes are crying and my body is trembling just as I write this words, remembering the countless moments I felt that intense emotion of parting.

It’s just incredibly intense, my friend, to be in a long distance relationship, and it’s nothing like a classic relationship.

And you may know that by now, so don’t hate – celebrate the intensity of those emotions: pleasant or painful, because they are unique and they make you FEEL ALIVE, like nothing else in this world will make you feel!

When you are afar from her – miss her deeply; on the way to visit her – feel the nervousness; when you are waiting for her in the airport – feel the anticipation; when you meet her – REALLY feel the joy, when you spend those crazy moments together – FEEL the happiness; when you part ways –  feel the love and sadness; and finally, on the way back – feel the gratitude of having such an amazing chance to love and such an amazing girlfriend, and yes be sad for going away, because that sadness along with all the joy past and future, is the fuel of love and life!

“There are few moments in our lives that make us really FEEL something, and those moments are to be dearly cherished!”

Take care my friend!

Besski Livius

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After knowing nothing about love and getting his heart broken over and over again, Livius has decided to figure this topic out. And for the past 10 years he has discovered the counter-intuitive way love works, has created a system for overcoming neediness (which is holding most guys back) and is now sharing all of his practical advice here on the site.


  1. This is trully inspirational! And so true! :))

  2. kenzie says:

    This is all so true. Made me cry, I feel so blessed to be in a relationship with one amazing man even though we are a distance apart.

  3. Hello Besski Livius, my name is Hind, I am in a LDR, and even though I am a girl, I am reading your articles and sharing them with my boyfriend Hansen. I would like to thank you so so so much, because thanks to your articles, I see my future very clear now just in front of my eyes ! You are the light to guide us, thank you so much and hope you all the best in your life and wish love and serenity to all long distance lovers who are reading your articles !

  4. Holy shit, you’re talking to one hell of an up and down LDR here. First off, I don’t like rollercoasters, but I’ll be down for it a couple of times if my company is – so I feed off of enthusiasm. I appreciate how you appreciate the major intensity and unpredictability of LDR’s. It’s a breath of fresh perspective, seeing as I am currently on the opposing side. The intensity is a lot, for many different reasons, and at times it is a bit much for us both. When we talk about the daily things in life, it’s an easy flow of communication, but when I bring up the direction of us, it’s like pulling rope out of a whale’s ass. And in ways LDRs are priceless – but they’re one hell of a plane ticket.

    • Marge says:

      Kim – WOW…sounds like me talking!! Yep, the day to day things are so easy to talk about! We have an incredible gift of gab with each other where we can talk and talk, laugh, joke, you name it. BUT…when I ask about seeing him, well, your description is definitely spot on! Like pulling a rope from a whales ass!!! I get stuttering, stammering, and reasons that seem to change especially if the “visit” is getting too close. He ALWAYS has stuff to do like house cleaning, yard work, tinkering with his motorcycle, going to the drag races, etc. Hell, he even bought a boat & trailer last week, all of which I have NEVER seen!!! He’s a bit older than me so his old fashioned values have led to an insistence that he visits first. Well, ok, I can handle that however, it’s been THREE YEARS & I’ve seen him for 6 hours only!!! So, when is that visit going to happen??? I’m thinking never. Your thoughts?

  5. Holy shit, you're talking to one hell of an up and down LDR here. First off, I don't like rollercoasters, but I'll be down for it a couple of times if my company is – so I feed off of enthusiasm. I appreciate how you appreciate the major intensity and unpredictability of LDR's. It's a breath of fresh perspective, seeing as I am currently on the opposing side. The intensity is a lot, for many different reasons, and at times it is a bit much for us both. When we talk about the daily things in life, it's an easy flow of communication, but when I bring up the direction of us, it's like pulling rope out of a whale's ass. And in ways LDRs are priceless – but they're one hell of a plane ticket..

  6. Marge says:

    Great words of encouragement for those in long distance relationships. How about for those of us who NEVER get to see the one we love??? I’ve been in a LDR for just over 3 years. We’re both divorced & free of any other relationships. We met over 25 years ago but both were married so even though we felt something, we didn’t act. I live in NJ, he lives in FL…not too far away. Here’s my problem…I’ve seen him for only 6 hours in the 3 years we’ve been talking!! Yep, just 6 hours!! One reason was because he was diagnosed with prostrate cancer last year so that stopped any visits. He doesn’t want me coming to see him because he’s old fashioned. He feels the man should make the first move. Well, that’s great but when is he going to come??? I’ve asked and all I get is “pretty soon”. I’ve been hearing that for so long, it makes me sick & I’ve stopped asking. I’ve literally given up. I guess he just doesn’t want me. It shat how it sounds to you??? I’m heartbroken and it doesn’t seem to matter much to him.