Make This Valentine’s Day Extra-Special!

Being with the person you love on holidays like New Years, Thanksgiving and especially Valentine’s Day helps you to remember how much you love that person.  Because many people travel for work or study in other cities and countries, it isn’t possible to always be with the person you love.

That doesn’t mean you have to celebrate without them.  Here are three ways that you can have an amazing Valentine’s Day or other holiday with the person you love.  We hope these help you and your partner have an amazing holiday and please let us know how it worked out in the comments section below.

1.  A dinner, not so far away.

Valentine’s dinners are one of the most intimate things you can do with the person you love.  If they have a roommate or are at a hotel, you can easily set this one up.  Look for a local food delivery that delivers prepared meals or look over the hotel’s room service menu.  Set up a time to talk with your partner over the phone, and make sure they’re outside of their apartment or hotel room.

While you’re talking to them, log into Skype and make sure that the person who has access to their room can set up an iPad or computer with Skype on it.  Have them set up the computer or iPad on one side of your partner’s kitchen table and make sure they are logged in and connected to you over Skype.

Next, have the food delivered to the room and also a bottle of wine.  On your side of the Skype window you’ll have the same meal and the same bottle of wine.  Now wish your partner a happy Valentine’s and ask them to go to their room so they can Skype you and give you a quick kiss goodnight through the computer screen.

When they open the door they’ll find you on Skype sitting with the exact same meal, wine and dinner, waiting to eat with them.  You can now share the same meal with them and have an amazing Valentine’s Day dinner.

2.  A surprise let down becomes an amazing night.

When you’re traveling on a holiday you miss everything from the person you love to your best friend (your dog or cat).  My ex, who’s still a good friend of mine, played an awesome trick on me when I was traveling for work on Valentine’s Day.

Someone from the hotel told me I had a package waiting at the front desk, so I quickly ran over just to find out there was nothing there.  It was a huge let down.  On my way back to my room, I called my ex to find out what happened and thank him for the gift anyways.  When I got there, I found an amazing surprise waiting for me.

While I was at the desk, room service dropped off a gift.  They left a bottle of Dom Perignon, strawberries and chocolate and a box with my name on it.   The champagne and strawberries were amazing and when I opened the box it was even better. I had a pair of valentine’s day pajamas and also a pair of slippers that looked like my cat.

It was an amazing way to help me feel like I was with my ex and also have my cat with me, whom I missed dearly.  My friend that came up to the room with me called his wife to ask why she didn’t do that for him and we split the champagne and chocolate and had an awesome valentine’s because of these really cool gifts.

3.  Finding you on Skype Scavenger Hunt.

The last thing you can do is to set up a Skype scavenger hunt.  Although you won’t physically be there at the end, you will be there with your partner over a Skype screen.  The first thing to do is find a neighbor or roommate who can access your partner’s apartment or house.  Send that person photos from dates, parties you attended together, and other things from inside your apartment or house.

Now, as your partner gets home they’ll find the first picture and clue taped to their door.  As they figure out it’s a clue to a game and that the picture represents where the next clue is, they’ll have a fun time finding candies, flowers and other gifts.

The very last clue will point to a neighbor’s apartment or house where your partner will have to knock and bring in all of the gifts and clues.  There, your partner will find you sitting at the other side of a table waiting on Skype.

Now the two of you can have a dinner like in idea 1 and the neighbor will have plenty of time to prep while your partner is on their scavenger hunt.

Valentine’s Day is an amazing night for romance and showing the person you love how much you care.  The physical distance between you and your partner doesn’t mean you can’t have an extra special Valentine’s Day.

By creating an amazing meal that you share together, sending a cool package they weren’t expecting or setting up a fun game you can easily have a night that is just as special as being with that person.

Photo by Kipp Baker

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