About Livius Besski

After knowing nothing about love and getting his heart broken over and over again, Livius has decided to figure this topic out. And for the past 10 years he has discovered the counter-intuitive way love works, has created a system for overcoming neediness (which is holding most guys back) and is now sharing all of his practical advice here on the site.


  1. Timmathy says:

    Thank You for the advice. 😊

  2. Michael says:

    Thanks for the advice. I wanted the Skype consultation but it seems like you’re not available.

  3. Thank you, this is really eye opening.

  4. Dreadstar says:

    Great talk my mindset definitely improved

  5. Alex says:

    Your page is amazing and it’s helps me understand a lot of things I didn’t understood before about my boyfriend. I don’t know for sure if you give advice to woman too but a lot of things on your site will help us too. And I just love the video you made for you girlfriend when you talked in Romanian. Buna treaba. And because of that you made me want to do same for my boyfriend
    So thank you and good luck. Va urez toate cele bune tie so logodnicei tale.

  6. I want the books now

  7. Thank you so much