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If you want to talk to someone who will not only give you a wise piece of advice, but also
understand you, then you're in the right place.

  • Overcome Love Problems

    We all face problems in a relationship. And long distance relationships are no exception. The good news is that all the problems you’re facing right now, have been faced before you by other people. And not only faced but also SOLVED. I am one of those people. And I’m happy to share with you the solutions that have worked for me and for other few hundred clients.

  • Learn How Love Works

    You see, it’s my ultimate passion to understand how love and romantic relationships work, and how to make them last for as long as we desire. 10 years ago I was asking myself “How do I make a girl fall in love with me?!“, today 10 years later I’ve had some of the most beautiful (and sexy) love experiences a man could wish for.

  • Become a True Lover

    The number one lesson I’ve learned in my past nearly 5 years of learning about seduction and relationships is that to have an amazing love life, you need to become an amazing man. And while it might sound hard and scary, the truth is that it’s easier than you’d ever imagine. There are things you can right now, that will turn you into a better and more attractive lover.

"True Lover Transformation" Coaching Program

How Will We Work Together?

  • 4 x 60 Minutes of Focused Coaching

    We’re going to have a 2 month intensive program where we’ll talk every second week for 60 intense minutes.

    These are 60 minutes of focused help for you on Skype (audio). During this precious time together we are going to identify your specific struggles and figure out ways for you to solve them. We’ll find solutions, learn powerful insights and find simple ways for you to improve your relationship.

    In each call we could focus on specific issues like neediness, jealousy, dealing with fights, having exciting conversations, creating attraction, becoming more confident… or anything else that you need help with.

    To mention just a few interesting topics that I’ve worked with guys so far on, would be challenges like: getting their girlfriend back, having a more exciting long distance relationship, keeping love and attraction alive, getting their girlfriend more motivated about their long distance relationship… and even getting over a bad long distance relationship and finding a new local girlfriend.

    My expertise goes beyond just long distance relationship issues, including topics like having a happy and successful close distance relationship, online dating, finding a new girlfriend or just dating more girls and having a fun and active sex life.

    The topic of each session will be chosen based on your individual needs. And the goal will be to take you from where you are right now to where you want to be, for example: more confident and attractive, a master of your jealousy, certain of her love to you, a great conversationalist or which ever your desired goal is.

  • Full Recordings of Our Coaching Sessions

    The things you’re going to learn during our coaching sessions are going to be love-changing, and having them safely stored in your computer to listen to them any time you’re dealing with a similar challenge is priceless. That’s why you’ll get the recordings of all our sessions, for you listen to them again and remind yourself of the powerful ideas you learned before.

  • 3 Months of Unlimited Email Support

    You have my unlimited email support for 3 months, where I help with deal with all the different day to day challenges that you have and need some guidance with. So you can sent me an email and you’ll get an answer within 24 hours. This way, it’s not just you fighting for your relationship, it’s BOTH of us. It’s like having Messi in your football team, you just know that you’re gonna win!

  • Powerful Exercises

    My experience showed me that during our coaching calls we work intensely on problems, find solutions and figure out action steps. BUT the real change happens when you take what you learned and actually apply it in your life and relationship. And I’ve got a set of simple, yet powerful exercises that will help you do exactly that.

  • Access To All My Courses

    When I work with people, I don’t like to hold anything back. Therefore when I start coaching you, I also open my doors and give you access to all my paid course, free of charge. At this point we have the Long Distance Loyalty course that teaches you all you need to know about preventing cheating. Plus there is one more coming up soon on how to keep attraction alive in a long distance relationship.

  • Confusion to Clarity - The Love Formula Explained

    This is the fifth 1 hour coaching session that I offer you as a bonus. And to tell you the truth, this session alone is worth the entire investment in this coaching program. That’s because what you’ll learn in this session will be exactly how love works. We’re gonna go from you being confused about how to make a relationship work to being CLEAR about it. We’re gonna go from you being an ordinary guy, to becoming an extraordinary lover. That is my promise to you.

This Type of Coaching is Not For Everybody

This is right for you if:

  • 1

    You love LEARNING.

    I am myself a passionate learner and I love to work with people who, who just like me, like to learn and improve themselves constantly.

  • 2

    You're ready to TAKE ACTION.

    This is not a class were you learn stuff that you never use. This is an TRANSFORMATIONAL experience where you apply the ideas that you learned in your love life and see it improve in front of your eyes. Therefore I only work with people who are ready to take action and transform from regular to remarkable lovers.

  • 3

    You can be OPEN and AUTHENTIC!

    Our coaching sessions are going to be deep and intense, which means that you'll have to be open and sincere with me and with yourself. The more real you are - the better and the faster you can improve your love life and become a better lover.

  • 4

    You're ready to INVEST in yourself.

    We value what we pay for. That's the reality. I've paid thousands of dollars for my own coaching, and it has changed my life. Therefore I only work with people who are COMMITTED and DEDICATED enough to becoming extraordinary lovers, that they are willing to invest in themselves in order to achieve such results.

What Are People  Saying:

Bro, remember we Skyped last night? Well today I did everything you said. And it was the first time I heard her saying “I miss you. I love you so much. Come to visit me now!” I WAS SHOCKED. This were the words I died to hear for so long. You gave me my girl back. I just love you man! I’m now telling my friends about you!
Jack, Canada, Student
Jack, Canada, Student
I swear, your site has saved my sanity and given this relationship life!
My name is Lisa and your advice is so accurate, at least for how I feel my man should treat me  You understand women! If my boyfriend had 10% of the love and ambition to make this work that you show for your relationship, it would be good. Thanks for listening!
Lisa, U.S.
I really enjoy what your sharing with us guys who are in a long distance relationship. What you have to say is the best out there right now on long distance relationships.
Simon, Belgium
Simon, Belgium

Apply to Work With Me

Prefer A Lighter Type of Support?

Then "Email Love Support" Might Be Right For You!

3 Months Email Love Support

Wether you're a guy or a girl, and would love to have someone experienced to ask the many burning questions that so often come up in a long distance relationship, this option might be the solution that you've been needing for a long time.

This email coaching program consists of 3 months of unlimited email support. Which means that you can send me any burning question that's on your mind and I'll give you an answer within 24 hours.

Therefore you have me in your corner, side by side with you, working on making sure that you have an amazing relationship. You don't have to struggle with the various LDR challenges alone anymore. Now you'll have me in your team, helping you out.

These might be questions about how to deal with a certain issue, how to deal with a fight that you just had, what gifts to buy to your partner, how overcome your jealousy or anything else that's sitting on top of your mind and not letting you find your peace. But you'll have to promise me that you keep your emails short and sweet (up to 500 words).

Why am I offering this type of support?

I've been doing this type of email support for long distance lovers for the past 1.5 years and I must admit that I love it. I am somewhat addicted to hearing your questions and giving you my best practical advice. And exactly because I love it, and I do it with passion, the response from people like you has been absolutely incredible.

So if you need someone you can trust to ask your burning questions about long distance love, or even same-city love, all you have to do is to click the pretty button below and then send me your first question.

And by the way. If after you ask me the 1-st question, you're not satisfied with the answer you got, you can ask me for your money back, and I'll happily return them to you. That's because I am here to help you, and if for some reason I cannot do that, then I don't want to take any money from you.

But I think that you'll love our work together, and can't wait to get in touch with you!

One thing must be clear.

Email support is very different from Skype live coaching. The biggest difference is not the means of communication, but the limited understanding I will have about the issue you're facing.

Therefore if you're dealing with a challenging set of struggles where I'd need to ask you more specific questions to diagnose well enough the problem so that I can give you the best advice possible, I'd suggest that you chose Skype coaching.

Otherwise, for more simple and straightforward day to day struggles, email support is the perfect choice.