It’s Time Relationships Became Easy For You,
And You Felt Confident And In Control
Of This Part of Your Life


If you’re reading this, it means that you’re tired of stumbling around in your romantic relationships. You’re just tired of investing yourself in a woman and a relationship, only to at some point feel like she’s slipping away through your fingers.

It doesn’t matter if it’s in long distance relationships, or living together with your partner, you feel like you’re not in control of your romantic life. You feel like you’re kind of guessing your way around your relationship, and somehow hoping that it will work out.

You might find yourself now in a relationship, where your woman is acting a little (or more) distant toward you. And you’re just not satisfied. She might be talking to you less, texting you less, and you just can feel how she’s slipping away, and have no idea what to do…

And this simply overwhelms you. You cannot stop thinking about her, you can’t focus properly on your life, you keep looking at your phone, and you’re just plain annoyed with her most of the time.

I know how you feel, first because I have felt the same myself a few years ago, and I’ll share more on that later. But also because that’s what all the guys who reach out to me for help describe too.

It’s so hard to even think of the idea of losing this woman, the idea of failing AGAIN at a relationship simply destroys you. You just want to have a normal relationship, and make it work, and not just work but last for a long time, and be fun and even passionate.

And I know how hard this is, I know how much you love this one woman, and how you want HER, not someone else, and you want to be able to make THIS relationship work.

And if you’re single, you want to be noticed by the woman you like, and you want to be able to get her in love with you, and keep her in love and happy for as long as you like.

Now the hardest truth about all of this, is that the key to making a woman love you and respect you, is not in how you treat her, but in how you think… yes, how you think inside of your head.

It’s about your mentality, how you think about yourself, how you think about women and how you think about relationships, love and attraction.

The key lies in your mind, and most of us have learned the wrong kind of thinking, from society and people around us… we have learned the kind of thinking that makes us feel needy inside, and act needy on the outside with the woman we love.

It’s crazy how we think we’re doing the right things. The things we see everyone doing, and we’re only pushing the woman we like and love away.

That used to be my biggest dilemma? How come I am doing all the ‘RIGHT’ things, and then my woman says she’s not in love with me anymore. She’s not sure about our relationship anymore… even worse I find out that she’s seeing someone else, or even cheated on me already!

How come?

It’s simple… because I am acting needy, without even knowing it. And I am acting needy because I feel needy, because I feel insecure inside, because I feel like I need her, because I feel like I am not good enough for her, because I compare myself to other men who are better than me.

In other words I keep failing at love, because I act needy. And I act needy because I feel needy inside.

But no more. No more neediness, my friend. This. has. got. to. stop!

So right now, I am writing this to tell you about how you can make this cycle of relationship failure to stop once and for all. I want to tell you about how you can gain control over your love life, and overcome the #1 thing that’s holding you back – the wrong mentality that’s making you feel and act needy.

Here’s the thing, I have prepared for you a world class training, that’s going to begin soon, and I’d like you to be a part of it.

Needy No More

Overcome Neediness, Upgrade Your Mentality, Figure Out Love And Become a Secure, Valuable And Attractive Man in 2017

We’re going to have 8 workshops. I mean even if I had just one workshop with you, teaching you about overcoming neediness and becoming a secure man and lover, that would shift so much inside of you that you wouldn’t recognize yourself after the session.

I know that because I’ve been having these one time sessions with guys last year and now they’re traveling with their girlfriends around the world, sending me pictures on Facebook, others are dating models, calling me just to tell me how much their life has changed, moving in with their girlfriends, getting married even… it’s incredible. And we’ve just had one or two calls with those guys, because that’s how I used to teach last year.

But now, we’re not even talking about one workshop, not even two workshops. Now I am talking about teaching you everything I know about inner confidence and attractiveness with women in 5, not even five, 6, not even six but actually eight intensive workshops.

Now THAT is going to be INTENSE, let me tell you. That is going to be incredible.

Imagine every week, experiencing one huge mentality shift in your confidence as man and lover. Wouldn’t that be incredible? And then having an entire week to reflect on, review, and integrate that shift in who you are, so that the next Sunday you’re ready to put another brick into your rock solid inner confidence with women.

So that by the end of these two months, you will literally look back at how you used to think before, and how you think after and be like Wow! this is huge. Like looking at those before and after fitness pictures, where guys are skinny and then super ripped in a few months. That’s how you will feel… super ripped in your mentality. So ripped that being confident with your woman, or any woman, will just be natural. It will be who you are, not something you need to struggle doing.

And let me tell you what the effect of that is, my friend. Women can smell your confidence around them. And like a recent client who called me recently to tell me how, now women come to talk to him, without him doing much. That’s exactly because a woman can look at you for 5 seconds and know if you’re super insecure, or super comfortable with who you are.

And in a relationship, even if you’ve been acting needy for a long time, you can turn things around overnight, and start showing your partner the secure and attractive side of you… showing her that she’s got a valuable man in her life – a man she can respect and admire, and fantasies about being with forever.

By the way, I said “super comfortable” above, not super confident, because as you will learn in one of the workshops, being confident is not about being a perfect man, who’s got everything under control, has no flaws, and is never nervous, but actually being a man who is fully comfortable with his flaws, with where he is in his life, and even with his fears and insecurities.

You see, insecurity transforms in inner-security, the moment you feel completely comfortable with being insecure sometimes. Because that’s part of being human. And women want men who are comfortable with their imperfections, not men who present to be perfect and confident about that. It’s very counter-intuitive, and we’re going to really clarify this secret of confidence, plus many others… hehe, many others.

I’m am obsessed with making powerful and often complex principles like this, and turning them into simple ideas that you can understand and apply right away.

So this training is meant to deliver one shift at a time for you, every weekend, more specifically every Sunday, we’ll be having one 90 min workshop, and go really deep with each principle of masculine confidence.

So that by the end of the 8 weeks, you’ve got a brand new operating system inside of your mind. A new an upgraded, more effective, mature and realistic way of understand yourself, of understanding women and having a lasting and quality relationship with them.

Is that something that you’d be exited about? Is that something that you’d like to begin this new year with? Because if it is, I want you to apply for the training right now.

To apply you must chose a time for us to have a short 30 min Skype interview, and if you are selected, I’ll be happy to give you one of the 10 spots.

Click here to chose the time for our conversation and apply. 

How much does this training cost? That’s not the right question to ask. The better question to ask is how much is it worth to you, to upgrade your mental operating system when it comes to relationships? How much is it worth to you feel like a secure man? To feel like you’re in control of this area of your life now? Like you can chose a great woman for yourself, and make a beautiful relationship work with her. How much would it be worth to you to never feel hopeless and helpless in your relationships, to not worry about being good enough anymore, to not worry about losing your woman anymore, and feel like you’re in control of your love life now?

Personally I have spent almost 10 years studying this topics, and honestly, I’ve invested insane amounts of money in my growth. I was just counting how much I spend on all the books, courses, and seminars I attended and I was surprised to see that I actually spend over twenty thosusand dollars… can you imagine… that’s how much getting this area of my life handled was worth to me… twenty thousand dollars. I mean I could’ve bough a little house somewhere for that money. But no, I chose to invest it, well not all at once, but progressively on getting the area of relationships handled once and for all.

Why? Because I knew that if I wanted to ever be happy on the long term, I had to find a quality woman and share my life with her. I knew that this area of relationships could either make or break my life. It could be a source of frustration and failure over and over again in my life, or it could be a source of joy, fun, pleasure, fantasies, and pure fulfillment.

And I know that the key was figuring out this love thing, and turning my inner neediness and insecurity into relationship confidence.

The cost of this training, is a fraction of what most people spend on improving this area of their life. I know clients of mine who have been for 5 years in therapy, and spent a few thousand dollars to improve their feeling of insecurity… without much progress, and then coming to work with me and experiencing shifts in just one session. I have clients who have lost half of their money in divorce with their wife, I know guys who spend fortunes buying clothes, gadgets, cars, and working out just to make themselves more attractive with women… when in reality all they needed to do is to change the way they think… and they will be loved forever without having to spend a penny on fancy clothes for themselves, lots of gifts and expensive trips and dinners wth their woman.

Like the saying goes “If a woman loves a man, she’ll be happy to sleep with him on a wooden bed without a mattress. But if a woman doesn’t love a man, she’ll be complaining even in a kind size soft bed.”

The key is that too many men, spend too much money on exactly the wrong things. They are hoping that those will make them more attractive and worthy of love from their woman. But in reality, it only makes things worse, because they become try-hard men, and women hate that. I mean women like being bought gifts and taken to dinners, but they don’t love you for that.

So what is the right thing to spend your money on? Well even if you don’t join us for the training, let me tell you… the right thing to spend your money on is shifting your mentality and understanding of yourself, of women and of relationships.

Unfortunately there’s too much trash information out there about these topics. I know because I’ve been seeking answers myself for years. That’s why I spent so much time and so much money, because I had to filter and select all of the unhelpful advice from the super powerful one. So you must have great mentoring in this area if you want to have great results, fast.

That’s what this 8 week training is here to give you – great results, fast. So that you don’t stumble your way through relationships all your life, guessing and hoping that things will miraculously work out. And so that you don’t waste lots of time and money on the wrong books and courses, that only feed you more information without actually making a shift in who you are.

And the only investment you need to make for this is less than one thousand dollars. In fact it’s less that five hundred dollars even. Because I want this to be accessible for you, and not make you think twice about wether to join or not, I decided to offer the training at only four hundred and fifty dollars.

So what you’re getting is a training of 8 workshops, of 90 minutes, about 8 principles of a secure, confident and attractive man and lover. It’s all about upgrading the way you think, so that you naturally know how to act with your woman… for the rest of your life.

This mentality upgrade allows you not only to have the foundation for amazing relationships with women, but also the confidence to meet new women, have adventures with them, and be able to sustain a great relationship, build a happy family when you’re ready.

This is about you becoming a valuable man for women. A man that stands out among other men, a man that’s rare to find, and respected and appreciated by the woman he loves.

So are you ready, my fellow man? Are you ready to become a man of value?

I only want you to apply if you’re 100% sure you want this. I am a big believer in only doing the things which are exciting for us.

So are you excited about this chance? I definitely am. Because I have no doubt that with the right training, this is possible for you. Not just possible, but actually within your reach right now, right this moment…

Just close your eyes, and ask yourself if you’re ready to get this area of your life handled? And if the answer is YES! then open them, click the button bellow and join us.

Now is your time, and this training may never happen again.

I’m Ready To Overcome Neediness And Master Romantic Relationships

And hey I haven’t even told you the other exciting bonuses that I have prepared for you in this training. You see, I don’t like to just deliver, I like to over-deliver when I work with someone. And the bonuses below are my way of doing it for you in this training.

Read them carefully, because each bonus has been well thought prepared to assist you and help you grow exponentially.

Needy No More – Facebook Group

This is a closed tribe of brave men, who have decided to become real and remarkable lovers. The kind of men that want to get this area of their lives handled. In this group we’ll be discussing important ideas, sharing insights, and successes, asking questions and getting valuable answers.

You will be able to ask any questions, anytime, and you’ll have an answer from me the other men in the tribe. How valuable would that be to you? If for example you feel anxious about your woman not texting you back, you can ask me what you can do in this case, and I’ll give you a reply. If you’re feeling jealous about her, ask a question and I’ll tell you what you can do.

Imagine having me, and a group of other like minded men, in your corner, supporting you into developing rock-solid inner security.

Personal Deepening Sessions

If in the workshops we talk about universal principles, in personal sessions I help you digest those principles and make them part of who you are. My goal is not just to teach you new ideas, but make them click with you, and chance you forever. I know it’s possible because once you really “get it” and start seeing yourself, your woman and rlationsips in this new way… you just cannot go back to your old ways. It doesn’t make sense anymore.

You’re changed forever. Like if you try to peel an orange one way, and it’s hard, and then someone shows you a much simpler and faster way to peel it. Once you see the new way, you’ll never go back to the old way of doing it, because it just doesn’t make sense. That’s what I call a powerful shift.

This is where we talk about you, your situation, your experience, and how you can implement what we’re learning into your personality, character and life. We’ll talk about the subtelties.

We’ll take the time to talk about how this applies to you. We’ll clarify any questions or confusions that you (will) have. When learning to become more a secure man, there’s a lot of blocks that come up, a lot of unclarities that stop you from embracing your masculine power. These sessions are meant to help you personally overcome these roadblocks, and open way for your waking up to your power.

Recordings of Our Workshops.

The reason recordings are so valuable is because the first time you learn something, you actually miss about 40% of the information that’s being taught. Your mind is very selective to what’s most relevant to you in that moment. Which is why when you go back to listen to the lesson, you hear and learn things as if for the first time… taking your assimilation to the next level.

You will be surprised by how much information you missed the first time you listen to the material, and how much more you learned and realized once you listen to it again. That’s how this becomes a training that is not like just another course you take and forget. Not at all, this is desigeed to stick with you for the rest of your life. In fact it’s design to make radical shifts in your mentality, shifts that turn you into a new and improved version of yourself.

This is not about changing who you are, it’s about upgrading who you are to your next level of growth as a man and lover.

You will be growing as a man and lover anyways, throughout your life, and your experiences with women. But it will be a slow process, and often painful, with lost of mistakes, and awful regrets about losing women you really cared about. This training however is designed to give you a lifetime of lessons about love, into one training of 2 months.

It’s the man’s evolution shortcut. I wish I had this training when I was beginning to learn about relationships and confidence 10 years ago. Well, I was obsessed about this topic, and spent literally over 20.000$ to learn what I know and to become who I’ve become as a man and lover. It only took me 10 years, because I was so intense about it, most people don’t learn it even in a lifetime. Sometimes I work with older men over 60 and even 70 years old, and I am surprised to find that they are struggling with exactly the same issues as guys in their 20-ties do… even after being married two or three times.

Weekly Integration Exercises

Another element of this training meant to help you embody what you learn will be what I call the “integration exercises

Now these are really powerful and also quite fun to do. I believe that in order to learn something and make it stick, we must interact with the concepts we’re learning, so I’ve developed over the years powerful exeprcies and challenges, meant to insert the ideas I teach you in your brain, like a surgeon on an operation table. Nothing to be scared about, but there’s gonna be exercises I give you that might take you out of your comfort zone, and  stretch you to think differently, and act differently as a man and lover.

These are my favorite part. When I see my clients work, I often get goosebumps at how great it is and how much I can see it helped them.

I am a big believer in learning through interacting with the ideas and applying them. And these exercises make it impossible for you to not grow.

As a generous bonus, I am going to include in this training, free access to all of my books. I am doing this because I want you to have all the answers you will even have safe on your computer.

I’m Ready To Overcome Neediness

What most of the men who work with me come to learn and be very surprised about is that satisfying their woman, and making her super happy in a relationship is totally different than what they thought they should do.

And not just different, but a whole lot easier and more effective.

Can you imagine that? Getting your woman madly in love with you and keeping her that way, and that being a lot EASIER and more EFFECTIVE, than before?

That sounds almost impossible.

And it is impossible if you don’t understand how a woman really falls in love, and what really makes her satisfied in a relationship… and no it’s not sex, it’s not gifts… it’s not even affection.

What I am going to teach you in this training is powerful and cutting edge principles, about how love and attraction really work. How relationships really work. And most importantly how confidence really works. So that you feel on top of it all. So that you feel good about yourself, secure about your relationship and certain about your woman’s love for you.

The reason I love my job so much is because I get to surprise men with what I teach.

It’s so much fun for me, to teach you a principle and have you bewildered and almost hit by a train, when you see how simple what I teach is, and how counter-intuitive to what you’d think the right way to be as a lover is.

Because making love work is not how you think.

Satisfying your partner is not done how you think.

Feeling confident in your relationship is not done how you think.

Raising your inner confidence and self esteem is not how you think.

Every principle I teach is ‘not what you think’ you should be doing in your relationship to make it work. And yet, it’s exactly what will make your relationships work, amazingly well.

And that’s because what you think, is what you’ve been taught, from the wrong sources. And what I teach you, is what works in reality, what actually works in the real world.

I’m Ready To Overcome Neediness And Master My Relationship in 2017