No More Neediness Case Study

How Josh Changed His Mentality From NEEDY to SECURE in Himself (And ATTRACTIVE for His Girlfriend)

(and moved to live with his girlfriend in her country, for 2 years, where they traveled together and had the fun of their life)

Picture with Josh and his girlfriend.

the problem

the results

regained his inner confidence

turned his girlfreind from distant and unsure about the relationship, to commited and attracted to him

moved to live with her for a while, and ended up staying togetehr for 2 years, traveling

the solution (every little detail of what we did with Josh)

we had a 30 min talk

he was very motivated to learn everything it takes to become a man who knows what he’s doing in his relationship

So I told him about the Coaching program that I offer for 3 months. Where we work on all 3 elements of love.

we overcome neediness

we learn how to created attraction

and we learn how to make our woman happy

He really loved it, and was very excited about doing it, but asked for a day to think about it.

Then we had another call and he told me that he wanted to do the training and paid the full coaching fee.

So we went to work.

First we started with the mindset, in order to set the foundation for a great love life.

The main goal here was to overcome every insecurities that he had about himself and relationships.

We wanted to overcome neediness, and turn him into a confident and secure man.

And that’s what we did.

First we worked on the biggest source of needienss – his fear of losing the woman he loves.

And after our sesison, where we talked a concenpt I call being Detached and Dedicated, he finally understood, what it takes to think in a confidnet way about your relationship.

he realized that he didn;t need to worry about losing her, in fact he’d be okay even if he lost her. This gave him the freedom to relax and feel more powerful. And then he also leanred that even if he’s not afraid to lose her, he still wants to keep her, and make his woman happy.

He learned that when you’re not afraid to to lose yoru woman, you can actually make her MORE happy. Becaause now you can be really authentic in the relationship, show the real side of you, and you do things for you woman not becuse you’re desperate about he, but because you want to, and becaue you can.

He learned the balance between Detachement (not being afraid to lose her) and Dedication (making her happy the right way). He knows that detachement is something that show that you’re a mature man who doesn’t cling to a woman. He just chose to be with her for as long as it makes sense. And if the woman shows the same love and investment, he’s dedicated to make her the happiest woman on earth.

Then we worked on his sense of indepndendce as a man. You see when we fall in love we forget that life is not just about this realtionship and we become focused too much on the relationship.

After working with Josh in a 2 hour session on this topic, he learned to be a man his woman will desire and admire, he must make his life the main source of happiness, not her. So I gave him a few exerceise to help him discover his other soruces of happiness. We also worked on disvoign his purpose as a man, and since then, he knew exactly how to avoid depepding on his woman too much.

The thirst session we had was on regaining his self esteem and self confidence. This was a powerful session, as he later told me because it remeinded him how valuable as man he is, it remineded him that he was a worthy and complete man, who doesn’t need to seek other peoplele svalidation, especially of his woman.

I gave him a few exercises to do for the next week until our next call, to soldify what he learned in our session and integrated them in who he is. And he always suprised me how well he did thsoe written exercises. He’d do them in a few days and sedn them to me right away. I always appreciate the guys who do theier exercises fast and really well. (my guess is that thanks to these execsies he changed so fast)

And then the last session we had on the attitdue side of love, or overcoming neediness was on Setting Boundaties. What he was very surprised by was that if he asked for what he wanted from his woman, she’d be even more attracted to him. Also that if he’d tell her what bothers him about her behaviour, even though she would get a little upset at first, and he would expect that, and stand his ground… as a result his woman started to really respect him more as a mna. After our session, and once he applied what he learned in the call, next time we talked he told me that his woman was a lot more soft and feminine around him… and I expleined him that it was because he was masculine role, and stood up for himself confidently, she took the femimine role.

give example of what he did.

So after this f-th session we finsished with the attitude..

by this time he was a different man all together. it took up about a month to have the 4 sessions, and in the meantime he moved to his girlfriend, and their realtionship wa sback on track… from being loss of passion to now living togetehr and being happy.

The journey he tool from insecure to confidnet as a man and lover, meant that now he wasn’t afraid to lose his woman anymore, but dedicated to make her happy. He knew that he was resposinble for his own happiness. He strenghetned his self esteem and started beleiving in himself more. And foudn the coruage to ask for what he wants in the relationship (more sex) and tell her exactly what he doesn’t like.

So he transfomed from needy to actually respeting himslf, and his woman responded a lot to that..

Give an example of him talking a trip… and his woman being super attracted again.

Our trainign could have been over here, becaue he overcame neediness. And I was very poid of him, and the progress he made.

But my work with him didn’t stop there. We agreed that I would teach him the entire formule of love, and we only worked on the attitude part, which is chning his mentality from needy to confident.

And even though this is often the most impotant work a man must do. He learned how to THINK right, to think like a secure man, not an insecure one. And the results were incredible.

IF you also know how love actually works. Then realationship are super easy.

Because the second part of the love formula is aobut how you behave.

Here there are two elements. learning to create attraction is one, and the other one is knowing how to satosfu your woman with affection (but without overdoing it, which is the mistake most guys make)

Now, Josh, knew he has to create attraction but he didn’t know how to do it. It was very confusing for him.

And he also wanted to know how to satosfy him woman ina way that she woudl actually appreciate it, and it wouldn’t bore her and make her take him for granted.

So we had a few sessions on Affection, where he learned that to be a great lover, he must satisgy his woman in the way the she actually wants to be satisfied, not inthe way the he THINKS she wants to be satisfied. We did a few exercises togetehr, and he disovered exactly how she wanted to be satisfied. Then we created a challenge for him to apply what he learnd in his relationship… And he said that his woman was very happy about the way he was treating her. And the best part is that is was supper easy for him. More easy to do what she actually apprecaited, than to do all the (often hard and expensive) things we THINK she would appreciate.

So that

Also share a few challenges, and how he overcame them. To make this story more real.


And once he lerned how to REALLY satisfy his woman, without overdong it. (which again most men do, because they do it the wrong way, putt too much effort, whcih shows too much despecration, or they do nice things, or say nince things, just to get some reassurace from their woman).

So Josh learned the right way to satisfy his woman, that is not needy but actually appreciated by his woman.

And then, we had a powerful last session on big topic of attraction.

We’ve been preparing the groudn for this session all along.

You see you cannot create attraction, if you feel insecure and needy inside. So you have to ovecome that first. Otherwise, you’ll learn different techniques that will simulate that you are confident, and they just won’t really work long term, and even get your owman more angry at you than attracted.

WHich is what Josh did too before … he tried to ignoere his woman, and she was getting even more and more distant, and angry with him, instead of attracted.

That’s because attraction must be done the right way. And for that you must become a man of confidence… and when your woman see that, you can esily crated attraction, and play with desire for you, getting it so high that she cannot get enough of you. (which is often the case with my own fiance) But that’s for another case study.

So we worked on the neediness problem and trasnformed that into confidnce.

Then we learned how to satsfy his woman properly.

And then and only then, I tauvhgt him how to create attraction.

Becaue you see attraction is like HUNGER.

YOu must first feed your partner (not too much) so taht she’s happy enogh with yu, but not too much, and is a little hungry.

So when he learned to created affection the rght way, he learned how to feed her with love and affection.

And now the last step of him becoming a great lover, is to BALANCE affection with attraction.

That is the golden key of love. Knownng how to balance affection and attraction, or in other worse, balancing being caring with being chalalenign, or balalancing certainty with unceritnaut. This may sound confusing for you now, because you haven’t gone throught the traiing.

But to keep it simple. The idea is that you want to make your owman feel happy with you, but also make sure she doens’t feel too certain and confidn about having you forever.

It’s a nice balance, that I teach in my trainngs.

So I we had our seesson on attrraction, and he was very surpsied. First by how different creating attraction was than what he thought it was about. (remember the exmple where he ignoered his woman)

But also at how simple it was, with the 3 steps taht I shared with him. It was so simple he started laughing, and saying that it’sa pity so men men struggle with this attraction, or don’t even know they have to create it… when it’s so easy.

This is the whole process I went thogh with Josh. Now he’s finshed his (2 year) visit to his girlfinrd, and returned home to focus on his carrer. And they continue the loing distance relationship.

He learned the whole Love Framework, and is one of the many students that have gone whtoufh this training. I’ll be crating more case studies like this about other past clients, when I have the time. But the framework is the same. Even though each participant;s journey is persona nd unique. It’s the Love Fomula Framework and System that I’ve developed to help guys overcome needines and understna love that makes these results and this fast transformation possible.



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