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Man I just wanted to let you know how much our training helped me improve my game with girls, and understand them better. Keep it up man, you have a gift. – Ryan, San Diego



My partner started taking my presence for granted lately, but this session gave me a better understanding of what I can say to be more clear about what I want in the relationship. – Gene, Orange County



I recently had the chance to do a session with Livius, and although I wasn’t sure what to expect, Livius helped me realize how much power I have in my relationshipHe was very open and honest, and changed my perspective. His advice is very insightful! – John, San Diego




Everything is so much better since I started applying your lessons to my mindset. Currently I don’t have a girlfriend. Just a couple of friends with benefits. – Hayoung, South Korea



I am much more relaxed about our relationship, and able to take things one day at a time. I have also gotten over my obsessive thinking about my girlfriend. – Robert, Norway



Sometimes now, women approach me even. That’s how huge the change was for me! I am now teaching my friends how to become real men. – Ahmad, Dubai



As I start to integrate the 7 principles in my life I am seeing changes. I am in USA right now and in past 10 days, 3 women have told me that I have an amazing personality and great attitude. One of them even told me that I am unique and shouldn’t change…just like you predicted, haha!   Rahul, Canada



I think the biggest change after working with you is that I’ve become so confident and have a much more authentic and positive attitude. And the good news is that after 4 years, we’re starting the paperwork for marriage. – Joshua, Switzerland



I’ve come to terms with the idea of not getting my relationship back. I will still do my best to rekindle that (and now I know better how to do that, by the way). But I’m open to other possibilities, and even thrilled about them. This is a major shift in my perspective!
 Daniel, Spain


Besski, remember we Skyped last night? Well today I did everything you said. And it was the first time I heard her saying “I miss you. I love you so much. Come to visit me now!” I WAS SHOCKED. This were the words I died to hear for so long. You gave me my girl back. I just love you man! I’m now telling my friends about you!

Jack, Canada, Student

Hi Besski, I have bought your magnificent Long Distance Loyalty course, and I’m reading it right now. It’s pure gold! Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

Dave, Spain

I was trying to find some advice online and found your blog. I’m a female, but I found the information you have posted very interesting and helpful even for us women!

Eliza, United States

I really enjoy what your sharing with us guys who are in a long distance relationship. What you have to say is the best out there right now on long distance relationships.

Simon, Germany

I want to thank you for your site, as it has helped me a lot so far on managing my long distance relationship.

Bob, United States

I swear, your site has saved my sanity and given this relationship life!

Ian, Belgium

My name is Lisa and your page is so accurate, at least for how I feel my man should treat me :) You understand women! If my boyfriend had 10% of the love and ambition to make this work that you show for your relationship, it would be good. Thanks for listening!

Lisa, United States, Accountant

OMG! This is the best resource for man in a long distance relationship there has ever existed after the invention of the internet! And I am not exaggerating! [Long Distance Loyalty Course]

Andrew, Denmark

Every men who is in a LDR should read your 3 Deadly Mistakes book. Full of advices to make our daily relationship easier!

Chiba, South Africa, Student

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