Boredom Is A Choice – Adding Sexuality!

Erotic Visualizations

This is gold, and I mean it when I say it. If I had to chose what is my favorite conversational technique  to use on Skype with my girlfriend, or with any girl that I want to seduce…this one would the  among my top choices.

And the reason for that is that there are very few techniques which are as powerful as this one at intensifying a conversation, creating tension, creating profound emotions, getting your girlfriend more attracted to you and overall strengthening up your long distance relationship.

So what do I mean by Erotic Visualizations?

Picture this: You’re talking on Skype and she says something like “I can’t wait for summer to come and go the beach, get some tan, have some fun…”, and when she says this you tell her:

“Okay sweetie… Close your eyes! Imagine that it’s summer. The sun is shining and we’re walking on the beach. We’re holding hands and bare feet walking on the sand. We’re looking into each other’s eyes and smiling. At some point I bend down and pick you up in my arms…I run a few meters and then we fall on the sand. There are no people around, and the few green bushes on the beach create a space of intimacy for us.

So, we’ve fallen down on the sand. We’re sitting side by side close to each other; my hand is touching your body, and we’re passionately kissing. You’re wearing this light pink dress, your hair is a bit curly and voluminous and you smell like spring flowers. I am wearing these blue trousers, and a large white shirt.

Fast forward 3 minutes later and your dress is sitting a few meters away on the sand and my shirt and trousers are thrown away somewhere close to it.  My skin is touching yours and we’re both kissing and getting our bodies excited and prepared for what’s gonna happen next…

And so on, you keep describing how you both get naked, and start having sex on that deserted beach in the middle of the day. You tell her how you take off her panties and how you enter her vagina, and what you feel when doing that, and how she  feels, and how she moans, and how you kiss her lips, neck and body, and so on. You describe the whole love making process in great detail.

So, what you’re doing here is you’re fulfilling one of her sexual fantasies even from distance. Isn’t that amazing? You are taking her erotic dreams and making them come true, at least in her imagination.

How to do it?

1.  Listen to what she says.

Before using Erotic Visualization you want to know something about her… what she likes, places she’d love to visit, activities she dreams about doing, sexual fantasies she might have  etc. and when the time is right, in the middle of a conversation you just ask her to close her eyes, listen closely and picture what you’re saying. For example she says that that she’d love to visit Venice – in this case you create a story about how you go to Venice together and you make love under the moonlight in a venetian gondola.

2.  Imagine the story as you go, and describe it to her.

Using visualizations might seem a bit hard at first but it really isn’t. The way you describe something like that is by imagining it yourself as you go, and then describing it with great detail to her. You want to close your eyes too, and picture both of you together in that particular situation and then describing it to her just like watching a live movie on TV.

3.  Be cheesy as hell and very detailed.

Men get horny through visuals, while women through words and imagination. Using Erotic Visualization you basically create the perfect love making environment for her, and you do that by inserting a lot of details, talking about feelings, and describing a romantic environment. (sometimes you can describe  a more aggressive  sex encounter too.

4.  Have a relaxed voice.

When you tell such a story you want to have a sexy, calm and relaxed voiced and tell your story in a slow and hypnotic way.

And as I said before – this technique is golden. I hope you can already see why I said that, but if you don’t realize  yet why it’s such a powerful technique, then here’s my last argument – I just asked my girlfriend to remember the moments when I used it with her. I asked her if she liked it, and she instantly said YES!, then I asked her why did she like it, what was so great about it. At first she said “I don’t know, it was just very intense.” But then she closed her eyes to recall the experiences and this is what she told me:

“It was amazing because for me it felt like dreaming. I was feeling like we were really close together in that environment, and all that emotion, all that passion…all the tension was there. It just felt so real and so pleasing that I wanted you to talk and talk and never stop describing those moments. And after this experience I always felt extremely enthusiastic about making it real sometime and looked forward for it to happen in real life. I can’t explain why, but I always felt much more attracted to you after this. I guess it was because you were the one to create that pleasant experience for me and I just felt dependent, like I needed you so much in my life. ”

So, judging by her words, this technique does a lot of great things at once. I don’t even know where to start…it makes her feel like you’re close again, it creates those intense real life emotions, it gives her something to look forward to in the future, it gets her more attracted to you because you are the one who leads her through such a delightful experience, and lastly it makes your conversation much more exciting and intense.

Now, this technique is worthless if you don’t use it. I used for years, and it had a great impact on my long distance relationships. So, don’t worry about it being perfect, you just learned a new tip, go on and use it, play around with it…I am sure your honey bee will love it.

Next Tip: My next conversation tip will be about something very simple, yet much underestimated by most of us. It’s one of those things that we know, but rarely use and when we use it – we do it unconsciously, thus not being able to use it again when the time is right, to make our talks more fun. Here’s the article: Doing More Than Talking!

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