7 Types of Text Messages To Send Her

So I am more of an analytical person, that’s why you don’t have be one. In this article I am going to illustrate all the 7 types of messages that most of us, are sending or could be sending to our girlfriends.

And I do that in order to help you avoid what I like to call “the text routine”.

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And the idea is that most guys fall in the trap of following the same routine every day, which in time, makes the relationship predictable and boring.

So you want to avoid this trap. And here you have a list of 7 types of text messages to chose from, when texting your girl, in order to spice things up a little bit.

1)    Sexy messages

Uhh ,“someone” just woke up, and won’t go back to sleep soon!

These are the text messages that cut her breathing for a second and wake up her sexual body receptors…getting her mind a little dirty.

If you haven’t sent her a sexy text message for a while, which I presume you haven’t, then go ahead and write her one right now, and make her feel desired!.

  • Sexy messages are a nice way of breaking the routine. (unless you send her only sexy text messages 24/7)
  • Also it’s a great way to make your girl feel desired by the man she loves.

So what you wanna do is to put together 160 characters that describe your physical desire towards her; what you’d do to her right now or what you’re thinking about right now, in terms of “sexy stuff”.

2)    Updates messages

I am drinking coffee and studying…What a life!

Another type of text messages are the ones that I like to call “Updates Messages” these are the type of texts that you normally send, just to let your sweetheart know what you’re doing at a specific moment.

It’s just like tweeting her about the “amazing thing that you’re doing right now”.

These are a great way to keep in touch during the day, and to make sure that you stay on top of her mind. Just don’t make the mistake to text her every 30 minutes about what you’re doing.

Send her 1 text and wait for her reply. If she’s not replying, then try to hold on to your eagerness and not write her a new text again, at least until 3-4 hours later.

So, my point is that you can use these types of messages from time to time, but don’t shower her with 5 texts in half a day, about your boring life, otherwise she’ll take you as an overly needy guy, that needs someone talk to continuously.

And you don’t wanna be that guy, you wanna be the mysterious lover that’s doing something really cool right now, and she has no idea what that is…

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3)    Mysterious texts

Funniest thing happened to me today…!

Talking about being the mysterious lover…Curiosity text messages are all about making her curious about something.

So, you want to be able to bring the emotion of curiosity in her daily routine from time to time.

And you do that by sending her a text and telling her something like “hey baby, there’s some good and bad news for you…”, or “Ohh God, I have just remembered something that we’ve done together, and can’t stop laughing!” or “Guess what your boy is doing right now… Ahh, you’ll never guess actually!”, “Funniest thing happened to me today…” etc.

And don’t worry; when she reads these kinds of texts she’ll be eager to answer you back, because you got her curious.

And having your girl curious is like feeding a hungry man with a little spoon…after you give her the first bit, she’ll want to get it all as soon as possible, and won’t find peace until she gets it.

Curiosity is a very powerful attraction tool too, because it keeps your girl thinking about you and it makes her want to talk to you; and that’s what basic attraction is all about.

Now, if you send her such a text, it has to be truthful as well, it has be inspired from your life. So you need to have a good answer to give her later on in order to satisfy her curiosity.

And I said a good answer, because otherwise if she realizes that you’re just playing around and not being serious about it, she won’t be curious anymore, and next time you send her a similar text, she’ll think that it’s just another attempt of yours to get her curious.

And by the way, try not to use these very often too, otherwise they’ll become predictable too, and might even be a bit annoying if you overuse them.

But remember, that her attraction is a result of your confidence, so make sure to work on your confidence first, and then you won’t have to worry about texting, it will just be natural for you to come up with interesting messages.

4)    Funny messages

 Great day at the zoo! Saw a chimp and thought of you!

What I like to do from time to time, is to text my girl a joke or something funny that happened to me that day.

It’s a great way to bring a smile on her face, or maybe get her laughing like crazy all day, depends on the joke.

Humor is the number one trait that women appreciate in a man. So trust me on that… if you can make your girl laugh often enough, she’ll love having you in her life.

It doesn’t mean you have to become her personal clown, what it means though is that you wanna be a positive guy that is able to laugh about things and also make her laugh.

Here’re a few jokes that I love:

–         “Three spermatozoids are talking in the body of a blonde…The first one says: Man, when I get to the ovule, I am gonna make the most beautiful girl on this planet. The second one says: Ohh man, when I get to the ovule, I am gonna make the strongest and smartest boy on the planet! To which the third one says: “Guys stop dreaming…we’re there’s still a long way to go…we’re just in the throat now!”

–         “Baby I miss you so much right now…in one hand I have your picture, and with the other I keep thinking of you…!”

–         “The wife tells to her husband: Baby let’s play a game… I will hide and you have to find me. If you find me, then you can f*** me, but if you don’t find me….I’ll be in the dormitory, behind the door.”

–         Breaking news: A helicopter crashed into a cemetery…Police found 300 dead victims.

–         Great day at the zoo! Saw a chimp and thought of you!

–         Etc.

I hope you enjoyed the jokes, (if you didn’t know them already), but my point was not to get you laughing, but to give you a few examples of jokes that I like to send my girl sometimes to break the “text routine”.

5)    Love Messages

You’re the Queen of my hearth!

Now, let’s get to the serious stuff…

Love texts are maybe the most common text that you’re sending to your girl. That can be good and bad at the same time.

If you do send her a lot of love texts, it’s great because she know that you love her. The problem though might be that she’s too sure on your love and thus she becomes less challenged and less interested in making you “happy”.

So my suggestion is to cut down a bit from the love texts you send her. A romantic, love text, every 2-3 days it’s okay, but every day “I love you texts” are too needy! And neediness is creepy! Read more about neediness here.

But if you aren’t actually sending her that many love texts, than that’s also a problem. She won’t feel the necessary affection that she needs in order to be deeply attached to you.

And if you didn’t know that yet, women love reading our love texts in their hard times. They just sit down comfortably and go through all our loves texts that we’ve send them… And this warms their hearth and makes them happy.

So make sure to send her a few romantic, love text messages every once in a while.

It could be a love declaration, a little poem or just a short “You’re adorable! I love you so much!” text.

6)    Functional Messages

Good night, good morning, good boring!

I call these messages functional, because they are one of the most predictable texts ever!

And I have no problem with that, they are very important too…it’s just that you want to make them fun and/or meaningful.

When sending a functional text, you can chose from all the other types that I’ve described above, thus sending her either a romantic, sexy, funny or mysterious text.

  • If you wanna tell her good morning in a nice way, you can send her a cute love text like:
    “What a sweet morning! It reminds me of the sweetness of your lips…which I miss to kiss so much!”
  • Or it could be a sexy“We just woke up now, and seems like we’re both thinking of you!”
  • Or a funny “Sweeetieee! Wakeee up quickly, and goo to pie!!! Your bladder is about to explode!”
  • Or why not a curious one like “Omg, I had the craziest dream about you tonight!”

Therefore I recommend you to be creative and use various types of texts as functional texts, instead of just simple “Good morning baby! Have a great day! I love you!”

7)    Conversational Messages

So what have you done interesting today?

This basically means sending her a text to start a sms conversation. It could be a quick way of updating each other about what you’re doing, or expressing your feelings towards each other through a series of 4-5 texts.

Tip: Make sure to be the one that ends the sms conversation. Which means that you’d say something like “okay sweetie, I gotta focus now, kiss you hard and talk to you later!”

This way you’ll leave her wanting more, thus she’ll be more eager to call you or text you later on.

So that’s about it, for this article… The next post to read about texting is: 7 Golden Rules Of Texting 

And if you want to get your girlfriend super attracted to you, using not just texting but 6 other powerful techniques, then this guide will be your secret tool.

With Love and Respect,

Besski Livius

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  1. These are some really great ideas, thanks. Great texts are so very important in long distance relationships. Oh by the way, I loved the jokes.

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