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Are You Stressed in Your Long Distance Relationship?

Well, hello there. If you’re reading this then you’re probably in a long distance relationships, and feel quite stressed because of it.

It may be because you miss your partner like crazy, because you get jealous very often, because you’re afraid of her losing attraction for you and getting bored with the relationship… or let’s face it, maybe you’re just terrified by the possibility of her cheating on you.

And of course you DO trust her, and you know she loves you and would never do something like that… but still you can’t help but feel tensed and jealous every time she goes out, or talks about a guy friend, or takes too much time to reply to one of your texts, or is too busy to talk to you…

And it drives you crazy, makes you feel restless, doubt her, and literally hate being in a long distance relationship!

But you know what? There are good news at the horizon.

And I mean it. I know a guy who’s had several long distance relationships over a period of 7 years, so he’s been through it all. But that’s not all, this guy is not just passionate, but FASCINATED with the subject of romantic relationships and has dedicated over 4 years to study this topic inside out.

Long story short, 2 years ago, he decided to make a difference in the world, and started a website called to help guys have awesome long distance relationship. Ever since that day, this site has become the #1 go to place for LDR advice, visited by thousands of long distance lovers every single day.

So if you’re in a long distance relationship why don’t you check it out, because I think you’ll find it insanely eye-opening and useful.

But that’s not the only reason I am writing you, the even better news is that he’s actually recently created a revolutionary course for men that teaches you 17 proven ways to prevent cheating in a long distance relationship, and thus overcome all jealousy, fears and worries…and finally have a stress free relationship.

So, if you’re interested, go ahead and check this guy’s site and course out, because I think today is your lucky day when your long distance relationship might gain the peace and hope that you’ve been needing for a long time.




Are You In a Long Distance Relationship?

If yes, then you’re in luck.

My friend Besski Livius from has recently launched what other long distance lovers call:

“The best resource for a man in a long distance relationship after the invention of the internet.”

So when I heard about all the buzz that he’s been getting after putting together his course, I thought… what if there are people in my community who are in a long distance relationship too, and could hugely benefit by hearing about this guy’s valuable work?!

So, I’ve decided to drop you this short message and let you know.

Now, this guy… he’s just awesome at what he does. Ever since he launched the website, it has become the no. 1 go to place for long distance relationship advice for men.  He’s worked with hundreds of long distance lovers over the past years and you can just feel it how he’s truly dedicated to serving his followers.

And that’s why I am wholeheartedly recommending you his work.

So go ahead and check out his Long Distance Loyalty course here, where he talks about 17 vital lessons he’s learned about having a successful and cheating-free long distance relationship.

I think you’ll dig it a lot.




Long Distance Relationships Can Work!

I know there is a lot of debating and disbelief about whether long distance relationships work or not. But if you are in a long distance relationship and want to learn how to make YOURS work, then you have to check out Besski Livius’ course.

I mean this guy has devoted the past 2 years to changing this mistaken belief that long distance relationships don’t work and giving people ALL the knowledge they need to make their long distance relationships work.

He has been himself in long distance relationships for over 7 years, and recently closed the distance with his girlfriend, proving people that it’s possible.

If you are in a long distance relationship, you probably know how hard and frustrating it can be at times. Overwhelming missing, constant jealousy, monotone conversations, fear about your partner loosing attraction or even worse cheating on you…

All of these can make it REALLY hard to sustain a long distance relationship.

And if you haven’t heard about Besski Livius’ work yet, then you’re about to be blown away at how many things you can do to make your long distance relationship, not just less stressful, but full of passion and joy again.

Even more now, that he has recently launched a brand new course that teaches men 17 lessons about how to prevent cheating, keep love alive and just enjoy a stress-free long distance relationship.

So go ahead and check it out. I think you’ll dig it a lot!




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