Learn My 6 Secret Techniques to Get Her Attracted Fast and Make Her Love You And Miss You, Even If She Seems Cold Now

borderless attraction

Hi, I’m Livius and I want to ask you something…

Are you feeling worried lately that you girlfriend might lose her attraction for you? That the love and passion she used to have for you could fade away, and you don’t really understand why, or how to prevent it?

If you feel like you are the only one who is trying to make things work.

And she’s just passive and not putting enough effort into it…

Then I have to open your eyes here.

Because all of this is happening because she’s simply losing attraction for you.

Here are the signs to look for, see if any one of these are true for your situation:

  • She takes way too long to respond to your texts.
  • And when she does, her replies and short and lifeless.
  • She seems too busy to make time for you.
  • And she leaves you at the bottom of her priorities.
  • When you talk, her voice is not as affectious as it used to be.
  • She gets quickly upset even for little things.
  • And you end up having a lot of arguments.
  • She seems to be more cold lately.
  • She often upsets you and even disrespects you.
  • She often refuses you when you ask her to do something,
  • She’s doesn’t do nice things for you anymore, like she used to.
  • She seems to be interested in other people.
  • She doesn’t wanna talk much about the future, or make plans together.

If any of these seem familiar, then you must be REALLY careful, because you are on the verge of losing her.

And I am not kidding here.

I know you’ve probably tried everything you could to get her attraction back.

You tried to be nicer to her. You tried giving her more love and affection, hoping that she’ll respond the same way. You’ve tried to be more patient, hoping that she’ll change…

Maybe you even tried not talking to her! Just plain ignoring her. But you can’t do it anymore!

And nothing seems to work.

If that’s what you’re going through, then here’s the truth about love, that nobody told you…

The truth about love.

Here is the actual reality – 95% of relationship problems come from lack of attraction.

Let me explain.

You see when you started dating, for a few weeks or even months everything was perfect – you rarely argued about stuff, you were having fun conversations, you were missing each other like crazy, and things were just amazing between you two…

…but then something happened and things started to get worse… she became more and more busy, not very interested and caring when talking to you, maybe even complaining that she’s getting bored with your conversations, and saying that she not sure about this relationship anymore, and so on.

You’d fight pretty much every time you talk, you’d get stuck not having what to talk about, and you’d just feel damn ANGRY and disappointed that things have gotten so BAD, so FAST!

And you just can’t believe how just a while ago, you were both so in love with each other, and now she’s so cold and distant.

The reason this is happening is because she started losing ATTRACTION for you.

In the beginning she was attracted to you because you were a challenge for her, she wanted to conquer you, she wanted to get to know you better, she didn’t know wether you liked her or not and she was VERY motivated to be with you.

But now, once she HAS you, and she KNOWS you. She knows that you LOVE her like crazy, and are even TERRIFIED of losing her… now my friend she’s NOT motivated anymore, she’s not challenged anymore. Why would she be? She’s got you anyways!

She may still appreciate you as a person, and enjoy your caring and affection, but she’s not passionate about you anymore, she’s lost that spark that made her drawn to you in the first place.

So, as you can see, when there was attraction – everything was PERFECT. But when there isn’t attraction – everything goes out the window. Things get really bad and move toward a painful break-up.

It’s quite sad, but nonetheless true.

And I’ve seen this hundreds of time.

I get dozens of emails from guys asking me to help them get their girlfriends back. But by the time they write me it’s sometimes too late. And while usually it’s still possible, it takes the RIGHT guidance to avoid making irreversible mistakes.

So what is your solution?

Now, how do you avoid this problem, and rekindle her attracted for you?

Most guys think that the right thing to do is to GIVE her MORE attention and affection, and try to talk to her and “work things out “. And I understand why guys think this way, because that is what we feel is the right thing to do.

But guess what? This is exactly what will push her away even more.

Instead, you want to re-ignite her passion and spark, you want to bring the fire of attraction back to your relationship. So that she becomes ADDICTED to you again.

And that’s why I’ve created the Borderless Attraction Guide – to show you exactly how you can do that.

And when I say *exactly*… I really MEAN it!

Borderless Attraction

Because in this 70 page guide I give you 6 powerful techniques with countless examples and word-by-word things to say to your girlfriend to get her crazy about you… right now.

These are my favorite six techniques that I’ve been always using in my long distance relationship to keep my girlfriend attracted to me, and that I am using every day, right now to keep my girlfriend attracted to me even though we closed the distance and recently got engaged.

An let me tell you this:

Me and Her 🙂

After 8 years of being together, we rarely fight and she’s just melting in my presence. I like to jokingly call my girlfriend “the octopus” because she’s just like an octopus, I can hardly peel her off me when she comes into my arms. And when we were in a long distance relationship, not so long ago, she just couldn’t get enough of me on the phone or on Skype. She’d text me everyday, and beg me to talk ‘just a little more’ when we were on Skype or on the phone.

And yes, that’s after 8 years of being together, 5 of which were long distance.

She often says that I am her drug. And that she cannot get enough of me.

These techniques are THAT powerful!

What are you going to learn in the Borderless Attraction Guide?

attraction remote control

Simply put, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about pushing a woman’s attraction buttons. Just like Adam Sandler got his ‘time remote‘ in the movie “Click”, I’ll be handing you  the ‘attraction remote control’ .

And all you have to do is to press those emotional buttons, to re-ignite her attraction for you!

After studying this powerful guide, you’ll know:

  • How to make things really FUN for both of you, and not just have a good time but also build a lot of attraction in the process.
  • How the world’s most successful seducers got in charge of their girlfriend’s hearts. And with these 6 techniques you can do so too!
  • How to act like a REAL MAN, and get your girlfriend to respect you and be more attracted to you than ever before.
  • What to do and say when you feel that she’s acting in a cold and disinterested way. Or if she’s just too busy for you.
  • How to make her never stop thinking about you with one simple game, or a simple sentence that you tell her once.
  • How to make her look forward to you calling her. How to make HER call you more often than you can handle.
  • How to make her never want to end a conversation because she just can’t get ENOUGH of you.
  • How to get her acting just the way you want her to: anything you ask her to do, she’ll do it without any pressure from your part.
  • How to make her VALUE you, like she never valued any other man in her life.
  • How to make your conversations on the phone or on Skype, more EXITING for her (and for you).
  • How to talk to her on Facebook and leave her so exited that she can’t wait to talk to you on Skype.
  • How to make her DAYDREAM about you everyday. And think of you 24/7.

And a lot more attraction secrets that you’ll be able to use right away, to get her attracted, after you read the first pages of the guide.

This has made all the difference in my success

This is the #1 thing that has made all the difference in my life, and what took me from endless suffering in my love life to endless satisfaction.

After you master the skill of building attraction, you’ll never have to worry about losing your girlfriend again, or about her finding someone else better than you – because you’ll become her number one source of joy and happiness.

How much does is cost?

To be honest, it took me over 5 years to learn these ideas, and I’ve spent literally thousands of dollars on my education and coaching in my love life. I’ve studied the best experts out there and spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours doing it. And what I teach you in this course is the simplified version of the best techniques I’ve learned about attraction.

borderless attraction guide

The price of the guide is as little as the price of a nice gift and bouquet of flowers – only 29$. But the ideas you’ll learn in this guide will be your secret love weapon for the rest of your life.

I mean no bouquet of flowers, no airplane ticket, no gift that you could ever buy her would make her more attracted and in love with you than applying the right emotional techniques for attraction that you’ll learn in this guide.

That’s my promise to you.

And to back up my promise I am ready to give you a 30 day full money back guarantee.

I mean there is no doubt for me that this guide will show you exactly how to create and keep attraction alive in your relationship. And that’s why I am ready to give you your money back if you don’t feel like what you learned will help you do so.

Just send me an email at support@long-distance-lover.com within 30 days and kindly tell me why the guide was not for you, and I’ll promptly return your investment in full. Of course, this almost never happens, because I refined and improved the guide in the last few years to perfection, and all I hear from guys like you who studied it is just praise and excitement at how quickly they got their girlfriends attracted again.


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Keep this in mind.

Wether your long distance relationship will be successful or not depends on your ability to keep your girlfriend attracted, if you mess this up, there is no chance for it to work out. I know this from my own experience.

So if there is ONE skill that you need to learn, that will guarantee that you have an amazing love life, is this one – learning how to create and keep attraction alive in a relationship.

If I were you, I’d get this powerful guide right now, and by tomorrow I’d start getting my girlfriend attracted to me again.

And don’t worry, this guide is NOT some long 300 pages boring encyclopedia. It’s a quick and easy to read 70 page guide, where I give my 6 powerful techniques, well explained and with countless practical examples and word-by-word things to say to your girlfriend right now, to get her super interested in you.

Just have a look at some of the samples here:

Building attraction through 1 of the 10 teasing techniques: Playful Misinterpretations. (page 16)

Taking curiosity to the next level, and making her always wonder and think of you. (page 40)

If you’ve ever watched a good romantic movie or read a good romance book, then you know how powerful “role playing” is for building attraction. (page 47)


New Subscriber Only – 30% Discount, For a Limited Time

Normally $29, Now Just $19


Last thoughts


If you got to the end of this page, then it means that you really care about your relationship and you want to make it work. This guide will be the perfect tool in your love toolbox. I hope you realize that, and I look forward to hearing your success stories!

And don’t decide now… try the techniques for 30 full days, and if you don’t absolutely love them, you keep the guide for free.

I know you might be feeling a bit skeptical and you might be thinking, “Will this work for ME?”

So if that’s you, don’t sweat… because I’ve included a full 30-day money back guarantee.

Take all the time you need and try these 6 amazing techniques. And if you don’t notice any change in her interest in you, she’s not happier to talk to you and more eager to see you… if she’s not telling you that she misses you and that she loves you… just send me an email and I’ll give you a FULL AND IMMEDIATE REFUND… No Hurdles. No Questions Asked.

And you can even keep the downloadable trainings at my expense, as a gift from me for wasting your time.

So it’s simple: Take the course and see for yourself…

But I know it won’t get to that. You’ll absolutely love it. Because these are top-notch, bad-ass ways to build attraction like a modern-day Casanova.

And the best part is…
That you get the guide RIGHT NOW, even if it’s 2 am and you’re reading this in your pajamas. You don’t have to wait for the mail man for weeks, you get to read the course in the next 5 minutes. And by the end of the next hour studying it, you’ll know exactly what to DO and SAY to rekindle her attraction and get her back in-love again.

New Subscriber Only – 30% Discount, For a Limited Time

Normally $29, Now Just $19