7 Gifts For Christmas In LDRs

I realize that making a present to the person who you love most, on the most special occasion of the year, is something that you want to be unique and memorable. That’s why I am going to dare and give you a few suggestions of gifts that you could prepare for your beloved girlfriend, in a long distance relationship.

This collection of 7 long distance relationship gifts comes from my experience and they have always proven to be appreciated by the girls that I have been lucky enough to have in my life during Christmas.

1. A Special Love Letter.

As simple as it may sound, but sending her a love letter created especially for Christmas could be one of the most romantic gifts your could give her. And I am talking here about a classic letter sent by post, handwritten and decorated with love and passion.

You want to put on paper your feelings for her, your struggles of being apart, your desires and vision of being together in the future and your wishes for the next year. Or anything else that you feel would make her smile and cry and laugh again.

If  for some weird reason, you can’t send her a classic letter by post (which I highly recommend), write one and send it at least on her email. If you put some love and passion into it, she’ll love it.

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Make This Valentine’s Day Extra-Special!

Being with the person you love on holidays like New Years, Thanksgiving and especially Valentine’s Day helps you to remember how much you love that person.  Because many people travel for work or study in other cities and countries, it isn’t possible to always be with the person you love.

That doesn’t mean you have to celebrate without them.  Here are three ways that you can have an amazing Valentine’s Day or other holiday with the person you love.  We hope these help you and your partner have an amazing holiday and please let us know how it worked out in the comments section below.

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16 Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Motorcycle Details

Celebrating love while being apart from each other may be hard, but this doesn’t mean that we should be sad all day on Valentine’s Day, just because we’re not close to each other. Just the opposite, we shall be happy and joyful because unlike thousands of other people we love and we’re being loved by a special person.

So, what should you give to your honey bee, to make her feel loved? The answer to this question is presented below.

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What Should I Get Her For Christmas?!

For the past few weeks I’ve been stressed, literally going through this low frequency stress all day long wondering what the heck should I buy to my girlfriend for Christmas?

As you may know we closed the distance recently, so we live together now, and I was frustrated and confused all these days about “What to get her for Christmas?”.

Until one day she saw me so frustrated and asked me what was going on. So we started talking about it. And what I learned is that she had the same issue – she was also stressed and frustrated because she didn’t know what to get me either. (and for good reason, because I’m quite picky when it comes to gifts).

So we started thinking together about what gifts to get each other. I asked her what she wanted, but it was kind of awkward – until it hit me! I got an idea which was simple yet brilliant because for the last few days I felt just fine and never worried about gifts for a second.

So what’s the idea?

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We CLOSED The Distance! And YOU CAN Too!

Hey guys,

So, here’s the big ANNOUNCEMENT that I have for you today!



We reduced the distance between us to “0”, and not for a week, not for a month, but apparently ‘forever’.

After 2.5 years of dating long distance my current girlfriend, and after 7.8 years of total long distance relationship experience, it is finally over.

My long distance relationship experience ends here.

I think I’ve had enough for two lifetimes, and while it was a great experience FULL with memorable moments, countless “honeymoons”, trips and adventures, thousands of hours of fun Skype talks, countless surprises and romantic moments…it is time to get a taste of classic relationships too.

But here’s the GOOD news, now that we’ve closed the distance, I am even more excited and motivated to help YOU make your long distance relationship work and inspire you to hopefully close the distance soon too!

So, as many people asked me so far…! We did it…What’s our SECRET?

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