Why Follow This Blog In 2014?

Hey guys (and girls),

Last year has been an amazing year for our Long Distance Lover Community.

We increased our number and now we’ve got 2692 members. Some of us have closed the distance, some of us have been through a lot of struggles and survived, and all of us have grown and become better lovers [I hope] after joining this community and taking responsibility for our love lives.

In this awesome year of 2013 we managed to organize our first Long Distance Relationship Workshop here in Denmark at a local university thanks to the help of an awesome AIESEC team.

We inspired some of the most wise long distance veterans out there to share some of their wisdom with us here.

We launched the Long Distance Loyalty course, which has received amazing love from you guys…

…and I am so proud of us as a community, and so FIRED UP to keep bringing my best ideas to the table!

For this year, my fellow long distance lovers, I have even BIGGER plans for us. And I am super inspired to make these plans HAPPEN this year!

Because I hope you didn’t forget that I’m on a quest here to DESTROY the common and mistaken belief that LDRs don’t work and give you all the knowledge you need to make your LDR work like a charm! And I invite you to join me on this quest.

So, let’s see what you can expect from 2014…

1. Inspire Faithfulness Campaign

For the beginning of this year I will be dedicated to addressing this HUGE and overwhelming problem: overcoming jealousy and fear of being cheated on.

It’s too much of a stressful problem and I want to really help you guys get it out of the way, so that we can move forward to the more fun part of – building attraction.

So for the first few weeks I will be sharing some valuable articles and tips on how to overcome this fear and inspire your girlfriend to be 100% devoted to you.

But, if you don’t want to wait, read all about preventing cheating here.

2. Borderless Attraction Guide

Finally, after so many readers have asked for it, very soon I’ll be launching what I call the “Borderless Attraction Guide”.

A guide that is meant to give you all you need to know to be able to keep attraction on fire in your long distance relationship. In my experience, most of the problems that creep in a relationship are due to lack of attraction from one of the partners.

When this KEY aspect is handled – everything else just falls into its place….and the long distance relationship works just like it did in those first few weeks when you were both head over heels for each other.

This guide will show you exactly how to bring those emotions and butterflies in your stomach back into your relationship.

The guide will be released around March. If you don’t want to miss it, sign up to stay updated here. (opens in a new tab)

3. The Long Distance Lover’s Bible

This year I also plan on creating a manual for every long distance lover to read and be fully capable of having an easy, stress free and successful long distance relationship.

I’ll be using the content from the best and most popular articles on the blog, plus adding new and fresh ideas, plus organizing it in a clear and structured manner. It’s going to be the Long Distance Lover’s Bible. (both for men and for women, by the way) And I’ll devote the months of May and June to this exciting project.

4. Conversations Goldmine

Another main problem that I hear a lot of you complaining about is running out of things to say: what to talk about during those long conversations and therefore how to make your phone/Skype talks more fun.

So for the second half of the year, I plan on working on a new course called “Conversations Goldmine”. I already have most of the ideas for it ready, and this course will teach you exactly how to keep conversations going for as long as you want. How to make them more fun and never run out of things to say.

5. Intensive Personal Coaching.

This year I will be intensively dedicated to doing a lot more personal 1-on-1 coaching with you guys.

I’ve noticed that some of the most inspiring stories that I got from my readers came not as much from reading my articles, but from working with me personally and getting personalized solutions to their unique problems.

So this year I will be looking for various ways to free up more time to be able to coach you personally so that you can have an awesome relationship this year.

Book your “True Lover” free coaching session here. (opens in a new tab)

6. Quality Weekly Content

I made it a promise to myself to create one great article for you every week, addressing various LDR issue and giving you valuable tips to apply.

And I intend to keep my promise. (and I want you to keep me accountable, if you notice that I missed a week without publishing a great piece of content, you can get really angry and let me know!)

So, I want you to keep your eyes on your inbox, because you’ll be getting some great tips and ideas this year. And feel free to let me know if you have a special topic you’d like me to write about.

Sign up to receive every new article in your inbox here. (opens in a new tab)

7. Speaking Events

Last year we did our first event here at a local university, where I shared some of my favorite tips with students on how to make their LDRs work like a charm. And the feedback was amazing.

People loved the ideas, which inspired me to organize some more of these events this year at other universities. And I look so much forward to that. I want every student to have a happy long distance relationship so that he/she can focus on their studies and enjoy their youth without stress and worries.

And, btw, if you want me to come and speak at your university, and would like to give a hand in organizing the event (which is quite simple) then I invite you to write me an email and we’ll talk about that.

 8. Your Long Distance Love Story Contest

There is also one very important CONTEST that I can’t wait to launch. But that’s a little surprise that I’ll share with you very soon in another article.

This being said, my friends…let’s officially declare the year of 2014 started! Let the love fire us up and make us happy this year!

Talk to you very soon,


Besski Livius, you long distance relationship mentor!

PS: If you’re not signed up yet, go ahead and join our Long Distance Lover’s Community by signing up to our newsletter. As a gift you’ll get my “3 Deadly Mistakes” eye-opening ebook, and we’ll stay in touch with new weekly tips.

What Should I Get Her For Christmas?!

For the past few weeks I’ve been stressed, literally going through this low frequency stress all day long wondering what the heck should I buy to my girlfriend for Christmas?

As you may know we closed the distance recently, so we live together now, and I was frustrated and confused all these days about “What to get her for Christmas?”.

Until one day she saw me so frustrated and asked me what was going on. So we started talking about it. And what I learned is that she had the same issue – she was also stressed and frustrated because she didn’t know what to get me either. (and for good reason, because I’m quite picky when it comes to gifts).

So we started thinking together about what gifts to get each other. I asked her what she wanted, but it was kind of awkward – until it hit me! I got an idea which was simple yet brilliant because for the last few days I felt just fine and never worried about gifts for a second.

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girlfriend parents, long distance relationship parents
Parents can have an immense influence on your long distance relationship, especially if your girlfriend is under 20.

And unfortunately, like most people do, parents may tend to have a negative opinion about long distance dating. This being the reason why winning them over as soon as possible would be a great relief for your relationship.

One of the most popular issues that guys write me about lately is the issue of dealing with her parents. I’ve got about six emails in the last month from guys looking for ways to get their girlfriend’s parents on their side, after they noticed how her parents were dragging the relationship down.

The truth is that trying to win over a girl’s parents AFTER they’ve already made their mind negatively about you and your long distance relationship is not an easy task.

Please, don’t be one of those guys who have always been ignoring their girlfriend’s parents , and then when they see that her parents are dragging down the relationship, then they try to look for remedies and solutions.

Take the preventive approach.

Here are 4 tips that will help you prevent any parent issues, and will definitely increase your chances of winning her parents over.

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It all comes down to excuses…If there’s will, excuses have to disappear. But we also have to be rational about it. Leaving everything behind and going straight to her door, saying “Here I am my baby, I’m yours forever…Please let me in!” it’s as big of a mistake as not visiting her often enough.

Distance is just a circumstance, but “time” is what’s really separating us from the women we love. (find out why, here)

When thinking about the long time we have to wait before being together again with our significant others, a number of reasons for that come to our mind: our daily activities, our long term plans, the high costs of traveling, the specific circumstances we’re currently in, and so on.

In this “simple” article, I am going to go over these 4 main impediments and give you some reasonable suggestions that come from my personal experience, on how to eliminate or at least minimize these 4 obstacles. Note: These suggestions apply more to couples living far away from each other, same as I live 2000 Km away from my girlfriend.

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