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John, San DiegoMusic Teacher

I recently had the chance to do a session with Livius, and although I wasn’t sure what to expect, Livius helped me realize how much power I have in my relationship. He was very open and honest, and changed my perspective. His advice is very insightful!

Debbie, Los AngelesSales Assistant

Debbie realized that she deserves more, and found the courage to end a relationship that was making her anxious. Then she met another guy who is caring about her and treating her lovingly, and now she feels like she knows what she’s doing in her relationship.”

When Debbie contacted me she was feeling really anxious about her relationship.

Which was affecting her a lot, to the point where she was worrying so much about the relationship, that it was consuming her every thought, making it hard to just relax in her everyday life… because she didn't know where her relationship was at.

She was having this bad anxiety and ideas that made it so hard to see things in another perspective, since she was in her head a lot.

She tried taking time to reevaluate herself and this relationship, and trying to focus on bettering herself and growing more as a person and how she can be in a healthier mindset, but it's been hard focusing still, which is why she reached out for coaching.

After just our first session on changing her mindset, she started feeling more relaxed and free again. Over the next few weeks working together, her situation changed radically.

She found the courage to end her relationship, that just wasn’t working for her. And confessed to me that she feels so liberated and free again. She learned to love herself ‘like her own flavor of ice-cream’ and soon enough found another man to be with. This time one that’s a real gentlemen, who’s open and caring with her, and treating her with great respect.

When we last talked, Debbie was so confident and so happy, that she really inspired me. And one thing that stood out for me was her saying that “right now I really feel like I KNOW what I'm doing in my relationship” and won’t fall back in the neediness trap again.

Gene, Orange CountyLibrarian

My partner started taking my presence for granted lately, but this session gave me a better understanding of what I can say, to be more clear about what I want in this relationship.

Joshua, SwitzerlandEntrepreneur

Josh turned his fate around, from his girlfriend being almost ready to give up, which was making him anxious and insecure, to getting rid of his anxiety, moving to live with his girlfriend in Costa Rica, and now she’s coming to Switzerland and they are planning to get married”

When Josh first talked to me, he was feeling anxious and insecure about the relationship. He was afraid of losing his girlfriend, because she was having doubts about the relationship, not sure if she can handle the distance anymore, and almost ready to give up on him.

He lived in Switzerland and she was working in Costa Rica. And the relationship was on the edge of a break-up. She was very busy, wasn’t texting him much, and whenever they talked they ended up arguing.

When we got on Skype, he was stressed about his relationship, but I sensed a great desire to learn and figure out the right way to make relationships work. And I knew that I could help him.

After a few weeks working together, Josh was rapidly changing his mindset, he regained his self-confidence, he overcame his fear of losing his girlfriend, and told me that “I have never felt more at peace and sure of my relationship.He got his girlfriend’s attraction and commitment back, and moved to Costa Rica to be with her.

This is what he said after our coaching program ended: “Damn! It was one my best decisions that I made to do this coaching. And I am so happy. I cannot thank you enough for everything, all the wisdom that you shared with me. Some people may never find somebody in their life to teach them these things. They will have to learn them the hard way, or they will not even learn them. This is so valuable, I don’t have words to tell you.

In the past two years they lived together, traveling across South America and Mexico, and now he returned to Switzerland, so she’s coming to live with him for a while, and they are planning to get married.

Here’s what he told me recently when I checked on him:

Daniel, SpainTeacher of Physics

I’ve come to terms with the idea of not getting my relationship back. I will still do my best to rekindle that (and now I know better how to do that, by the way). But I’m open to other possibilities, and even thrilled about them. This is a major shift in my perspective!

What hesitations did you have about getting this coaching?

I didn’t have much hesitations. But maybe the main one was that I would not be listened, that it’d consist of the coach telling me “you have to do this or that”. Or even worse, that he’d be like “you shouldn’t want that”. I wanted to have someone who would listen to me and understand me.

What challenges did you face before the training, and how did that change after coaching?

I used to let fear rule my thoughts, without even realizing it. Since it had been that way all my life, I thought it was normal. Now I see where that fear was coming from. Basically, I was doubting myself, trying to hide those things about me that I didn’t like. This was surely noticeable by the girls that I interacted with, leading to trouble in my relationships - more specifically losing my girlfriend.

From the coaching, I have learned to deal with those insecurities and to get rid of fear. I still have a long way to go to master it, but at least now I have the guidelines. And also, my concept of relationships and the emotion of love is much clearer. The coaching laid the foundation in which to frame all the advice that I had been getting from other people up to that point.

How was your experience of working with Livius as a person?

Livius makes the conversation flow very naturally. I like that he gives personal examples and that he asks questions to check that you’re following what he’s saying. I was always looking forward to the sessions with him. They were uplifting, and left me feeling better with myself than before.

I felt like I could just talk without holding anything back, which is a nice feeling I don’t usually get with people. Overall I was very comfortable, and I could’ve kept talking for hours with no end.

What are 3 tangible examples that clearly show you that you’ve changed as a result of this work?

  • I’ve come to terms to the idea of not getting my relationship back on track. I will still do my best to rekindle that (and now I know better how to do that, by the way). But I’m open to other possibilities, and even thrilled about them. This is a major shift in my perspective!
  • I’ve expelled from my mind the idea of women being “out of my league”, and I’m able to treat them in a more confident way. I’ve noticed that just by being relaxed and comfortable with myself, I display those masculine traits (like eye contact and so on) naturally.
  • My thoughts have shifted from being focused on my past mistakes, and the things that I should’ve done differently, to the future and the possibilities it may bring. I still feel afraid sometimes, but I also feel hopeful.

Would you recommend this work to other men?

Definitely. I barely know people who are in healthy loving relationships. Most people have either settled for someone they don’t really love, or go from breakup to breakup, or have given up with romance as a whole. It’s amazing.

Most people meander their way through life without ever stopping to think about how to make their lives better. I actually know many who attend courses on self-development which are focused on professional stuff, how to improve your career, distribute your time and things like that. Those same people would laugh at the idea of having a similar course on improving your romantic relationships. So instead, they prefer to wing it and learn the hard way. It’s actually funny, because relationships are a huge part of a person’s happiness, so why not spend time to learn about them?

Besides, learning about relationships with others has a lot to do with learning about your relationship with yourself. Mastering your fears, your insecurities, and so on. All this stuff is useful on its own!

Ahmad, DubaiEngineer & Musician

Ahmad was feeling needy in his relationship, being neglected by his girlfriend, but after working together, he found the courage to stand up for himself and now his girlfriend is madly in love with him, dreaming to be his wife and make him babies.”

Ahmad really surprised me one day, because I worked with him about a year ago, and recently he booked a paid coaching session through my site. I thought he needed some support with his love life, but instead he just wanted to thank me for the mentality change he experienced as a result of our coaching.

This is what he said:

“I want to say that you have completely changed my life. The sessions we had last year have made me become so much more confident in my relationships with women. One year ago, the girl I was in a relationship with was being very distant toward me, and not giving me as much time and affection as I wanted.

But after we talked, I found the confidence to tell her that ‘things cannot continue this way’, and I was surprised at how quickly and how radically she changed her behavior. We have been together for another year after that, and had a great relationship. But had to end the relationship because she her parents promised her to another man, which is how most women get married in our culture. And although she didn’t want to do it, I encouraged her to respect her parent’s decision.

Right now, I am having a lot of success with women. I recently had a relationship with a beautiful woman for a few months, and then we broke up because she had to go back to her country and I didn’t want to do long distance this time.

But that’s good because I recently met a model actually, at an art exposition. I was so confident this time, that when I saw her I knew that I wanted to talk to her. If before I would have been very shy and hesitant, now I went to talk to her straight away, and after a few minutes even got her number. We met for a date, which was great. But I decided that our life interests and passions were not similar, so I told her that we’re not a good fit.

So this is how my life is now, thanks to your coaching. It really changed who I am, and I am so thankful for that.

Sometimes now, women approach me even. That’s how huge the change was for me. Thank you Livius. I wanted to share this with you, so that you know what kind of impact you have in people’s lives, and you continue doing this.”

Recent Update

I tend to check in on the guys I worked with, to see how they’re doing currently, and this is what Ahmad recently wrote me:

“I am doing great and now I have a lovely Girlfriend who loves me the way I deserve & want.

Let me tell you about her a little bit.

She’s a very feminine woman. She does everything possible to make me happy, she blows up my phone, sends me all sorts of gifts and wants to be with me all the time. Yesterday I took her on a date and she called me after I dropped her home saying “Thanks babe for the amazing night, I love you more than anything”.

This morning she called me saying she’s missing me already.

You really changed my mentality on a lot of things. I still face challenges, but with what I’ve learned so far, I can quickly find solutions and modify my approach depending on the situation.

Thanks for the things you teach, I am now teaching my friends how to become real men.”

And this is the picture he attached.

When I asked him what shifted for him, he said: “I realized that I am awesome, that my life is awesome, and if a girl comes in, she either makes it more awesome or she’s not a good fit for me.”

I’d say that’s a pretty big shift, when it really clicks and sinks in deeply. When we realize that relationships are based on choice, not neediness, and we only chose a partner and a relationship that’s good for us, and don’t tolerate anything less, magical things happen, like this brave man’s story above.

Stories like this inspire me to keep doing what I’m doing: reminding men how much freedom, power and potential they have in their own relationships.

Newest Update:

Ahmad scheduled a coaching call recently to help him figure out what to do with his relationship right now. The problem he has right now is that his girlfriend is the needy one. She’s the one suffocating him with love and affection, and this is making him doubt the relationship.

This is the kind of high quality ‘problem’ that you start having once you overcome neediness and have the perfect mindset, your partner adores you… and sometimes even too much. :)

After our call, he learned that whatever he decided to do, to stay together or break-up, he should not act out of fear, and do what feels right for him. And a few days later this is what he wrote me:

“Since our last Skype call. I talked to my girlfriend, told her how I felt and ended the relationship kinda on good terms.

I feel somewhat relieved that I am not hiding something because of fear anymore.

I will explore the dating life again and see what happens. “

Ryan, San DiegoHuman Resources

Man I just wanted to let you know how much our training helped me improve my game with girls, and understand them better. Keep it up man, you have a gift.

Rahul, CanadaIT Programer

Rahul learned to stand up for himself in a relationship, had the courage to end a relationship that wasn’t working for him, and now he’s feeling confident and carefree, meeting women and being complimented on how amazing he is.”

Rahul contacted me because his girlfriend was not texting him like she used to. They met on a trip in UK. Then kept talking for a few weeks. She was the one to propose that they had a relationship. But then suddenly, she became very distant.

She started texting him less, and then disappeared for a few days without any sign.

This made him very anxious and he said that his brain was going wild. He was overwhelmed by fear of losing her. So he wanted to talk to an expert.

Once we started working together on his mindset, and he learned how to approach his situation… his girlfriend became interested again. Although she wasn’t planning it, she decided to go visit him from Australia to Canada.

They spent some great few days together, but there were some things that still bothered Rahul about her behavior. And he found the courage to tell her exactly what he didn’t like, he said that he deserves to be treated better, and that maybe this relationship wasn’t worth it.

And although she wasn’t to happy about it. Suddenly she changed her behavior completely. The next days she was more caring toward him, she kept buying him donuts and being interested in his life more.

But still, Rahul felt like it was best to end the relationship. And he was at peace with his decision.

After our training Rahul found the confidence to be himself again, he learned to love himself exactly as he is, and to be totally carefree in his life.

He recently sent me an email saying:

I really wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge with me and share my experience. Since finishing the program, I have regained what I used to be few years ago - Fearless, authentic and believer that things happen for a reason. In past 3 months, I have met so many amazing woman from different countries, different background and ages. Many of them have complimented me on my attitude, how I am different and a breath of fresh air. I have taken your suggestion to be ruthless in my selection before I enter in a relationship.

I have taken this approach and applied it to my friendships too, work and people that I meet. It's paying rewards, I am glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone and took sessions with you. May be we can touch base after couple of months and see how things are going. Have a great spring my friend.”

Robert, NorwayMarketing Consultant

I am much more relaxed about our relationship now, and I'm able to take things one day at a time. I have also gotten over my obsessive thinking about my girlfriend.

Hayoung, South KoreeaIT Engineer for Samsung

Hayoung was afraid of being himself in his relationship, but then found his self-confidence, ended his relationship that wasn’t working, and is now dating other girls, and having not just one, but two friends with benefits.”

When Hayoung reached out to me, he wrote: “I feel so insecure that it is difficult to be myself around her. I think it may have to do with the fact that, for the first time in years, I really want her to love me, so on the flip side I am terrified that she might not like me once she gets to see how I am. I realize this is a very vicious cycle... because, though other people know me as a carefree, fun guy, this fear makes me a boring guy, and sometimes I feel I am boring her to death. This confidence issue, I believe, might be the main challenge that I must overcome.”

He said that FEAR is the biggest factor that has been preventing him from overcoming this issue. He kept telling himself that it is an irrational fear, that even if she does not end up loving him, there are plenty other girls out there. But it wasn’t easy to convince himself when he liked her that much, like he has never felt for anyone before.

He tried going to therapy, but it was of no use. He tried talking to a close friend, but had no progress. So he scheduled a consultation.

Within a few sessions Hayoung was a different person. He completely overcame his fear of losing his girlfriend. He felt carefree again, and able to be himself. And he decided that the relationship wasn’t a good fit for him anymore. So he ended it remaining as friends.

I’ll let him tell you more about it:

A day or two after our session regarding boundaries and standards, I had a frank talk with her, and we reached the agreement to continue as just friends. The me of a few months ago would have been destroyed, given how much I had loved her. The new carefree me, I was unfazed, thanks to the detachment. It's just a slice of the pie, and with so many other girls waiting in line to fill in that blank space, it didn't seem like a big deal. Anyway, I seem much happier lately, and people around me feel this.

He was telling me that the confidence principles he was learning from our training helped him be even better at his job. And also that girls were noticing his change in attitude.

Two months later he wrote me saying:

“Currently I don't have a girlfriend. Just a couple of friends with benefits. I am not looking to start a serious relationship at this point in my life - I would rather focus my energy on other things.”

Victor - India, DelhiConsultant for Nespresso

Victor was trying to get over a break-up for a few months already, and after working together, he got over his ex, and become a positive and vibrant man. Interestingly enough, now his ex started texting him again.”

Victor was confused... he didn't understand why his girlfriend left him after 3 years of being together. 

He was so caring toward her, so understanding. He did everything to make her happy (and spent a lot of money doing so). 

Yet she left him. 

So he wanted her back (hopefully). But more importantly he wanted to know WHY she left, and HOW he can avoid going through so much pain ​again in the future. 

Plus he's 45, and doesn't have time to keep failing at love... building new relationships and then failing at them again. He just wanted a family and a woman to respect him and treat him with love and understanding. ​So he signed up for coaching.

He thought the problem was that his girlfriend lost attraction, and wanted to learn more about how to get her re-attracted. But he was wrong, and had to face the hard facts on why she left (attraction only being one of the reasons, more of a consequence actually, not the real cause).

During our work together, he became one of the most positive and vibrant men I've ever seen. He got over his girlfriend, feeling positive and confident again. And even his work and career improved.

And surprisingly (or not) his girlfriend started texting him again, after a month of no sign from her. Now she started testing the waters to see if he's willing to take her back.

But his mindset changed a lot, and he knows that if she wants him back, she'll have to work a lot harder to get his interest and attention again.

Before signing up, Victor admitted that he was a little worried that he'll get some kind of generic advice, like many other 'coaches' out there give. But once we examined his unique situation, and all the false beliefs he used to have about his value as a man, and about how relationships work, he knew this was like nothing he's ever seen or heard before, and the perfect solution for him.

Right now, Victor is feeling free again, complete and self-sufficient, and doesn't need someone who is not able (or willing) to make him happy and treat him well.

During our last call, he couldn't stop smiling the whole session. He even told me "I feel like the top 5% of men out there, because now I know how relationships REALLY work... compared to how I thought they did... and how most men still think they do."

And he was right. The new understanding, confidence and mindset that he developed through our coaching put him in the top 1% even, of men out there... in terms of how attractive and mature he's become.

So proud of this guy!​