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“Humor is the number one trait that women look for in men and also the number one ingredient of a great conversation. “

Experts say that it’s psychologically impossible to dislike someone that made you laugh genuinely for more than 5 times. We humans tend to be consistent in our behavior, and when a person makes us laugh more than 5 times in a conversation we tend to think…”Ohh, I laughed a lot with this person, it must mean that I like him/her!”

From my personal experience, I always noticed how my girlfriend would tell me how much she loved me – after I made her laugh. I am serious here; she’d tell me very often “Ohh, I love you so much!” or “You’re so dear to me” after I cracked up some joke and got her laughing.

So how do you make your girlfriend laugh? Lots of ways, but here are three of the most effective and easy to use ones:

The surprise element. Using surprise to get your girlfriend laughing is all about creating tension, which then gets released trough laughter. And the key in creating tension is knowing what her assumption is right after you’ve said something to her, and then saying something totally different, something unexpected. Or even better, helping her make the wrong assumption by misleading her.

Just like in these examples:

  • You know what; I decided to become a vegetarian today! I went to the kitchen, opened my freezer – which was full of meat, and guess what I did… I took all the meat and threw it …in a pan and made some juicy steaks.”
  • You’re talking about food and you could say: “Guess what I ate today for breakfast? Remember I told you that for long time I wanted to try avocados? Well, I ate some amazing oranges for breakfast today.”
  • When she’s wearing a new dress that she’s recently bought – you could say: “Mmm, this dress looks great…when I take it off and throw it on the floor.”
  • When you see her on Skype you can say: “Omg, you look sooo …” and that with a happy, enthusiastic voice and face, like you’re about to compliment her, and then say: “…childish today!”

So, the idea is simple: You tell her something making her expect a predictable continuation, and then you say something totally unexpected.

Expert explanations. There are times when your girlfriend would say that she doesn’t know how something works, or what’s the history of something, or she can’t explain why something happened etc. So she needs an “expert answer” to fulfill her curiosity, and here’s where you come in. What you do is – you put on a serious face and tone of voice and you give her the best, most imaginative, real sounding explanation that you can come up with. And then after you make sure that she nodes appreciating your great knowledge, you crack up laughing about how she believed your silly explanation.

Funny Stories. I have a friend who I believe is the funniest guy I know. And you know what his secret is? He a great storyteller, and when he tells you a story, there’s no doubt that you will crack up laughing for 5 minutes in a row.

But how can you tell funny stories?

Well, here’s how:

Funny stories are all around you, you just have to open up your eyes and mind and pay attention to them…daily events, funny comments people make, stories you hear from your friends, stories you read online, past funny stories from your life, childhood stories etc. they are all around you. What you have to do is to 1) sit down and do some remembering. 2) pay attention to and memorize funny stories that you hear all around – and you’ll have your own arsenal of funny stories to tell her.

Now, you also need to learn how to tell your stories in a funny way, and my best advice for you here is: Be Expressive! (face, tone of voice, body language) make them expressive when you tell a story.

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