Become Ireplaceable In 3 Steps


My job as a teacher of love is to help MEN move from being INSECURE to IRREPLACEABLE.

Today I want to share with you a few ideas on how to do that. 

Step 1 – Recognize your own worth. 

You are unique. I know it sounds like a cliche, but you ARE UNIQUE, and I can’t wait to explain to you why you are unique, and HOW you can bring this to the table in your relationship. 

You are perfect. Again it sounds strange. But you really ARE PERFECT, in all of your imperfection. Humans are by their nature imperfect. So being imperfect, means being PERFECTLY HUMAN. 

You are loveable. Yes you deserve to loved EXACTLY as you are. In fact trying to make yourself MORE lovable will only make you seem more desperate. The key to your happy love life, is to finally EMBRACE yourself as you are. And to realize that you deserve to loved for who you are!

Step 2 – Be willing to let her go. 

Second step is that you need to realize that the ONLY thing keeping you STUCK and helpless in your relationship. The only thing that is making your woman lose interest, and the only thing that is causing you so much headache… is YOUR FEAR OF LOSING HER. 

Here is a million bucks secret about love – if you want to KEEP her, you MUST be ready to LOSE her. 

Strange but true. Why is that? Because if you are afraid to LOSE her, she can FEEL that and she will lose her RESPECT for you. You may think that it will make her love you more, but in REALITY she will just feel pity for you. That’s how we humans are. When someone needs us too much, we stop desiring them. In fact we feel bad for them. And secretly want to run away. 

But IF you are READY to lose her, because you realize that IT IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD if you lose her. And you are POSITIVE that you can DEAL with a break-up, you are positive that you CAN be happy without her… THEN all the magic can begin in your relationship. 

Because you woman will respect you more. She will desire you more. She will work really hard to keep you.

Overcoming the fear of losing your woman is the GREATEST sign of a mature and attractive man. Just like overcoming fear of death, is the greatest sign of an invincible warrior. 

Step 3 – Start respecting yourself.  (that means your needs, your space, your boundaries and standards)

Now, once you realize that “Wait a second. I AM A VALUABLE PERSON. I DESERVE TO BE LOVED FOR WHO I AM. Also, I am NOT afraid to lose her. If she’s not making me happy enough, I can let her go. And I can survive that. 

Now, we can talk about self respect. Now you can actually ask for what you expect from her, and she will make sure to be the greatest girlfriend for you. 

Respecting yourself means, KNOWING what you desire in a relationship. HOW you want her to treat you – and confidently asking her to do so.

Not only will she be happy to treat you EXACTLY how you want, but she will feel MORE attracted to you BECAUSE of your COURAGE to ask for what you want.

That means to being a courageous man – being able to STAND UP for yourself, and for your desires. 

A man who respects himself WILL NOT accept behavior from his woman that he doesn’t like. 

A man who respects himself will be independent, and take time for himself to follow his passions and hobbies. 

A man who respects himself will be AUTHENTIC, not try to play games in his relationship.

Here you go. You’re one step closer to getting rid of neediness. 

Remember, I am here to help. 

And btw, I have recently created a practical guide to share with you 4 techniques to reduce neediness and regain your confidence and your girlfriend’s attraction.
You can find the guide here.

Your happiness matters to me,

Livius (a.k.a. the love teacher)

About Livius Besski

After knowing nothing about love and getting his heart broken over and over again, Livius has decided to figure this topic out. And for the past 10 years he has discovered the counter-intuitive way love works, has created a system for overcoming neediness (which is holding most guys back) and is now sharing all of his practical advice here on the site.