Here’s How Jack Cracked The Attraction Code

borderless attraction

“He was confused and discouraged… because for the past few weeks his girlfriend wasn’t giving him the attention and affection that he wanted.

She kept being busy with her friends, school, work… but never seemed to find enough time for him (her boyfriend!). When they would talk, they’d quickly run out of things to say, they’d argue quite often and then feel the tension for the rest of the day.

A tension that was so unpleasant and so stressful, that it was affecting his life and work, he couldn’t even have some fun with his friends without thinking about her.

But the hardest part was that he simply didn’t understand WHY? Why was she so different so suddenly? When they used to talk for hours everyday and have a great time doing so. They’d always find time for each other, and they’d never get enough of each other.

Now, however, something changed, she doesn’t seem to care enough, like she used to, she’s more cold and distant, and it seems like everything they’ve build for the past few months in falling apart…

The thing that he wanted most in his life at that moment was to GET HER back to the ways she was before.

To get her attracted to him and never lose her attraction again.

And that’s exactly what happened, as you’ll see in a second.

This is how Jack described me his situation a few weeks ago when we had our first call. He was so in love with this woman that he became really desperate about finding a way out of that love dilemma.

I perfectly understood him. I mean who wouldn’t?

His girlfriend was such an amazing woman, they’ve spent 9 beautiful months together, had some incredible memories together, he got to know her so well that it became clear to him: she’s the most amazing woman he’s ever met, hell, she’s probably THE ONE!

And now this sudden change and loss of interest from her part…

What the hell has happened?

So we had our 30 minute chat, and we realized that around a few weeks ago he stopped creating attraction. Up to that point, even though he didn’t realize, he was building a lot of attraction in his relationship, and that’s why things were perfectly flowing. There were fewer and smaller arguments, she was always excited to talk to him on Skype, they were having fun chats, and life was good.

Long story short, we had another 90 minutes call a few days later. This time I gathered my absolute best ideas about building attraction – ideas that I’ve never shared with anyone, ideas that I’ve spent years to collect and thousands of dollars to learn from the best seducers in the world… and generously shared them with him.

And here’s what happened next.

After our call, Jack was overwhelmed. He took 7 pages of notes and his brain was buzzing. Thank God I recorded our session and sent the audio recording to him after our call.

This is what Jack wrote me as soon as *the next day*:

Besski, remember we Skyped last night? Well today I did everything you said. And it was the first time I heard her saying “I miss you. I love you so much. Come to visit me!” I WAS SHOCKED. This were the words I died to hear for so long. You gave me my girl back. I just love you man! I’m now telling all my friends about you!”

For me, it’s this type of success story that motivates me to keep doing what I do. Because your happiness is my happiness, and it’s the reason I wake up every morning fired up to write another article, coach another soul, write another book and make love more simple for everyone.

So far, you may have read a few articles about attraction on the blog, you may have even read the Borderless Attraction guide already, and even though you learned a lot, you still feel a little confused about “creating attraction” in your relationship.

Attraction is a very DELICATE topic.

If that’s the case. That’s alright. Because ATTRACTION is a very delicate topic, and if you don’t understand it fully, or if you misunderstand it, it can easily do more harm than good.

But once you DO understand it. You’ve got the KEY to your partner’s heart. Or to any woman’s heart, by the way.

Very few people in the world truly understand how romantic attraction really works, and that’s why there are 2 divorces every 1 minutes in U.S. alone. And that’s why most people have relationships full of stress and drama, that usually end up in painful break-ups.

I will coach you personally.

That’s why, I want to coach you personally, just like I coached Jack, and share with you all there is to know about attraction.

How to create it, how to sustain it, and most importantly how to do it RIGHT, so that you get your girlfriend crazy about you, and keep her that way for as long as you want.

So I invite you to sign up for your own ATTRACTION SESSION.

In fact, the attraction session is more of a CONFIDENCE session, because attraction is a direct result of your confidence.

Once you are confident, you naturally behave in an attractive way.

It’s gonna be a 2 hour Skype (audio) call, where I’ll take you from confused about why you’re girlfriend is losing interest, to really clear about how to start the process of reigniting the passion.

If you’re interested, click the pretty button below and let’s get you on the right track, my friend. The information you’ll learn will be yours to use for the rest of your life.


Let's crack the attraction code, my friend!

With love & warmth, your love coach,

Besski Livius


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After knowing nothing about love and getting his heart broken over and over again, Livius has decided to figure this topic out. And for the past 10 years he has discovered the counter-intuitive way love works, has created a system for overcoming neediness (which is holding most guys back) and is now sharing all of his practical advice here on the site.