I Got Engaged! The Story and Photos


This summer has been kind of crazy for me!

And that’s because I finally found the courage to make the BIGGEST decision of my life…

To ask my girlfriend, the woman who’s been kindly loving me all these 7 years, to marry me! 

I really did it!

I planned the whole thing, and really surprised her one day with a beautiful dinner close to a water fountain.. and in front of a gigantic castle, along with some of our dearest friends and family…

…and even in front of HER MOM!


I mean, that was crazy too, her mom was visiting us, and without knowing anything she was present at her daughter’s proposal. 

My mom was there too. My little brother was there too. 

It was a very special night. 

I mean picture this… I booked a hotel room. I bought my girlfriend a cute dress and shoes, left those in the hotel room, along with a note telling her to put the dress on and be ready by 9 PM. 

At 8 PM I took her out in the city and told her to take this key, and go to this hotel that she knew nothing about, and go to the room number written on the key. 

When I told her that, she was puzzled… and didn’t understand WHAT was happening, and WHY I am sending her to some hotel room, when we had to go home. 

I smiled at her, gave her a kiss and told her to TRUST ME and just follow these instructions. 🙂 

Then at 9 PM my little brother of 14 years old, was in the lobby of the hotel expecting her. He took her by the hand, and brought her across a nice garden to a cozy little restaurant placed in the middle of the water, where they had to pass over a little bridge to get to me.

Wow, it was beautiful. And even better that a gigantic castle was just in front of us. 

He brought her to me as everybody was watching curiously.


I hugged her, kissed her as she was all nervous, smiling and trembling… and then I sat on my knee to pop the big question…

She didn’t answer, though… because the moment I went down on my knee… she started crying.

I couldn’t ask the question seeing her so cute and crying, so I stood up and gave her a gentle but tight hug.

I looked into her eyes and asked her… are you ready for this my darling? 

She wiped her tears, smiled at everyone and said she’s ready. 

So I went back on my knee… and finally asked her:


With tears in her lovely eyes, she said:


And this is the beginning of our REAL FAMILY. 

I am so happy we did it!

Now we actually moved to Bulgaria together, where my fiancé 🙂 is going to study to become a CHEF…

Mmm she cooks the most delicious foods, and even arranges them creatively on my plates!

So I decided to go and live together in Sofia, Bulgaria. If you pass by, let me know. 🙂

We recently found a nice little apartment, got our internet access, and are now ready to go on living the engaged life. 🙂

By the way, given that now I have some free time available, I really want to personally help some of my followers, with their own relationships.

So if you want me to help you with your relationship… check out this page.

Back to my lovely fiance I go, she’s sitting here close to me on the sofa as I write this message to you.



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