Why Trust, Love and Communication Are NOT Enough?

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If you search the web looking for some long distance relationship advice, the most common advice you’ll get, no matter what problem you might have, will be the classic “You need to trust each other, You need to love each other, and Communication is key”.

And guess what? That’s totally fine. But what’s really sad is that NO MATTER WHAT PROBLEM you might have, the same advice always comes up – you need trust, love and communication. And it’s so vague and so generalized that it hardly ever helps anybody.

Telling someone…

Oh well, you are afraid she might cheat on you? Don’t worry you just have to trust her.

“You have a lot of fights and arguments? Relax, here’s your solution – communication is key!

“You’re afraid it won’t work? Don’t be afraid, love always wins!”

…is like advising someone to jump into the sea without teaching them how to swim.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that trust, love and communication are not important in a long distance relationship, because they truly are. But they are not enough; they are just three drops in a big ocean. Plus they are so vague that when not clearly understood, they become useless.

That’s why my purpose with the next few articles will be to clarify what do these 3 important elements of long distance relationship really mean. What does COMMUNICATION really mean? What does TRUST really mean? Why is trust not enough in a long distance relationship, and how to get her to trust you more? Why is LOVE so overestimated and how to make it more realistic? All of that and much more, you’ll discover in my next few articles to come, and I can’t wait to hear thoughts on them.

Make sure to stay in touch and I’ll talk to you soon.

With love and respect,

Besski Livius

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