Why You Should Be Proud Of Reading This Blog?

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Our romantic relationships are one of the main determinants of our happiness in life, and yet we are so ignorant about understanding them.

Are you ashamed that your girlfriend might find out that you’re reading this blog? Are you scared that she’ll think that you don’t know how to make a long distance relationship work on your own?

Well, don’t be! …

I Was Ashamed Too

I admit I was scared too before, years ago; I was ashamed of reading books on how to seduce women. I felt uncomfortable having to learn how to be better with women, thinking that I should be naturally good at it. So, I understand you perfectly. [learn more about me  here]

BUT now I am definitely PROUD of it – it was the best decision in my life!

I didn’t know how to seduce women, so I took the initiative and learned about it. And it paid off. More than I have ever expected.

So what has changed from the time when I was worried that people might find out about me reading books about seduction, and now when I am really proud of doing it?

The answer: I gave permission to myself to NOT be ashamed.

You see, it’s not the people that have become all of a sudden more understanding, but it’s me that changed my beliefs and perception of what it means to learn about how to make women happy, meet their needs and be the man that they truly love.

I matured and learned that when you want to get better at something you need to educate yourself.

And if you want to get better at having a happy long distance relationship…then you need to be open-minded and educate yourself on this subject too.

Learn from people who know more than you do, who have been through it all and are sharing their knowledge. Sure, don’t just take every word as a golden truth, filter the information if you don’t like it or if you don’t agree with it, but still keep an open mind and let yourself learn new tips and ideas.

Even if you have a great relationship and you know how to sustain it, there is no hurt in getting some new tips and ideas from other experienced people in long distance relationships. I personally love reading about how people deal with their long distance relationships, how they overcome the challenges and how they manage to keep things fun and fresh, and I am always on the lookout for new LDR stories to read.

Be Proud of Yourself!

I mean if you were a teacher, would you be ashamed of reading a book on how to be a better teacher, and how to deal with the challenges that teaching faces you with? OF COURSE NOT! You’d be proud of yourself.

If were working in sales and marketing, reading a book on how to be a better salesman would not change your personality, it would simply give you more knowledge that you can apply to have more success.

Same in relationships, educating yourself on how to keep a woman attracted, how to make her happy, how to satisfy her in bed and how to make love last, would not change who you are as a person, but it would give you the right knowledge to make a romantic relationship work.

So there is no point in being ashamed of educating yourself about romantic relationships, or following someone’s advice, because we cannot possibly know everything in life, and there are people who have more experience that we do, who dedicated their lives to doing just that – understanding how relationships work.

Why would you be ashamed of wanting to have a successful relationship?

Why should you be ashamed for wanting to make your relationship last?

…unlike all the countless relationships that get ruined in the blink of an eye? (You probably know about the 50% average divorce rate worldwide, don’t you?!)

Right you shouldn’t! If anything you should be proud of yourself for being one second smarted than everybody else and learning about how to have happy, successful relationships, instead of leaving it all to fate and luck.

Educating yourself about relationships, does not necessarily mean that you suck at long distance relationships, it actually means that you’d like to become better, and have more control over your love life.

Learn From The Right Sources

And don’t be mistaken to think that learning about seduction and relationships is unnecessary, because guess what, you learned  about relationships for years already from your parents, from your friends and from the people you’ve seen around you being in love, from the movies you’ve watched and from the books and songs you’ve listened to. You still learned about relationships, but most probably you learned from the wrong sources.

Most of the times your parents are not the best examples of relationship success. Most of the times your friends end up with their hearts broken and most of the times the movies you watch are just movies designed to give you good feelings while watching them and by no means to teach you how to behave in real relationships.

So, if you are already learning about relationships, but from the wrong sources, why not actually learn from the right ones, from people who actually GET IT, who have managed to understand how romantic relationships work and how they can be kept alive.

Another point I want to make is that one other source of our relationship education is our own experience.

The problem with learning from our own experience is that it can be a very painful process, as we tend to learn from our mistakes and it a takes a few broken hearts and years of frustration to learn something which could have been learned much easier and faster from someone who’s already been through it all.

What If She Finds Out?

I would actually suggest that you let her know about this great blog that you recently found, where you can get practical advice and ideas on how to make the relationship work.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s something to be proud of because you care about the relationship and seek advice on how to make it work.

Why would she mind, when what you’re learning is how to make her happy, anyways? When you’re learning about how to be more romantic, how to have interesting conversations, how to make her laugh, how to have unforgettable visits, how to deal with the frustrations and the challenges of long distance relationships…and so on.

She’ll actually appreciate it.

And again, it doesn’t mean that you need someone else’s advice because you’re not good at it on your own, it simply means that you want to excel at it, you want to be even better.

She’d be happy to see that you care about the relationship so much that you don’t just leave it to fate but do something about sustaining it.

A Happy Relationship = A Happier Life

I always encourage people to educate themselves in the field of romantic relationships, as this is the only way to have happy and enjoyable relationships in the long run.

Knowledge is power, and in relationships, knowledge gives you the power to make the relationship work.

Our romantic relationships are one of the main determinants of our happiness in life, and yet we are so ignorant about understanding them.

It’s very weird how we humans tend to study years subjects that we don’t care about, and maybe even despise, and we never pick up a book to study how to make our relationships work better, when these are actually one of the main sources of happiness in our lives.

That’s why I RESPECT YOU for reading this blog, and for wanting to be NOT just an “okay” long distance lover, but a TRUE LONG DISTANCE LOVER, and believe it or not, your girlfriend appreciates it too.

So, go ahead and feel proud of reading this blog and wanting to excel in your love life!

With great respect!
Besski Livius


About Livius Besski

After knowing nothing about love and getting his heart broken over and over again, Livius has decided to figure this topic out. And for the past 10 years he has discovered the counter-intuitive way love works, has created a system for overcoming neediness (which is holding most guys back) and is now sharing all of his practical advice here on the site.