3 Secrets to Sexually Satisfying Her Online!

Having a satisfactory sexual life even from distance is another essential element when it comes to having a successful long distance relationship.

Why Does It Matter So Much?

First of all, a dynamic sex life brings fun, excitement and variety into the relationship. One of the most common problems of long distance relationships is that after a while things get too predictable and boredom kicks in, that’s why making sure to add in some sexuality from time to time is an excellent way of spicing things up.

And second of all, it preserves the idea of being a couple and not just friends. What I’ve noticed in my experience of helping people deal with long distance relationships and researching this subject for a few years now, is that in some couples there is a tendency for the partners to feel more and more like just friends than as romantic partners.

And this tendency comes usually from girls, seeing their boyfriends more as “someone to talk to” than someone I’m deeply in love with, and sexually attracted to.

And the number one reason for it is the lack of a dynamic sexual life in that relationship.

No sexuality equals just friends.

How to Meet Her Sexual Needs?

When I’m talking about meeting her sexual needs from afar, be it on the phone, on Skype or trough any other means, I don’t mean meeting her physical needs only, but especially her emotional needs related to sex.

Let me explain.

Women need to feel desired by men in order to feel secure and happy with themselves.

Even the most beautiful women are insecure with their bodies and their sexual appeal. This being the reason why they crave to feel desired and appreciated by men.

When you compliment your girlfriend on her physical appearance and especially on her body when she’s naked, telling her how sexy she is, and expressing your sexual desire for her, what happens is that she feels really good about herself, it fulfills her emotional need of being sexually desired.

A need that if you are not fulfilling for her, she’ll consciously or unconsciously look outside the relationship to fulfill, maybe not by actual cheating, but sure enough by flirting and seeking other men’s attention…and the problem is that when she does it, it most of the times leads her into making big sins, because the more steps she takes toward temptation – the harder it is to stop.

Another key emotional need related to sex is the ability of a woman to satisfy her man, which is an important part of being a woman, just as the ability of a man to satisfy his woman is a vital part of being a man.

As a result, a girl needs to know that she can satisfy you in order to feel secure about herself as a woman – because that’s one of the things that define her womanhood.

And you can make her feel like she can satisfy you by telling her how great she is, and how much you like her naughtiness and much it makes you horny. Another great way is by expressing your sensations of pleasure through your body language by moaning and groaning and so on, when you are playing naughty together online.

Seeing you enjoying the experience so much is her ultimate proof of being a sexy and desirable woman.

Therefore, emotional sex comes down to meeting her two emotional needs related to sex:

1. Making her feel desired and

2. Praising her ability to satisfy you.

Now, the third part of satisfying a girl from afar is the actual physical part. Here we’re talking about meeting her physical needs, getting the blood flowing in her body and hopefully helping her reach an orgasm.

This may be the hardest part, or the easiest. I believe that it depends on the woman’s sexual responsiveness (how sensitive she is and how well she knows her body) and on your ability to turn her on.


So to recap, there are three parts to satisfying your girlfriend from afar:

1.  Making her feel desired.

2. Praising her ability to satisfy you.

3. Physically pleasing her.

If you want to learn more about how to physically please your girlfriend from afar, how to help her overcome her shyness and get her crazy about being naughty with you, check out lesson 13 of the Long Distance Loyalty course where you’ll learn all of that, plus over 15 creative and fun ways to spice up your sexual life from distance.

Therefore, to conclude in the importance of sexuality in a long distance relationship, I believe that you should make sure to do something related to sex at least once a week, in order to meet her emotional and physical needs related to sex, and in order to keep the sexual attraction between you two alive.

About Livius Besski

After knowing nothing about love and getting his heart broken over and over again, Livius has decided to figure this topic out. And for the past 10 years he has discovered the counter-intuitive way love works, has created a system for overcoming neediness (which is holding most guys back) and is now sharing all of his practical advice here on the site.