From Struggling With Love To Helping Others

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Hi, my name is Livius, and ever since I was a child I dreamed about discovering the magical elixir of love.

Although I was decent looking as a guy, I was extremely shy with girls and struggled to keep a girl interested for more than a few days. But I had these friends and cousins who had no trouble getting girls attracted and in love with them.

Now looking back at how I was back then, I can see that the big reason why girls liked me, but didn’t really want to be with me, was because I was too much of a nice guy. A nice and needy guy who’s niceness came from his insecurity and hope to be liked and wanted by the girls that he wanted.

I remember that my first book that I read about love was called The 5 Love Languages, a book on how to satisfy our partner more effectively by speaking their love language. And although that book is amazing, because I had a foundation of insecurity, reading that book made me even more of a needy guy. I learned to give, give, and give even more… in the hopes that I might be loved back.

And it wasn’t really happening. Because ‘giving’ made me a likable guy, but not a desirable guy. Until at some point in my search for figuring out love, I stumbled on some books on attraction. Which taught me to create the big DESIRE element that was missing in my relationships.

And I was very surprised, because I figured out what actually makes a woman desire me, and it was NOT what I expected, and definitely not what I learned in other books. But it worked so well. It blew my mind actually.

If until that time I was the one chasing my girlfriend, and always wanting to talk to her, and being afraid that she might not love me anymore, and worried that she might fall in love with someone else, or even worse cheat on me… from that moment EVERYTHING started to slowly change.

Book-stackLong story short, my success with girls radically changed since then. I become even more passionate about this topic and consumed tons of books and courses from some of the top teachers in field of love.

The big realization.

Until one day, all my education has paid off… everything that I have been obsessively studying about love and attraction, which until that time seemed kind of confusing and messy…. one day all of it has finally made sense to me.

I remember to this day, how I was sitting on my couch, my girlfriend was sleeping close to me, and in front of me was this table with a bunch of papers with ideas about love… and boom, as I was reflecting on how love works, at one point I had a huge realization and everything finally made sense to me.

I realized what it really takes to keep love alive in a relationship. And how we can have a LASTING, PASSIONATE and QUALITY relationship. I felt like I discovered that love potion that I dreamed of as a kid. It was amazing.

Why I started this blog?

Since that happened. I felt called to share what I discovered with people who need it.

And because by that time I have been in a few long distance relationships already, and noticed that there is not really any practical advice online for people in long distance relationships. When I searched for advice on LDRs, I kept finding the same general advice… to trust, love and communicate. But nothing really specific.

I wanted real life, practical tips of how to prevent cheating, how to keep my girlfriend attracted even from afar, how to deal with fights and arguments in a long distance relationship, how to keep things fun and exciting, what to talk about on those 2-3 hour daily Skype talks… but I found no such advice.

So I decided to start a blog and share some of the ideas about love that I realized by that time.

And to my surprise it took off like wildfire. Within one year, the site great to a few hundred thousand views, and now three years later it’s been visited by over 4 million long distance lovers, from over 52 countries.

Some of my work that might help you.

Since then I wrote a few books to answer some of the most popular questions people were asking me about long distance relationships.

Every time I would say that I have a long distance relationship to my now 6 year girlfriend, they would laugh and say that she’s probably cheating on me. And I knew she wasn’t, because I learned over the years how to inspire my woman to be faithful to me.

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Yep, that’s me and her, 7 years together so far. And newly engaged!

So I didn’t worry much about that. And I wrote a book exactly about faithfulness to help men relax and stop worrying about their girlfriend cheating on them while they are apart.

Then people kept writing me about how their girlfriend seems less interested lately, seems to be more cold, doesn’t reply their texts like she used to, and is not so eager to talk to them, so I wrote a book on attraction to help guys keep that desire alive, and get their relationship back on track.

Later on I noticed how I started getting more and more questions about what to talk on Skype, and how to make those 2-3 hour long conversations more interesting, so naturally I wrote a book about conversations where I shared about 50 ways to spice up our Skype conversations.

You may have also seen my book on Amazon, that I created by choosing some of my best articles that I have written about long distance relationships over the past 5 years, and created The Long Distance Lover Book.

I love my job, because I know that it makes a difference in people’s lives. I hope it helps you too.

Feel free to study my work, and if you need more personal advice, don’t hesitate to apply for a free consultation with me. And if you’re accepted, I’ll help you overcome the problem you’re facing in your relationship.

Feel free to also download my free book about the 3 mistakes that most men make and end up pushing their woman away.

This being said. Enjoy the site, and I look forward to making a difference in your long distance relationship.