5 Great Ideas For An Awesome Skype Date

Skype date


How have your Skype sessions been lately? Does it feel like you’re always doing or talking about the same things with your partner?

It’s a common issue for many couples in long distance relationships because we can feel limited in what we can do together due to being apart.

But let’s be honest, why should people in conventional relationships have all the fun when it comes to date nights?!

For my partner and I, a pattern started to form when we’d be on Skype. Don’t get me wrong we were still excited to see each other but something was lacking. That’s when I decided to change it up a bit and create a date night that would push us to try new things. When I’d see her smile from ear to ear I knew I was on to a winner 🙂

If you’re wanting to try something different I’ve put together a foolproof date night that you can surprise your partner with that’s guaranteed to be something they’ll never forget!

The trick is to make it ALL. ABOUT. YOUR. PARTNER. Everyone loves to be pampered and feel loved and what I’ve put together for you will do exactly that for your partner, so let’s get stuck in.

5 Part Long Distance Date Night


Part 1: Lighthearted Fun

This is the point where we’re trying to set the tone for the night. Starting your date night with some lighthearted fun is a great way to create a comfortable and relaxed mood. We want to put everything we’re thinking about or doing to the side so we completely focus on our partner.

Playing games is a great way to unwind together. Pull out your smartphones if there’s a game you’ve both been enjoying. Or find out what other games your partner is playing and get involved! If it’s not a multiplayer game you can try and find something else they’d like to play in the app store.

If you’re more of a creative couple then drawing is another great option. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be that artsy, studies have found that it can reduce stress! If your partner is stressed helping them to let go and relax can be a powerful thing and they definitely won’t forget it. Use a site like Flockdraw and see what you can create together.

BONUS: Snapchat’s latest filter updates are hilarious. If you’re looking to have a giggle definitely check them out if you haven’t already. Don’t be afraid to go a little crazy!


Part 2: Cook Their Favorite Meal

What happened the last time you had your favorite meal? No doubt you had a mouth watering smile on your face! We may not have the luxury of eating ‘together’ but this is exactly how your partner should feel before they take their first bite.

For this to work it’s best to announce your date night intentions ahead of time so your partner can have all the right ingredients ready. Or if you want it to be a surprise you’ll need to involve one of their friends or family to help you!

Need some inspiration? Check out this couple that cooks together every week and see what it’s done to their LDR!

If you’re wanting to keep it a surprise or don’t have access to their friends or families, no problemo, another awesome option is to buy take out for each other. You can make it sound like you’re picking blindly for each other but if you’ve done your homework you’ll know what they love and can order it for them!

Waiting for food to cook or arrive can take some time, so you can do part one while you wait or start what’s coming up.


Part 3: Watch Their Favorite Movie/Show

We all have guilty pleasures when it comes to TV and your date night is the perfect time to indulge with your partner. If you have a series you watch religiously then keep it for later, let’s use this time to pick a movie or show that your partner loves.

TIP: If you can’t do some digging ahead of time check out what they’ve liked on Facebook! But if all else fails you can just ask!

If you’re still using skype and trying to press play at the same time then we’ve got you covered. Rabb.it is a great tool that allows you to watch shows and movies in sync, just sign in, send the link to your partner and use their remote web browser with YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, HBOGo and others. Here’s proof that even LDR couples can ‘Netflix & Chill’ 😉

Or if their favourite show isn’t available with your subscription service you can use Gaze, which allows you to upload your own video files to view together!


Part 4: Getting intimate

We need to make it known that this isn’t necessary for the perfect date night, you may be too early into your long distance relationship to be getting intimate or it might be something that you’re not comfortable doing in front of a camera (because let’s be honest it’s not the most comfortable situation to be in…) and that’s totally ok! You shouldn’t be forced or force anyone else to do something they don’t want to in any kind of relationship!

However if you are at that point, a game of truth or dare or strip poker could be just the right amount of cheekiness and can help to release some of the anxiety before getting you closer together around intimate conversation.

The awesome people at Ice Breaker Ideas have put together an awesome list of sexy truth or dare questions you can use. Or if you’re into strip poker you can use Poker Stars’ home game feature to just play with your partner!


Part 5: Question time

Lets face it we all like to talk about ourselves! So why not use this as an opportunity to learn more about your partner.

Throughout the night you’ll be constantly talking but here is your chance to connect on another level with deeper conversation. You’ve relaxed into the night and shared an amazing experience, which makes it the perfect time open up and talk about more personal topics.

LifeHack.org has a great list of 100 questions to ask your partner while on a date night. Of course many are for convention relationships but a lot of questions do transfer across to couple in long distance relationships.

Conversation Starters World also has a couple of noteworthy lists for personal questions to ask your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Have questions of your own?

But Nate, what do I do when there’s a pause or we run out of things to say?

No problemo! Livius has you covered, he’s written some great articles specifically around conversations, check out his articles:

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Check out Livius’ article on long distance sex, he goes through some great points on creating a romantic experience for you and your partner. If you want to go further take a look at his book Turn On The Sexual Play.

Have questions of your own? Let us know in the comments and Livius or myself will get back to you. We may even add it to the article!


Now it’s up to you!

This five part date night can look daunting on the screen but as you start you’ll see how easily everything comes together when you’re having a great time! We need to remember that even if it is a bit of work to set up you’re doing this for your partner and to show them the lengths you’re willing to go to make them happy.

Don’t forget to come back and let us know all about it. We’d love to hear about your date night experience!

Remember that you don’t have to do everything we’ve listed, you may have some other awesome options that you want to swap in. If you do, don’t forget to let us know by dropping us a comment below.


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