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If You Are a Student, Then You’re In Luck – Make Extra Money While Saving Long Distance Relationships! 

And All That Without Much Time Or Effort Spent

If you are a student, then you are in luck! Especially if you study at a big/international college/university and you have communication access to a large number of other students.

Studies show that around 33% of college students are in long distance relationships, which means that 1 out of 3 students are potentially having a long distance relationship. And that is totally normal as when we go to college we often have to leave our home towns or even countries and move to some other country to study (as I did too, a few times even) and thus leave behind a girlfriend.

And All These Guys Have 1 Main Fear In Common, The Fear Of Being Cheated On And Losing Their Beloved Girlfriends As Result!

How do I know all this?

I know it because in the last 7 years I have been in a few different long distance relationships, and felt and experienced all there is to experience in a long distance relationships…all the fears and frustrations, all the worries and the stress and all the desperation to make those relationships work and prevent my girlfriends from cheating.

Moreover, in the past 1 year, I have been working with well over 60 clients (trough my website: and 90% of them came to me with a few very similar problems: dealing with jealousy, making sure their girlfriend won’t cheat on them, and wanting to know how to keep love alive while being far from their girlfriends…and when put in perspective, these 3 main issues are the symptoms of one big fear: Fear of Being Cheated On.

That’s why in the past 6 months I have been working on putting together the most comprehensive course there has ever existed on solving this main problem, the course is called:

Prevent Cheating In A Long Distance Relationship
A Man’s Secret Guide To Keeping A Woman Faithful And In Love
In A Long Distance Relationship.


When marketers like Eben Pagan talk about creating products that sell themselves, it’s this kind of product they are talking about. A product that’s giving customers a fast and effective PAINKILLER to their painful problem.

“The Best Resource For Men In a Long Distance Relationship, After The Invention Of Internet!”

This is a Digital Course that teaches guys well over 15 time-tested and proven psychological techniques that will turn their girlfriends into the sweet and devoted angels that they are meant to be.

But Who Am I?

Besski LiviusBy the way, I didn’t get the chance to introduce myself, I am Besski Livius, the founder of and the creator of the Prevent Cheating Digital Course, Borderless Attraction Course and the 3 Deadly Mistakes eBook.

In the past 4 years I have been passionately studying the subject of Seduction, Relationships and Psychology. Studied from the best masters out there: David DeAngelo, Mystery, Ross Jeffries, PUA Training, Jon Sinn, Love Systems, David X, Carlos Xuma, David Wygant, Vin DiCarlo, Christian Hudson and many more.

As a result I have completely changed my success with women, and I have also translated the principles that I’ve learned from seduction into making long distance relationships work. And the results were unbelievable. My girlfriends were getting simply ADICTED to me and my attention, they were the ones becoming desperate to make our relationship work.

On top of that, in past year or so, I have been constantly interviewing people about how to prevent cheating in a long distance relationship. I have talked to well over 25 men and women, who are or have been in a long distance relationship, or simply who have a lot of insights into the topic of infidelity, and after this long journey of:

  •  7 years of experience with long distance relationships.
  • 4 years of studying the science of seduction,
  • and one year of interviewing people,
  • plus the never-ending research I’ve been doing on this subject…

…I have finally cracked the Faithfulness Formula that men can use to prevent cheating for good in a long distance relationship, and never even worry about it again.

Based on what the guys who reviewed the program tell me:

“This course is an incredible program that gives me real influence on my girlfriend’s faithfulness.”  Andrew, Denmark

I personally say that this course is the best long distance relationship resource there has ever existed for a man, after the invention of internet. It really puts on a silver plate all there is to know about getting a woman who is far away to be mind, body and soul devoted to one single man.


Guys, even though they struggle with their constant jealousy and their fear of infidelity, they are not generally known to search for advice and help to their problems. It’s mostly women who scan the whole internet to find solutions to even the simplest and most insignificant problems.

Men don’t search for advice that much, even though they need it, because they don’t know that such advice even exists!
(and it didn’t exist up until now).

And That’s Where YOU Come In!

Men don’t know that they could get such help, until they see that it EXISTS. And for them to find out about it, I need your help. I need you to spread the world about the existence of this ONE OF A KIND course that can give men the so much wanted relief to their painful problem.

You will be helping guys have outstanding long distance relationships and making unbelievable amounts of money as a result! That’s what I call sleeping well at night!

BECAUSE the commission that you’ll be getting from promoting this unique product will be 60%.

So you are even going to make more money than me, after I’ve spent more than 6 months creating the course. But that’s totally fine, because I am not looking to get rich, I am looking to GIVE VALUE to men, and to YOU.

And I know that if I keep doing that, I won’t have to worry about what I am going to eat tomorrow, or next year.

Side Note: Here is a more detailed description of the course, which I’ve posted on my website. And if you want to convince yourself of the quality of the information in the course, you can request a sample with a few chapters by writing me an email at with the subject “Sample Request”.

Or if you want to make a product review on your blog or website, or give a product testimonial to include in the sales page, you can request to see the whole course by writing me an email at the same address with the subject “Course Review”, and shortly describing your background and intentions.

So, to recap so far:

  • There are 14 million men in need of such advice.
  • The Prevent Cheating Course is top-notch product.
  • You get a huge 60% commission.

Let’s get more business-specific now.

1. How does this work?

The business model is simple.

You create your Hoplink, you share it with other students, they click on it and go to the product sales page, they buy the course, and you get paid your commission.

You don’t have to worry about anything more than sharing your hoplink with potential buyers. We take care of the rest, we present the product, we persuade them to buy, we deliver the product and Clickbank automatically sends you the commission. It’s that simple!

2. Is it going to be easy to promote?

Very easy. I mean how much time can it take sharing a link on your Facebook wall, and on a few Facebook groups where there is large amount of students. You do this every day with things that you like and find interesting – well, this is no exception. Especially because the sales page will feature a series of 3 videos with some of my best techniques on keeping a woman faithful in a long distance relationship. So, you’ll be doing nothing else but what you’ve been doing until now, sharing great stuff with people who care to watch.

Example of promotion:

Sharing a link on your facebook wall and on few facebook student groups:

I think this might be helpful for some of you guys who are in a long distance relationship.
Insert Your Hoplink Here

The tips this guy gives in this video makes me wanna have a long distance relationship!
Insert Your Hoplink Here

Never would have believed that it was that easy to keep a girl faithful in a long distance relationship…
Insert Your Hoplink Here

Always thought that long distance relationships were doomed to cheating, but seems like this guy has proved me wrong.
Insert Your Hoplink Here

Unbelievable… so simple, yet so effective little tips to keep a girl faithful in a long distance relationship.
Insert Your Hoplink Here

You could also get more creative, if you want to increase you profit, by recommending this product to friends and acquaintances, sending some emails or talking about it when you hear that someone is in a long distance relationship.

And once they are on the sales page, we’ll take care of the restPresenting the course, Getting them to buy, Delivering the product, and Sending you the commission. As simple as that!

3. Are they going to actually buy the course?

I am on in the process of building the most persuasive and high converting sales letter possible in this niche.

Imagine a series of 3 videos, featuring myself, giving away 3 of the best techniques to keep a woman faithful in a long distance relationship. This is going to be an invaluable resource for men, and it’s going to build a huge amount of TRUST with the viewers.

Then imagine an accompanying written sales letter that describes their problem in a detailed way making men feel REALLY understood in the problem they have, which will build their trust even more and make assume I’ve got the solution.

Then imagine a perfect presentation of the product, its benefits and its guaranteed results. More than that, imagine this top-notch product being accompanied by a number of sought after bonuses.

Then of course imagine destroying each potential buying objection one by one, so that there is no reason to not buy this product.

And to give you one more hint, imagine a 30 day money back guarantee, to calm the prospect down and make it completely RISK FREE to invest in this course.

I would continue to describe the effectiveness of this sales letter, but I believe you can already see how persuasive it’s going to be. And to make it even more convincing I am thinking about organizing a special contest where buyers can participate to win a 150$ voucher to buy a flight ticket and visit their girlfriends.

It cannot get more persuasive than this. So to answer the question: I do believe that a high percentage of the targeted customers will buy the digital course.

4. How will you get paid when they buy it?

In order to become an affiliate partner for this offer, you need to create a free account on (I’ll explain below how to do it, in case you don’t know) and Clickbank will be the one making the payments directly to you for each and every sale that comes from one of the people that you’ve sent.

The way Clickbank Affiliation works is that you’ll be using a special link, that your customers will have to click, and when they do that they will be sent to the product sales page, where their cookie will be automatically saved by Clickbank, and when they buy the product, Clickbank will know that it was you who sent the customer and you will get paid. (even if they buy the product a few days or a few weeks later, you will still get paid!)

When you create a Clickbank account you will also be able to see how many people have bought the product, and how much money you’ve made.

5. How much money can you make?

The amount of money that you can make is unlimited. The more people that you send buy the product the more $$$ you will make.  The approximate price of the course will be around 50$, and as you will get 60% of the price, you’ll be making around 25$ per sale (after Clickbank taxes).

But that’s not all.

In the process of buying the Prevent Cheating Coursethere will be an upsell, where the buyer will be invited to add to the cart another sought after product called “Borderless Attraction: Keep Her Attracted Even From Afar!” which will be priced at around 40$ as well, and the affiliate commission for this upsell product will be 50% = 15$ (after Clickbank taxes).

Therefore, the potential amount of money for one sale could go up to 40$ for you.

Just think about it:

  • If 1 person buys it you will make 25 or 40$
  • If 5 guys buy it, you will make 125 to 200$
  • If 10 guys buy it, you will make 250$ and up to 400$
  • And if 20 people or more buy it, you will make from 500$ to up to 800$ or more!

So, you could be making up to 800$ or more in just one week by sharing with men valuable information which they can use to save their long distance relationships.

6. Is this legitimate?

This is a completely legitimate way of making some extra money. I am a very cautious person myself and have always been skeptic about making money online, but this not the usual scam that you’ll find everywhere, this is a legitimate business affiliation, where you promote a product and get paid a handsome commission for it.

There is no costs and no risks for you to partner up with me on this, and you can always leave this affiliate program simply by stopping to promote the product and if you wish deleting your Clickbank account.

The only potential “risk” for you would be if buyers return the product within the 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, in which case the money will be automatically returned and we both don’t get a dime. But as I’ve made sure to create a great quality course, with valuable information, I expect the return rate to be very low.

7. Why do I want to give you 60% percent of the profit?

Well, that’s very simple, I want to GIVE VALUE to men, that is my goal, mission and vision, and I want to give value to YOU.

And I know that as long as I am giving value to men by creating an amazing course, and as long as I am giving value to you for promoting it, I will also get my share of value in return.

That is my business philosophy: “Give more than you get, and you’ll keep getting.”

8. When will the product be launched?

This affiliate campaign is planned to start on the date of the Product Launch, which is programmed for early October 2013.

Right now, I and my team are in the process of polishing the product, creating the marketing materials for the launch and getting the sales funnel ready. And we plan to be ready by early October, in few weeks I’ll also decide on the final date.

The launch would last around 7 days, time in which you’ll be able to send as much traffic as possible to the sales page. More details will be available as the launch approaches.

7 Reasons Why You Should Join Now Our Affiliate Program

1. Quality Product. Top-notch, sought after product that will make your friends and colleagues happy.

2. Big Commissions. You get 60% for every sale, plus 50% for the upsell product, making 25$ and up to 40$ per sale.

3. Safe & Secure Payment. The payment is done by Clickbank every 2 weeks.

4. Easy Promotion. Make money doing what you already do every single day: Sharing interesting stuff on Facebook/Twitter etc.

5. Persuasive Sales Page. A sales page that will turn curious guys into eager to buy customers.

6. NO COSTS, NO RISKS FOR YOU AT ALL! You don’t have to buy anything or spend any money, and if you want to stop promoting it, you can do it anytime.

7. Easy and FREE To Sign Up. Follow the instructions below to sing up. It takes no more than 5 minutes.

Here’s How You Can Get Started:

Step 1: Sign Up For The Newsletter

As the launch is a few weeks ahead, the best thing to do is to sign up for the Affiliate Newsletter, and you’ll be updated on the progress of the launch preparation, you’ll get the promotional materials, the date of the launch and overall the rest of the little details related to the launch.

To sign up, add you email in the box below.

Step 2: Sign up for a FREE Clickbank account.

The next step is to sign up for a Clickbank account (if you don’t have one already). When you sign up, you will get a Clickbank ID which you’ll use when creating your “Hoplink” (your affiliate link that people must click when you promote the product).

I’ll guide you into how to create your hoplink when the Prevent Cheating Course will be ready soon, and reviewed by Clickbank, but until then, if you don’t have yet a Clickbank Affiliate ID, make sure to sign up now here.

Looking forward to working with you,

Besski Livius

P.S.: If you wish to contact me directly or have some unanswered questions, you can do that too by writing me an email at

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