Boredom Is A Choice – Doing More Than Talking!


Have you ever had a long Skype conversation and even though you wanted to keep talking with your girlfriend for a longer time, there was nothing to talk about and the conversation was simply plane and lifeless?  And as a result you felt frustrated and angry at yourself, or maybe at your girlfriend even, for not being more fun? If you’ve been in this situation then this simple idea will be a life saver.

Conversations are often seen as static “I say something – you answer or say something else” and so on. So, you sit on your chair in front of the camera with your headphones on, you stare at each other and you talk…and talk, and talk,  for hours.

Is this fun? Well, sometimes it is if you’re talking about something exciting, but other times it simply gets too mundane and monotone. The problem is that there’s little or no interaction between you, you just talk and you forget that you can actually do more than talking.

So, sometimes you want make your conversations more active, you want to involve her in the conversation and make it more interactive.

Now, interactivity means nothing else but inserting some action in your conversations and bringing them to life.

Here are a few ways to do that:

  • Show her something on camera (something you bought her, something you bought for yourself, your room, a book, a picture etc.)
  • Cook something together, seeing each other via Skype. My girlfriend thought me a lot of interesting recipes this way, and the best part is that – it was me doing the cooking and she was just guiding, which made me remember how to prepare the same dish next time alone.
  • Watch a movie together, while talking on Skype. For me it always felt as if we were in the same room discussing the movies.
  • Have a “romantic dinner date” on Skype, with candles, flowers, background music, a nice dish and  both suited up just like going to a restaurant.
  • Initiate some sexy activities like: striptease, online sex, sexual games etc.
  • Play a game. It could be an online game or a classic verbal game like “Truth Or Dare”, “I have never ever”, “I like…” “21 Questions” etc. (If you don’t know these games, just Google them)
  • High-five her virtually when she does or tells you something cool. Teach her a virtual high-five, or invent your own virtual high-five that you’ll do all the time when you meet on Skype.
  • Ask her opinion on something. Show her what clothes you have and let her tell you which ones fit you best.
  • Ask her to do something for you Right Now…to write a 4 sentence poem for you, draw something, put some make up on, put some sexy clothes on especially for you etc.

You want to make your conversations more interactive because you want to break out of routine and predictability, as these two are some of the worst enemies of a long distance relationship.

Of course you don’t have to do that 100% of the time, but keep in mind that simple talking-conversations get predictable and boring sometimes, and spontaneous ideas and activities can bring a lot more life and fun in your Skype conversations.

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  1. Heloda says:

    Thank you for your advice! The one with cooking sounds like a great idea!