Boredom Is A Choice – Doing Things Together!

Teamwork – Doing Things Together

We all know what teamwork is, but how can we use this principle in a long distance relationship? Doing things together is a great way to connect with your partner. Teaming up and working together to achieve something gets you both excited and breaks the common way of a conversation.

While in a normal conversation you’d sit and talk about random stuff, here you want to do something and communicate while doing it. I find it amazingly enjoyable to team up with my girlfriend and:

  • Look for cool movies together. (browse the web, read reviews, watch trailers) and share with each other what movies we found and why we think they’re worth watching.
  • Look for awesome songs on YouTube. So, we’d sit around listening to songs and then sharing them with each other.
  • Look for accommodation for an upcoming holiday. This one is great. Once we had to find accommodation for a two weeks summer holiday to the seaside and we both browsed the net for the best websites, the best offers, the best apartments, looking at the pictures, comparing prices etc. We spent two days; around 4 hours each day doing only that…and boy we had so much fun and enjoyed every moment of it. We really felt like a team that time and the conversation was naturally flowing.
  • Help each other out on a project. Sometimes I’d ask her to help me with something or she’d ask me to help her with some of her tasks. It could be doing a PowerPoint presentation, editing some pictures, finding some information online, writing an essay etc.
  • Take relationship quizzes together. There are countless relationship quizzes online, so we’d find some and we’d take them together. The interesting part is discussing our answer choices. It always makes for great conversations, and we’d also get to know each other better in the process.

Teaming up and doing stuff together can make for great conversations, during and after those activities. Therefore, when you feel like you don’t have stuff to talk about, take the initiative and propose something to do together, it’ll instantly revive your conversation.

And because this the final article from the Boredom Is A Choice Series, let’s make a short recap:

Making Skype talks more exciting comes down to three simple things: creativity, interaction and humor. The techniques that I described in these 5 articles are all based on these 3 criteria.

Therefore you can be creative by using Hypotheticals and Visualizations; you can have an interactive conversation by using the Teamwork and Interactivity principles and you can be funny using the Humor techniques I described and your natural way of being funny.

Now, tell me, did you find this series of articles helpful? Have you used some of these techniques in your Skype talks, or are you planning to use them? I can’t wait to hear what you have to say…so leave me a comment below.

Best of luck!


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