10 Ways To Make Airplane Travel More Productive

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Long distance relationships and Traveling go hand in hand. If you travel a lot, chances are that you’ll get into a long distance relationship (like I did various times), if you are in a long distance relationship – you have to travel a lot.

Then if you travel a lot to visit her – your long distance relationship will be stronger, and if you don’t travel enough – it may get weaker, therefore the truth is that traveling is a major element of long distance relationships, and in this article I want to discuss how can we make air plane travel more productive.

In the last month I have been flying 8 times, and each flight would take a few hours, then there would be some long waiting in the airport for connecting flights, some long flights and so on, thus I had to waste a lot of time on the road, but actually I must say that I didn’t waste any of that time, I actually used it in a very productive manner.

And the great thing about it is that when you do something productive while waiting, you don’t even feel the time passing, so you’re not just productive, but also the time seems to pass much faster and in a much more pleasant way (as you’ll see below).

So, let’s get the ball rolling!

1.  Read.

Waiting in the airport before boarding, during a flight, or waiting for the next connection flight, gives you plenty of time to read something that you love, or something that haven’t found time to read before because of your busy usual life. Use your time effectively and take a book in your hand luggage, it could be a hardcover book or an eBook on your Kindle or iPad, or even on your laptop (I don’t really like reading books on my laptop), it will not only save you from boredom, but also entertain you or teach you something interesting in the process.

2.  Listen.

If you don’t feel very well reading while traveling (like I usually get dizzy when traveling by car or plane), here’s your best solution – find the books you want to read in an audio format, put your headphones on and enjoy the books reading themselves in your ears. I’ve listened to dozens of books this way, and I find it very productive.

3.  Watch.

I love traveling and I especially love waiting in the airport 5-10 hours for connecting flights, because it gives me time to catch up on my favorite TV series, which I have downloaded on my laptop. Usually I am too busy to watch TV series, so when I travel I give myself permission sometimes to do it. (Examples: Suits, Lie to me, Entourage, Mad Men, Californication, Boardwalk Empire etc.) Once I spent one night in an airport watching one season of Sex And The City…what a waste of time!

4.  Play.

If what you feel like doing while traveling is to relax and forget about the usual life chores, take some entertaining games with you on the road. Games like: sudoku, crosswords, some ipad games, or games on your phone, and use the waiting in the airport time to relax and recharge your batteries.

5.  Work.

There are times when I keep postponing various tasks simply because they are less important, and there are many other more urgent tasks waiting in line. However, when I travel, that is the time when I can forget about the usual activities and dedicate some time to the less urgent but important affairs.

6.  Plan.

It’s very often that I use a part of my traveling time to plan the visit. I sit in the plane with a pen a paper in my hands and brainstorm what fun things or activities I could do with my girlfriend during my stay there. Never sub estimate the power of planning. Thinking ahead of what to do together, what to talk about, where to go and so on, can make for an unforgettable visit. Of course, you don’t want to create some rigid plans, but having in mind a few exciting things to do together would definitely be of great help to making the visit memorable.

7.  Socialize.

One of the best ways to develop your confidence and your communication abilities is to be sociable and communicative when you travel. Breaking the ice with people and starting some light conversations can lead to a lot of great things, from a few minutes of great conversation, to friendships, job opportunities and even much more. I’ve personally made friendships, learned interesting stuff talking to interesting people, got massages, got free drives from the airport and free hosting, learned new languages, got free food, and overall did a lot of fun stuff just because I started conversations with new people.

8.  Visualize.

You’ve probably seen the movie The Secret, and you probably now already how powerful can visualization be in our lives. I personally don’t believe in a universal law of attraction, but I do know for a fact that visualizing something that I want to experience or achieve in my life is a great way for me to get closer to that goal or experience. So, when traveling, during the flight, I often close my eyes and use that time to visualize my upcoming visit, or achieving a great personal goal.

9.  Write.

Why not use the time waiting in the airport or in the plane to write a nice love poem to your girlfriend. I have done it a few times, and even if the poems weren’t authentic works of art, they did bring a few smiles on my girlfriend’s face, and sometimes even got her heart melting, not necessarily because of the sweetness of the poems but because of the sweetness of the gesture.

10.  Reflect.

And lastly, because we rarely have the time to sit down and reflect a little up on our lives, our relationships, our careers, and even up on ourselves, I find it very effective to close my eyes while sitting in a plane and reflect up on something that’s important to me.

Therefore, as you can see, there are various productive activities that you can do while traveling in order to avoid boredom and use the waiting time effectively. Next time when you buy a flight ticket remember to revisit this article and get yourself inspired.

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Enjoy your traveling and make sure to keep your passport safe.


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