What Should I Get Her For Christmas?!

For the past few weeks I’ve been stressed, literally going through this low frequency stress all day long wondering what the heck should I buy to my girlfriend for Christmas?

As you may know we closed the distance recently, so we live together now, and I was frustrated and confused all these days about “What to get her for Christmas?”.

Until one day she saw me so frustrated and asked me what was going on. So we started talking about it. And what I learned is that she had the same issue – she was also stressed and frustrated because she didn’t know what to get me either. (and for good reason, because I’m quite picky when it comes to gifts).

So we started thinking together about what gifts to get each other. I asked her what she wanted, but it was kind of awkward – until it hit me! I got an idea which was simple yet brilliant because for the last few days I felt just fine and never worried about gifts for a second.

So what’s the idea?

Here it is: Let her ask Santa for what she wants. And if she has been a good girl – maybe she’ll get it.

Here’s what you can tell her:

“Christmas is about receiving gifts from Santa Claus, right?. Well, then all you have to do is to write a letter to Santa, and ask him what you want, it could be one gift, or a list of gifts ideas from which he could chose.”

And then, what you do is to write a handwritten letter – take a picture of it and send it to each other by email – as if sending it to Santa. So you write your letter to Santa and she writes hers and you send it to each other by email. And then based on what you wrote in that letter – you both chose a gift to get for each other. Simple, yet fun and effective in my view.

If she refuses to accept this idea because of her modesty (“No, you don’t have to get me anything!”) or because she doesn’t want to ruin the surprise element.  You can explain her why this is such a great idea. And of course you should get each other a Christmas gift – it’s a tradition!

The advantages are:
  • You will give each other useful gifts that you’ll both ENJOY!
  • It helps you both decide so much faster and easier!
  • It keeps the surprise element alive because even though you write a list of 5 gifts you’d want – you still don’t know which one of them you’ll receive.
  • It’s kind of fun to write a letter to Santa!

All in all, an interesting and actually effective idea. We applied it recently and now I know exactly what I’ll get her for Christmas this year and I am sure that she’ll love it. Plus I know that I will also get a cool gift as well – not one of those gifts that you sometimes get and don’t like or never use.

Who said adults should stop writing to Santa asking for the gifts they want?

So try this out, and stop being stressed about what to get each other.

And by the way, even though you are at the moment far from each other – you can still buy a physical gift, wrap it up and show it to her on camera on Christmas, or make a picture of it, and then when you’ll have the chance to visit you’ll bring it to her.

Distance isn’t an excuse to not get each other some real gifts, if that’s what you both want!

But, if you still want some gift suggestions for long distance relationships – here’s what I used to get her in the past years: 7 Gifts For Christmas In a LDR


Besski Livius

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