Ask For What You Want And Expect To Get It!


I believe it’s time we talk about this issue.

We’re so in love, so afraid and insecure about offending or arguing with our partner, that we’re too afraid to “ask for what we want” in a relationship.

That’s a pity.

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The Flow of Love (Or How to Make Love Work!?)

keep attraction alive

(Note: This article has been written for men, but the information applies to both men and women.) Attraction, I believe, is the #1 missing element in most relationships, and the reason why most relationships fail to last. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The reason attraction is so necessary in a relationship is [...]

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My Life Is My Happiness! (The First Step To Overcoming Neediness)

My Life Is My Happiness

What coaching 30 people on overcoming neediness, for an entire month, has taught me, is that neediness is not a simple problem that “some people have” but an entire EPIDEMIC that’s ruining the happiness and the love lives of so many people!  And that moment when at the end of our session, people realize how [...]

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‘Loving Your Long Distance Relationship’ With Stephen Blake

Stephen Blake

Note: This is an interview with Stephen Blake, author of the Loving Your Long Distance Relationship Book Series. 1. Tell us about how you came to have a long distance relationship? And then, what inspired you to write a book about it? Distance was created as a result of  the choice of University we would [...]

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See How Mike Overcame Neediness, And Re-Conquered His Girlfriend’s Heart!

Besski Livius

Hi there, my fellow long distance lover, There’s a very important topic I want to talk to you about today. A topic that will literally DECIDE the fate of your relationship! But first let me ask you this: Did you ever feel like you need your girlfriend more than she needs you? Have you ever felt so in [...]

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