Best Way to Spot If Your Partner Is Lying

Long Distance Relationship Problem

Being able to spot a lie when she tells you one is one of those skills that will make the difference between being respected by your lover and being manipulated and possibly cheated on.

You don’t want to become a policeman, but you still want to be able to recognize a lie if / when she tells you one.

Not being able to do that, will be taken as a permission for your partner to keep lying to you, because anyways you’ll never find out about it.

As a result, she’ll lose respect for you, and she’ll start seeing you as this naïve person that believes anything she tells you. And you don’t want to be in that position.

Note: Even though the article is directed to men. The advice applies to both men and women.

So, how do you spot a lie?

Let me tell you a personal story…

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Should You BREAK-UP already?

Long distance relationships are not about fighting for something not worth fighting for. If you don’t feel like it’s worth is. Let it go. It means that it’s not serving you. Don’t just stay for the other person. You’re wasting the other person’s time. And you’re betraying yourself, by not taking care of who you [...]

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love and familiarity

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10+ Reasons Why LDR’s Suck! Or Not?

long distance relationship advice

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