Stop Needing Her, And Start Choosing Her

confidence in relationships, neediness

What most people forget is that a healthy relationship is based on CHOICE not NEED. You don’t need to be with your partner, you chose to be with them. 

If you NEED them, it means you’re not complete, you lack something, so you’re needy about their presence in your life. There’s a hint of desperation there. So it’s about your need, your lack and your desperation. 

If you CHOSE them, that’s because they are a good fit for you. It’s no longer about your need, but about them being a great partner. You’re NOT coming from a place of LACK, but from a place of COMPLETENESS, and you chose to ADD some more joy to your life by choosing to have a relationship with them.

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Become Ireplaceable In 3 Steps

My job as a teacher of love is to help MEN move from being INSECURE to IRREPLACEABLE. Today I want to share with you a few ideas on how to do that.  Step 1 – Recognize your own worth.  You are unique. I know it sounds like a cliche, but you ARE UNIQUE, and I […]

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I Got Engaged! The Story and Photos

This summer has been kind of crazy for me! And that’s because I finally found the courage to make the BIGGEST decision of my life… To ask my girlfriend, the woman who’s been kindly loving me all these 7 years, to marry me!  I really did it! I planned the whole thing, and really surprised her one […]

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The 4 Levels of Trust In a Relationship

After years of long distance relationship experience and research on this topic I’ve come to realize that the level of trust in a long distance relationship VARIES from couple to couple. Some couples trust each other more, others not so much. The interesting observation here is that the level of trust that exists between partners […]

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How To Not Worry When She Goes Out Partying?

Not long ago, I had a very interesting coaching call with a young man from Germany, who felt stressed and worried every time his girlfriend went out to parties. Now, that’s such a familiar feeling for me as well, and such a common theme in many of the coaching calls I have with guys. We […]

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