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If You're a Man Looking For Quality
Long Distance Relationship Advice,
Then Welcome To Your New Home

I'm Livius Besski, and I'm here to help you make your LDR work. 

My biggest frustration when I was searching for LDR advice online, was that all the advice out there was too general and common sense. Things like "you need to communicate, or just trust each other, or don't give up... or even worse - stop trying because LDRs don't work anyways".
This kind of advice got me mad. I knew I loved my girlfriend, and I wanted practical advice to problems I was facing. So I decided to find real solution myself, learning about attraction, and confidence, and lasting relationships... and once I figured out how to make my own relationship work, I had the inspiration to start a blog. Which to my surprise took off, being visited by over 1 million people the first year. Now, 5 years later, you can read over a 100 articles, you can buy more in-depth books on different problems like infidelity, attraction, conversations... and best of all - you can talk to me personally over Skype, and have a coaching session to fix your unique problems properly and quickly.

So welcome to our community. It's time for you to get practical advice to your LDR challenges. Below we prepared a FREE guide for you, to help you avoid the 3 most common mistakes men make in a LDR. 

What our members say about the free guide, and other materials....

I found the answers for why I failed!

Indeed, I managed to read your guide, and what can I say… I just found the answers of why I failed in my LDR. It's amazing how everything is so simple and we men like to complicate things so much. Hope a lot of men will read your book and many couples will be much happier. 

Rasmus, Denmark

Livius knows his stuff.

Livius displays the wisdom to teach both, simple 'how to' steps for every guy in an LDR to follow to keep his girlfriend committed and excited, and the deeper theoretical wisdom about LDR’s and the underlying mindset shifts necessary to sustain them.​"

Sven, New York
John, San Diego

His advice was very insightful.

Excellent results with Cialis, a long period without sex and after a pill 3 times the first night without dysfunction. The only side effect was a headache crack about 4 hours the next day. It's worth it.

I recently had the chance to do a consultation with Livius, and although I wasn’t sure what to expect, Livius helped me realize how much power I have in my relationship. He was very open and honest, and changed my perspective. I would recommend this to others, because his advice was very insightful!“

Alexander, Romania

All the answers were in front of me.

I have recently been in a long distance relationship and unfortunately lost my girlfriend. For a long period I didn’t understood why she behaved like this.
I thought it was her fault.

But after I recently got the chance to read Liviu's advice in the “Long Distance Loyalty Course all the answers where in front of me, I was wrong the whole time. I understood perfectly what I was doing wrong in that relationship, and what lead it to end.

If I had the chance to study this course at that time, I could have easily saved my long distance relationship.

Jay, Argentina

She's super attracted to me these days!

Dear Livius,

Just want to let you know that ever since I discovered your website, my relationship with this girl I'm dating long distance has been extremely successful.

In fact, I can't even count the amount of times she told me how attracted she is to me. She also became more playful than usual.

I used to be a shy and nice guy really. So now I can combine being nice, witty, playful, and mature all at the same time. And she's loving it.

Your website helped me and I couldn't thank you enough because I sincerely love this girl. One thing I want to happen is for our relationship to be successful and not lose attraction despite the long distance. Well, so far, too good to be true.

Again, huge thanks for the time and effort you put into your work. It is truly appreciated by many! Including me.

Thanks and regards,


About the Author

So, you're in a long distance relationship. And it probably feels a little too challenging. I know how you feel, because in the past 10+ years I have been in a few LDRs myself.  And I used to make all kinds of mistakes that made my relationships struggle. But at some point I have decided to figure out how love works, and to overcome my neediness. Now I am engaged with my girlfriend of 8 years (5 of which long distance), and I'm teaching men practical ways to deal with their LDR problems. Learn more about making your relationship work in the free guide below.