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Step 1 | Problems Solved

First of all, I’d strongly suggest that you read this article, all the way through:

10 Worst Long Distance Relationship Problems Solved

It will not just help you solve some of the most frustrating long distance relationship problems, but also give you a great understanding of the quality of the information that you can expect from this website.


Step 2 | The LDR Guide

Mistakes GuideRead my 3 Deadly Mistakes Guide for free, and learn how to avoid being too needy and dependent on your girlfriend, how to ignite her attraction for you, and how to have a more fun relationship.

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Step 3 | The Formula of Love

Thirdly, I invite you to discover my unique and proven philosophy about LOVE.  It’s something that I believe every single man in this world should be aware of – how to keep his woman happy and in love. There’s actually a formula we can follow to keep love alive in a relationship, and I have described this formula in the articles below:


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Fourthly, have a look at some of the more elaborate articles which deal with the most common LDR problems, and challenges.

Jealousy & Fear of Being Cheated On

Confusion About The Future:

Inspirational Articles:

Better Conversations:

5 Series Article on Skype Talks:


Fights and Arguments:

The Right Way To Handle Fights in 4 Simple Steps

Missing Her Too Much:

Gift Ideas:

Building Trust:

Unforgettable Visits:

Other Articles:

Get To Know Me:


Step 5 | Your LDR Resources

SCIf you want to start learning more specific and practical ideas, I have written a few books to teach you exactly that.

How to keep your girlfriend attracted to you. And if she has recently lost her interest in you, how to get her interested again, even more than she was before.

How to prevent her from falling in love with someone else, or cheating on you. Inspire her to be faithful and stop worrying all day about losing her.

How to have more fun and interesting conversations on Skype and on the phone. I teach you 50 ways to keep your talks fun and attractive.

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